For this presentation i partner up with melody and we research and presented about Botecelli, one of the famous painter in the renaissance. To present this to the kids and other students, we decided to print out one of botecelli's famous painting, The Birth Of Venus. We explained to the audiences about who botecelli and why is he famous and his painting techniques. After explaining, we asked them to point out some of the painting techniques that he used in The Birth Of Venus. In the end, we made up a very fun activity. We brought some clothes and wig and let the audience dress up and pose as one of the character in the painting Birth Of Venus and then took pictures of them.

Role : Leonardo Da Vinci's assistance

                  In this game, we have to make trade and business to achieve our goal. Our goal would be given out at the start of the game based on our role play. I am Leonardo Da Vinci's assistance so i have to follow my master around the Florence city to make money and find equipment to make our new invention. We also paint and trade painting to get things. During this activity, i learned that guilds were very important in the Renaissance time period, they play a very big role. Only people in guilds can go and see Medici for trading or selling. At first i think that artists in the Renaissance were very rich and play a big role however after this i learned that they lived based on the guilds, the guilds would pay for their artwork and produce equipment. Also Florence had laws and the head judge. I thought that they didn’t have those thing in the city at that time, however it’s very ahead of time and laws and head judge was already there. I really like this game and think that it’s very fun way of learning, however while playing, some group of people might be left out for too long which make them distracting. So next time, maybe we can fix it by running 3 or 4 group of people at the same times, not just 1 or 2.


  • i want to show my parent about the gapminder

  • What were some interesting new things you took away from the video?

Something interesting i took away from this video is even though the two country, Brazil and Australia, are pretty much the same size but Australia is way richer and though Australia is richer, Brazil has way more population.

  •  How this  video help you make better decisions later in life?

it will help me know more about other countries income and population so maybe in the future i want to move to different country to live, i can make a good decision.

  • What questions do you still have after watching the video?

question i have after watching the video is what causes Brazil income grow slower than Australia and why Australia is richer but have less population.


In this video, i can see that in my stroke i rotated my shoulders. I rotated it enough, not too far backward. Bent high elbow is something that i still have to work on because even though i bent my elbow but it’s not high yet. Another thing i have to work on is to reach fingers forward, by reaching finger forward will help me to pull harder and go faster. In the video i can see that i already pulled to my waist and breathed head side to side. Last thing i have to work on is long legs from hips, because i can see that my legs wasn't straight enough yet, i was bending them from my knees.


In this stroke, i did my frog kick alternates with pull. In the pull section i also did it correctly. I extended my arm and pulled right to my chest, not too far backward like butterfly. To breathe, i pulled back and lifted my head up to breath, my head was also straight up when i breath. However, i didn't glide much, because i alternated kick and pull to fast that i skipped the glide part. so next time i will try to glide more.


From Design Cycle Document

 Access to clean drinking water is probably one of the most challenging problems currently facing a large number of people on our planet. Some have access to water but its not clean and drinking polluted water can damage health or even kill. So in this project we have to create a water filter that has all of the requirements below.

Water filter requirements :

  • Completely remove all the contaminants, including salt, copper, and sediment in the dirty water.
  • Produce water with an acidity range between 6-8 pH.
  • Generate at least 15 mL of water for testing.
  • Use materials that are available to people in rural Vietnamese villages.
  • The filter should be able to fit in the villagers' homes and is easy to move around.


  • We had 2 tries for this water filter. Our first design was to make an permeable layer so it would clean out most of the sediment.We identified that in nature, rocks, gravel and sand act as a natural filter for water. So we used mostly rocks and sand to make this first design. But the result didn't turn out well enough. We did removed most of the sediment and got an extremely low turbidity level but we didn't do the other requirements. We still got a very high acidity level which is 4 on the pH scale, 300ppm of copper and also a lot of salt.
  • In our final design, we decided to focus more on how to get rid of copper and salt and also to get a pH of 6-8. We did some research about it and found out some interesting way that we can try. We also removed some sand to make the water go through it faster. We decided to use cilantro to get rid of copper and baking soda to get a pH of 6-8. However we didn't have cilantro so we use parsley, a type of plant that is in the same family with cilantro. But still we couldn't find anyway to get rid of the salt. The result we got after testing it was pretty nice. We got a pH of 7, below 100ppm of copper and a low turbidity level. We didn't remove the salt by any specific way however the salt looked clearer and it was less than the first try.

Overall, I think this is a interesting and creative project. It helps us to be more creative and think of solutions to solve something. It also very useful because some of our ideas might help to make a legit good water filter for the people in the rural area. It's also very fun trying to make our product with the group members and discuss with them about the ideas and plans.

Video :

In this project, we had to make a video of our poem. We recorded our voice reading the poem, added in some pictures and used background music. During this process i had lots of challenges and confusion about how to use the app. The hardest part was to make our voice fit in with the image and the sentences on screen. Also to put lots of attribution in the ending slide, i messed the whole slide up in the first try so i had to delete the whole attribution slide and redo it. However i'm very proud of the background music that i chose because it really fit with the theme and the mood of the poem. This video helped me to express more mood and theme of the poem, because we can use background music and images to show if our poem is sad or happy. I used all the visuals, music and reading voice to emphasize the theme of the poem which is do everything you can so you won't regret it. If i can redo this, i will choose clearer color for the font and also use more tone of voice to create more mood.

Introduction :

Passion project is a project  that give students a chance to create a piece of art about their passion.

I really like this project because it give me an opportunity to create a piece of art about any thing i'm interested in. This will help me have more fun and more concentrate in my work while doing this because it's the thing that i like. I decided to do a mix media art about basketball. i chose this because i really enjoy playing basketball and i really want to know more about it. I think to complete this project i have to do a lot of research about basketball and the important object in basketball to include in my piece of art. Then i have to organise it into my paper in a very neatly way so it doesn't look too messy and hard to see.


Lesson 1 : 8/11/16

what did you achieve today?

in this lesson, i researched about collage paint, collage dry brush , collage glaze and mixed media. i decided on what items i will include in my work, also what technique i have to practice and use.

what did you learn today?

I learned that there're lots of other cool technique to use like glazing and dry brush.

what will you do next step?

So next lesson i will research more about those technique and decide if i'm going to use it or not.

lesson 2 : 10/11/16

what did you achieve today?

In this lesson, i started to practice some of the techniques like dry brush, toning with marker and sketching.

what did you learn today?

i learned how to do dry brush and glaze. I also watch other video tutorial on youtube to know more.

what will you do next step?

Next lesson i will try to do glaze and research more about mixed media in the book.  i will also plan all what i need to do for my final out if i have time.

Dry brush :


Sketch, toning with marker :


lesson 3 : 14/11/16

what did you achieve today?

today i started planning the outline for my main piece of art. i also research some technique in the book, i search on google image to find some picture to add to my art piece.

what did you learn today?

i learned about watercolor and acrylic and oil pastel.

what will you do next step?

Next lesson i will decide what technique i will use for each section of my main paper.

the outline:


book research :


google image :



lesson 4 : 18/11

what did you achieve today?

This lesson, i started to practice drawing it on A3 paper to estimate the size the layout of it, i cut the paper into A3 size. I also search for some more picture to include in my art piece so there's not too much blank space.

what did you learn today?

I learned that i must edit the size of each object again to make it more realistic. i also learn how to draw the logo of NBA and Jordan dunking pose on google image.

what will you do next step?

Next lesson i will edit the size again and start sketching it into my final draft. Maybe also plan the technique i'm gonna use for each section.

sketch on A3 trace paper :


research for more object to include in the draft :



Lesson 5 : 22/11

what did you achieve today?

i didn't do anything much today because the glazing. i only drew a basket on my final.

what did you learn today?

i didn't learn anything today because i only have 10 minute to draw the basket.

what will you do next step?

next lesson i will draw in some more object onto my final piece. like the shoes, bottle and logo.

basket :


Lesson 6 : 6/12

what did you achieve today?

Today, I cut out all of the picture that I printed. I drew the court line, water bottle and I finished the basket that I started last lesson. I also starting to draw the scoreboard.

what did you learn today?

I learned how to use space wisely because while drawing the scoreboard, I had lots of difficulties with space. I didn't have enough space so while drawing I had to erase and redraw a lot of part like the words and boxes.

what will you do next step?

next lesson, I will finish drawing my scoreboard and start sticking picture in. I will color everything first then dry brush the picture.

drawing :


Lesson 7 : 8/12

what did you achieve today?

In this lesson, I outlined all of the objects in there, color in the basket and finished up with my backboard. I also drew in some extra basketballs and bottle and cup. After school I also stayed after and colored in the background by water color but I didn't take a picture.

what did you learn today?

I learned that if I use too much water to color, it will rip the paper. I nearly ripped the paper because I used too much water while using water color.

what will you do next step?

Next lesson, i will color in other objects. I will also stick the picture in and dry brush it.



Lesson 8 : 8/12

what did you achieve today?

Today, I colored all other objects with mostly water color and pencil color, but i didn't color the scoreboard because I didn't have time. I also stuck the picture in and dry brushed it. But I was rushing at the end of the lesson so I forgot to take a picture of it.

what did you learn today?

I didn't really learn anything today but I fixed my problem and used less water for water color so I didn't rip the paper.

what will you do next step?

Our next lesson will be half of testing out our clay products and half on finishing our passion project. So I will finish up the scoreboard on that half lesson.

Finished final piece:


the first quarter was pretty difficult for me because i'm new to the school and the system. I usually get confuse with how to turn homework in online and ways to use some apps. But i'm proud that i got use to it very quickly. Also i achieved some good grade in social study, it was the DBQ that we did. When i planned the outline, it was not very good and Ms.Beals gave us something to work on and to improve in the DBQ. I used lots of her feedback to improve my work and i got a high grade. This is very important because DBQ is one of our big project in social studies so it will effect our overall grade.

Throughout the first quarter we also learned ways to help us learn better. Such as how to improve memory, the importance of sleep, growth mindset and the power of yet. I think these can help me a lot in the future.