Po-Yen (Daniel)

We went to Cat Tien last Tuesday. Cat Tien was very fun. My favourite stuff that I did was at the moon bear center. We got to hide the food then the moon bear would find it. It was very fun, because we got to go inside the electric fence also we got to see how they find their food. The bears were very cute, because when they tried to climb trees they looked like standing. Also it was my first time to see bear standing. We mostly see bear at zoo. Most of the bears were moon bears. Only some were sun bears. The sun bear was two times smaller than moon bear. The moon bear was seperate with sun bear. Some bears stayed in cage for long time so then they lost their ability of the bear, so then they do the stuff that normal bears don't do. Example I saw a bear shaking his butt and dancing. Everyone laughed loudly when they saw that bear.


I also liked to go to primate center. We saw lots of primates, and I learned that they release the primates after their training. So then they are back to wild. The primate was swinging around their cages. They seems very happy to live in the cage. They are lucky they have roommates in their cage, and they were saved. Some primates were unlucky, because they died before rescue. I felt sad for those primates.


I was also happy about my room, because it was not dirty. I would like to go to Cat Tien next time. The room was cleaner then I thought. Also I thought that it will have lots of spiders, but I was wrong. We also got bathtub. For group 1 boys they did not have bathtub so I felt very lucky. I think Cat Tien is a good place to learn about eco-friendly stuff. I hope you also like Cat Tien.







The thing I do well is contrest , because most of it I use black background and white word.                                                                                                                                I think I sould do more on repetition . I didn't do it stong enough so I got appproaching.

 press to go in my information report


My goal is to read more non fiction books in these two week.

Action plan:

When I go to the libary I'm going to borrow non fiction books.At silent reading times I going to also read non fiction.


Wednesday I do it great at school I read non fiction.At home I also read one non fiction book.

Thursday I read about animal fact.It a non fiction book

Friday I read about airplane.Right now it great I already finish 2 non fiction books.Almost finish another book.

Monday I finish 3 non fiction book.My plan is going well.

Tuesday I'm reeding my fourth non fiction book.

Wednesday I almost finish my fifth book.

Thursday my plan is working very well.Thier is 20 more pages than I finish my fifth book.

Friday I finish five non fiction book, it going very well.

Monday I 'm strarting to read my sixth book.

Tuesday I am in the middle of my sixth book.

Wednesday I finish my sixth book.



My goal is read more non fiction books. Total I finish sixth books. Most book it kind of discovery book that is non fiction.I think I do it well,sometimes I read lots of pages somtimes only read a little bit.I learn lots of fact in those book.I think non ficion is also a good genre.


Today is Decembar 15,one more day then we will have winter break.We will fininsh the science report today.Everyone has do their work in these week and last week.Some has partner so they will have a little same.But other student has different amazing report.We have 3 experiment for our slide.

Our 1st experiment is baking soda,mentos,and water.Our second one is vinegar,mentos water.The last one is milk and mentos.The 1st one dissolve the mentos faster than other experiment.The second one is boring nothing happen.Also it smell very bad.The third one we can't really see anything , because the milk is white.It fizz a little bit at first.




On the Wenesday we have sisac for the boys basketball team.For the B team we play in our school,and A team goes to other school.I'm in B team so I stay at our school.First we play against CIS I forgot the score,but I know we lost.Second We play against ISHMIC then we won.So we got to play the 3 or 4 place.Then we play against BIS.At the end they kee scoring.So then we lost.But still we got 4 place.I'm very happy.

This week we need to find a current envent  for our homework.I choose to do about the Japan earthquake that cause lot of tsunami.Lot of house doesn't have electricity, some of the people are even been trap at thier house.We also have make a planer for inquiry project.We write what do we do on the day example 3 day for taking note in our own word.

Last week we have start the new topic, it is inquiry.We learn about paraphrashing the paragragh.Also we wrote about thin question, and thick question.We had choose our topic,and my topic is about Police Dog.We wrote the thick and thin quetion for my topic.I ask like 7 question.4 thick question,and 3 thin question.My favourite animals is dog,so I choose a topic that relate to the dog.I learn that every dog has use diifrent of time to train.Example some dog use 4 week to train,but some dog need lots of work.They need 2 years to train.

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About the race

Yesterday I had an Amazing Race.It was very fun.First we run to the other side of the soccer field,and then we solve a maze.We found out the clue is Big Top so we run to the Big Top.Then we find our pencil case,and the clue.So we run toward Ms.Rayle,we got third.Next we go on second bus,because we got third second and third on second bus.Then we go to Takashimaya to have our race.Then we walk around the Districk 1.At last we wre trying to open the lock at a very small street.Kim say she want to open it,but Ahn Quan say no.After 3 minutes Ahn Quanopen it.Then we run toward the finish line.Finally we got first place.I'm very happy.

Amazing Race

I show teamwork by helping the supply that we need for Takashimaya.I find cheese,and I also help finding the salt in each package.It kind of hard to solve the salt in a package,because some of the package didn't say.We dicide to put it at zero,because it didn't say.Then We got it correct.Then we saw Jessica coming to this station,so we just go to our next place.

Super Unit

My favorite part about the Super Unit is the Race .I like the race,because we could run round distirck 1.Also we could be more self relience.We learn about we need to work together,and teamwork is very important for the race.I like the race very much,not because we won.The reason I like the race, is because everyone have a fun day.😀


Over the last three week we finally finished our Twine story😀.We had to create a story that the reader could have mutiple choices.First I used Twine to outline my story.Then we put in to here.Each part of my story have two choices or path way to continue the story.For exemple in my story the reader can choose to catch a character name Blatoise or Charizard.

I am most proud of my story about complet my story,and I fallowed the direction well.Even though it was difficult,I finish it anyway.One thing I would like to work on is add more setence starter.