Yesterday everyone in grade 5 did a hackathon. A hackathon is an activity where people work in groups to come up with and develop ideas to improve something.

The idea I was working on was that there were not enough recycling bins and too many trash cans. If there were more recycling bins people would be more likely to put stuff that can be recycled in the recycling bin. Wha we're trying to do is encourage people to use recycling bins more. These are the steps.

  1. Collect plastic bottles
  2. Clean them
  3. Make them into recycling bins
  4. put them around school

The result I would want are people would use the recycling bins more. My idea did not get chosen so I don't really know how it would succeed. The idea would be good for the environment because  would use recycling bins more. It would free because we would be using bottles that are used. I think maybe the SSIS leaders would agree with the idea. It wouldn't be against any culture so nobody would not like it.

my group didn't get a green, yellow or red light because it had too may problems.


  1. What were the TWO most interesting things you did at Cat Tien? Give some details about them, so your reader can understand why it was interesting.
  2. What was the most interesting thing you LEARNED at Cat Tien?
  3. What was the most difficult or challenging part of the Cat Tien trip for you? How did you meet the difficulty or challenge?
  4. Next year, we might add another day to the Cat Tien trip. What ideas or suggestions do you have for adding or changing activities so that it is even more interesting and fun?

Last I went to Cat Tien and

Hiding food for moon bears was interesting because you could put fruit different kinds of places, example maybe on one of the spikes of a spiky tree, or in a rolling barrel. Going on the morning walk was interesting as well because when I heard the gibbons singing, it was like something of a computer or a video game.

The most interesting thing I learnt was that golden cheek gibbons born with blonde fur and pale skin, then after two years its fur and skin turns black, then when its five the females fur turns back to blonde the but still has a black line of fur on its head. But a male stays black but has golden cheeks.

When I did the micro ecosystem with two other people, Peggy tried a to take a picture of  grasshopper but it kept hopping around which made it really difficult, luckily stayed still so Peggy could take the photo. Also when we thought we were done with everything it turned out their was a lot that we didn't do (For the micro ecosystem). Also on the night hike I felt dizzy and kept seeing people on the side of the road.

If I were add anything to the trip I would suggest going to crocodile lake and more hiking, and another bonfire with especially more marshmallows.

For 3 weeks we had to try to complete a reading goal that we set for ourselves. My reading goal was to focus on finishing Dead Zone, because I always start a bunch of book but only finish some. Luckily I completed my goal before 3 weeks was over by reading my book at home for an hour and reading at school. My book was about a virus spreading, giving people powers, but had bad side effects, you would have to choose between going to quarantine or joining the army to fight the Russians. A group of teens go to front lines and try not to die.

24hrs ago we did...The AMAZING RACE! The Amazing Race is where you have to get hints and you have to figure out where the hints are saying to go. Unfortunately we had to walk everywhere instead of using taxi's! So we went on the bus at the beginning and at the end.img_0096-3

I think the most fun one was Impaired Waiter because it was was funny how we kept walking all wobbly and watching people spin, and spin, and spin until they stumble.

The hardest one was the Healthy or not challenge because we had to get certain foods and had to check how much sodium is in each item. Then we had to put in order from the least amount of sodium to the most.img_0121-4

My group was only really good at walking around from place to place because we didn't talk to each other that img_0157-5much unless we were doing challenges. I probably talked the least.

I would try to talk a little bit more because alot of the time is quiet.

If I could change the race I would make it be in D7 because then I doesn't take long to get to the places and then make the finish line in school so it doesn't take as long as it would in D1. So that is what happened in the Amazing Race.


Once upon a time on September 22nd, we went on a day trip to Buu Long! I was in group 2 and did the team building games first. The bus ride was sooo long! but the one coming back felt really short.

One of the games I did was KEY PUNCH!!! For key punch we had run to the square on the ground and had to find our number, our number's were from 1-30. It was hard to figure out all my number's until I found a strategy. Before we started their was a frog and some of the girls screamed.

Another game was cooperation maze were we had to find the right path on a squared tarp thingy. One of the hardest things about it was remembering which squares were right and which were wrong. It helped me with my memory because I have a terrible memory.29753737572_4dcf79153e_z

My favourite was ZIPLINING because we got to let go of the rope. The ziplining part wasn't hard though the path to the it was, it was so gross and slippery. I wanted to go first but people were pushing in, but I didn't mind...Much.


Finally last but not least... Abseiling!!! I got to go 2nd! It was hard at the beginning because it wasn't letting me go down. At first I was the tiniest bit scared because at one bit I slipped and my feet fell off the "hill" luckily I didn't fall.

And this is the end so BYE!!!!!!

You are at a friend's house for a sleepover. This is a really popular student and it's the first time she has invited you to her house. Once her parents are asleep your friend suggests that you both sneak to the liquor cabinet to try some of the alcohol her  parents have stored.

At first I would say that if you have too much then you will get drunk and might wake your parent's up. If they still try to persuade you I would reply "I'm sorry but I would be in soooooooo much trouble if my parent's found out."

This time we learn't about peer pressure & effects of alcohol. For peer pressure we found out the difference between good and bad peer pressure, as well as how to  use the refusal strategy. For effects of alcohol we learn't what are the main ingredient's of beer, wine, rum and liquor, then we learn't how you get drunk and what if you get alcohol poisoning.

Now I would say no if someone asked me to do something that I don't want to do, and if a popular kid asked me to drink alcohol I wouldn't since I know it's not good for me.

Peer Pressure:

  • Say no in a firm tone
  • If they blackmail you or taunt you say your reasons
  •  whether they look angry or annoyed say something like "I'm sorry but I don't want to do it."

Effects of Alcohol:

  • If you have way too much then you get alcohol poisoning and then you don't have any control of your funtion like you constantly do "no.1" and "no.2"
  • When you're drunk your brain is foggy, you can be sick and probably won't be able to walk in a strainght line
  • If you eat while you drink it's better because the food "absorb's" the alcohol which make's it easier for your liver

For 5 days we did first aid with Ms. Johnson and learnt how to aid cuts, burns, broken bones, strains and sprains, choking and an unresponsive person. this is something we learnt, for cuts you press on wound with your hand or a soft material, to stop the bleeding and if it's serious call 115. For choking you first check if they can speak. Next hit them ( not to hard) on the back 5 times, if not working call for an adult and continue to firmly hit their back.

Knowing how to do first aid is really important because if you or your friend is injured (cut, sprain, burn etc.) you would know how to deal with it. Even if it's a stranger you would still help them. It's also good because it makes you more aware which can prevent accidents.

I am now more aware of my surroundings ( looking around incase their is something that could trip me etc.) and not always jumping steps (skipping steps on the staircase). Both of these can prevent accidents .

You're on a camping trip with your friends, roasting hotdogs over the fire. Suddenly, a log shifts in the fire and throws up sparks, which land on your friend. His arm is burned. It's not a large burn, but it's starting to blister and turn red. Use what you know to aid this wound. 

I would put in any water for at least 10 mins to cool it down, next I make sure the water hasn't rubbed the blisters off and then I would wrap a plastic bag loosely around the wound.