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I showed academic excellence by taking macro photography for things that I would not be able to see every day. I take pictures of organisms in their habitats. You can also take photos of objects like this pin. Macro photography means that you take a photo of something small and make it appear large. You might need to take macro photography for work as a scientist or just simply for observing. I also saw red,weaver ants and a large maggot.

Easy Blog Photo
This is a 2 step problem that we had to try to solve.

Before I started the math problem I didn't know what a equation was.

After this math talk I now know what a equation is. A equation is a number sentence about what you are going to do. Here is the equation for the question i did in class.(23+23)?+23=?.

Next step
My goal is that I want to remember what an equation is so I can use it for other math talks and questions. So it will help me to figure out how to solve math problems in the easiest way possible.
From now on I will try and solve problems with the most quick and clever way.