Role playing: Renaissance 

In Social Studies class, we got to do a role playing  at the time of the renaissance. Each individual would get a job, for instance a tailor or a woodcarver. We would be given a random situation, from meeting different students(the people playing the role play) to making decision that would help you make money. The role play was taken in the city of Florence, a well known city during the Renaissance. Many guilds existed in the Renaissance, helping each other's for benefits. In this role play I was a woodcarver/ stone mason. I started with no job, so I would go out to the market and look for one.  Then I saw a sad looking mad, I felt worried for him, so I decided to talk to him. The guy had some issues with his business and needed my help to reinforce his work place. I was willing to help but denying was the answer for me. I wanted to look for more. As I was walking by I saw the same man, it had to be some sort of destiny. So I walked up to him and ask for a reconsider for the job he offered. He replied with a delightful yes. I would get 40% of his income for running a business with him and fixing his damaged materials. This was my part of the role-play. In the end, the role play taught me that life hits you unexpectedly, you either take the risk or not. The role play was a really cool way to learn what was life at the Renaissance like by reenacting the guilds and the workers at that time.

In Math class, we were watching a video dealing with the topic poverty, income per person and much more. In this video, I have found that people live with an income of one dollar a day, eating food and attending to school. Later in life, this would help me how to save up money and use it wisely. For example, even people with the lowest income can live quite happily. Finally my question for this is what are some people's job that leads them to earning an income of a dollar or two?

For this project, we pretended we were an association working to filter out materials that makes a water dirty. We were supposed to design a water filtering system that will result a filtered water which could include neutral pH level, low turbidity and low copper level (PPM). First our brainstorm Ideas were putting layers of rocks, sand, gravel and much more. Additionally, we thought of an idea which we had to put layers of rock on top of each other and that would filter out the turbidity.  Our first prototype was the JRE (Jake, Riko and Erik). We used tiny rocks as our base line and on top of that we included charcoal, we repeated that process and would add cotton in the middle of those two materials. On top we had sand and pebbles on top of that. Somethings that went really well was that we filtered out the turbidity and the PPM well resulting a low percentage of those two materials in that water. Some changes we have decided as a group for our JRE was to not include sand, since sand would constantly mix with the water.

Our second prototype was the JRE 2, where we did not use sand and only use charcoal rocks and cloth to filter out the turbidity. We had small rocks as our bottom like the last one, charcoal like usual and cotton and to top everything up we put a gigantic rock. The good results that happened was the same. Low turbidity and low PPM. However our group failed to manage the pH level. The water would constantly get mixed with charcoal dust. In conclusion, due to the results, we decided not to put charcoal near the bottom and use sand again since the fist JRE prototype had better results.

The best part about this project was that we could work as a team and learn to communicate with each other. The most challenging part in this project was to lay out the materials. For instance, we had a hard time where to put charcoal and sand so that it won't mix with the water getting filtered out. In conclusion, I believe this project was amazing in many ways. From developing our prototypes to communicating with friends to accomplish the goal, the Water Filter Project was a big success.


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Summary Video 

In writing, we have created a digital poem by recording our voices, adding suitable images and subtitles for better understanding. While doing this project I have faced many challenges.  For example, adding subtitles in the right time in the video was challenging due to some fast paces sentences.  During this project I am very proud of my tone of voice and the dramatic accent in the video to make tense moments in the video. The video has helped me express my ideas in a that I could express how I felt about the poem and the situation. Throughout the making process, I tried putting tense music and tone of voice to raise a very nervous feeling. If I had to make this again, I would put more images describing the poem. Finally, for the students making digital poems, I encourage you to talk in a way that matches your poem, for example If it's a scary poem use a frightened deep voice to higher the tension.

1.   Why did christianity take hold in the ancient world?

I believe how Christianity spread faster than ever before, is because of the its ideology that taught peace, the role that Paul played in spreading the word and finally, the parables that contained morals.

 DBQ OUTLINE: Why Did Christianity Take Hold in the Ancient World?



2. Biggest Takeaway

One of the biggest takeaway from our study is The Journey of Paul. This is because Paul as a messenger has supported the growth of the new religion. For example, Paul has traveled a  lot of places to spread the word of God. There might be some riots caused where he have visited but he had supported the growing religion. He has truly has done his mission as a messenger.

3.  VISUALIZING TEXT -Sketchnoting

How did sketchnoting help you understand how Christianity originated and spread?

Sketchnoting helped me with understand more infromation, because images were included as well as some other features such as typography and negative space. This helps viewers to catch main ideas clearly and easily, just by looking at the mixture of all these techniques.

↪What did you learn about yourself as a visual notetaker?

I have learned many things. One of them being having a balance between images and descriptions. Another lesson I have learned is using spaces wisley. Using spaces wisely can help a lot of things. This helps from words from not cramming to each other and helps viewers to easily catch information easily.


↪What discoveries did you encounter as you were vlogging and exploring your thinking?

I have failed and laughed hard on these projects. I sometimes forget what I should say or I just laugh because It’s just funny in some way. I have noticed that explaining in words were much harder than writing. In writing it was very easy to explain your ideas as well as your evidence. However speaking toward viewers were hard to deliver for me in general. Probably my personality is generally shy and not used to showing my feelings toward other.

Evidence and Analysis Vlog

Reflection Vlog

DBQ Vlog

5. Goal Settings

Being able to write better and become a strong writer. This is because, writing is a way of showing your ideas and thoughts. I will use my gamer voice to help me proofread and use much more techniques.

Throughout writing class I have learned many different things. From the beginning of the unit I have learned how to use white space, line breaks and much more techniques to improve my poetry.

From this, I have realized I was becoming a poet myself. This is because, I have experimented with many techniques, failed sometimes and sometimes success on my poems.

I believe I will still consider writing poetry, because I want to experiment my writing with more techniques and improved ideas with specific theme.

My experience with poetry was very though. I struggled to write a moment and develop that idea into a poem. However as we learned more techniques I started to get better than before.

For this reason, I have grown as a writer to develop much more specific ideas and put that in one poem with many techniques.

In ELA class, we were talking about three fictional characters that represents me as an individual. These are my three characters that represents me.

po_hero Po is a character who trains to become a Kung Fu master in the movie series Kung FU Panda, which has 3 movies in total.  Po represents me mostly by his enthusiastic behaviour.big_1409624289_1383499383_image Jake is a character from the beloved Cartoon Newtwork series, Adventure time. Which is about two bestfriends exploring the world. Jake represents me by mostly everything. I love to party, eat, play, go on adventure and be with my best friends. Jake is a very relaxed laid back guy who doesn't

patrick_starPatrick if you did not know, is from SpongeBob Squarepants. The cartoon is pretty much self explanatory and Patrick is known for being SpongeBob's best friend. Patrick describes me because he loves his friends and he's also loyal towards people.