Yoga in class

This week we did yoga with Mrs Sylvester we did a whole bunch of stuff like doing the body scan and the yoga. My favorite part was when we were doing yoga it was fun we did some basic moves like balancing and doing downward dog.

A body scan is when the teacher walks you through your nervous system and talks with a calm voice and helps you relax. The body scan is for you to relax and make you think about  what is happening right now and you can do the body scan in bed or on a chair  it is really relaxing and is very helpful to have in your life.

Body Systems

Hi the last to weeks were epic we did some really cool stuff like touch a pigs heart and lungs we also saw inside of a chicken wing. Each grade 4 teacher and Ms.Fox had a different subject the subjects were the Musclo -Skeletal system, the Respiratory system, the Digestive system, the Circulatory system, and the Nervous system.

An important fact I learned was that you breath in oxygen and breath out carbon dioxide. We tested this theory with Bromythol blue a special blue liquid which when you put in carbon dioxide it turns to the color yellow.

The most interesting activity was the Digestive system with Ms.Sylvester we learned about how the Digestive system works and what happens when you swallow food

I had a hard time with the lungs because they were very confusing. We touched a pigs lung and saw what it looked like inside the lung, but the downside was the lung had a foul odor and it sank up the whole room

I would still like to learn more about the Nervous system and about how we rely on our brain to control our body

I think it’s important for me to learn about body systems because i am very interested in learning about how our body works and how the the brain works.

Unit 3: Understanding Our Environment ‘s Post on Friday, February 10, 2017

Easy Blog Photo
I showed academic excellence by taking macro photography for things that I would not be able to see every day. I take pictures of organisms in their habitats. You can also take photos of objects like this pin. Macro photography means that you take a photo of something small and make it appear large. You might need to take macro photography for work as a scientist or just simply for observing. I also saw red,weaver ants and a large maggot.

Unit 2: Understanding Others’s Post on Monday, January 23, 2017

Easy Blog Photo
This is a 2 step problem that we had to try to solve.

Before I started the math problem I didn’t know what a equation was.

After this math talk I now know what a equation is. A equation is a number sentence about what you are going to do. Here is the equation for the question i did in class.(23+23)?+23=?.

Next step
My goal is that I want to remember what an equation is so I can use it for other math talks and questions. So it will help me to figure out how to solve math problems in the easiest way possible.
From now on I will try and solve problems with the most quick and clever way.

Unit 2: Understanding Others’s Post on Monday, November 28, 2016

Hi my name is Elena.
In 3rd grade we looked at a 3 act task “the soda display.”
Here is a video to see how my group solved the problem.