I learn that smoking is bad to your skin, lungs, brain, breath and heart SO SAY NO TO SMOKING. Smoking is made out of 30% floor tobacco is on the floor it made. Someone try to put 60 smoke in pig lugs it turn really dark black thing on it  so now you need to say to someone els that is smoking and tell them what I just say maybe they not smoke ever again thank you for reading.

Unit 3 : Understanding Our Environment ‘s Post on Friday, February 24, 2017

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Topic: Buddies

Today we had a special buddies class because we got to eat M &Ms when we were done with the bar graph with our buddies. The M & Ms tasted very good. ThenI read a book with my buddy. Today my buddy was very lazy because he didn’t want to count. Then Ms. Weiss said it was time to go.

Unit 3 : Understanding Our Environment ‘s Post on Monday, February 13, 2017

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Topic: Nature Tales

On Wednesday we saw a dead owl. We saw the owl’s wing. It was so beautiful even his body was beautiful. Andrew made a tall building tower that was teller than our Ms.Weiss. We got to see Ms.Fox , Mr. Choi, and Ms.Ronzetti present about their time in nature. We and our buddies saw a basketball game. We cheered for UNIS.

Unit 2: Understanding Others’s Post on Friday, January 20, 2017

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Hello, 2017!

My first weeks of 2017 have been fabulous! The most exciting part of my winter vacation was watching the fireworks on New Years Day in Taiwan. My family went near a ferris wheel to watch fireworks. Our grandma’s house had a new dog. In sports day we got to play many games. When we got back from Taiwan we got a new student in our class. I am looking forward to TET to go to Taiwan.

Unit 2: Understanding Others’s Post on Friday, December 9, 2016

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Topic:Math morning

This week on Wednesday, we had a math morning. Some of our parents came to our classroom. First we showed our parents what a number talk looks like in our class. We showed them how to decompose a rectangle. Then we played math games! There were 5 different games to choose from. I played 3 games with my mom. I was happy because I beat my mom.

Unit 2: Understanding Others’s Post on Friday, November 25, 2016

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Topic :my week
Today at morning meeting we got to say happy Thanksgiving to Ms.Weiss’s mom and her dad and her family . Morning meeting is when we have a meeting at morning. After recess we saw Ms.Weiss’s two dog pictures, but one dog leg had to be cut because her leg had a problem. But she is still a happy dog . And one dog is black that lost her leg. The other dog is brown. Ms.Weiss’s dog they are very cute and healthy.

Unit 2: Understanding Others’s Post on Friday, November 11, 2016

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Topic: Exciting Events in class.

The last 2 weeks have been very exciting.We did many activities and had some special events.Here are 3 of my favorite events.

The first thing I really liked was ice skating field trip. Because we get to skate and we get to do force and I learned balance the forces so we don’t fall.

A second thing I enjoyed was tug of war. Because we get to use our forces and the more forces we use the easier we can win I learn which forces is stronger.

The last thing I liked was ping pong ball /golf ball experiments. Because we used force to imagine how far can it be and we learned science.