Imagine a teen using social media everyday after his/her homework, and the teen’s parents wondering what the teen’s posting on social media. One day, the parents ask about it, but the teen wouldn’t reveal anything about it. After that day, the parents start wondering if they should start checking on their child’s social media secretly or should they just trust the teen. Social media is really useful and helpful to everyone, but sometimes, it could be dangerous. If teens post too many inappropriate things on social media.

So should parents trust their child using social media, or should they check on the teen’s social media more often? Parents should trust their child using social media because that will make their relationship  stronger, but  parents should talk to their teens about how dangerous it is to post inappropriate messages or pictures on social media.

From my perspective, parents should trust their child using social media  because it could build stronger relationships. If the teen’s family trusts their teen, he/she might not put too many inappropriate, private pictures or texts on social media, and that will make the teens and parents’ relationship stronger. According to Harlan Coben, the best selling author of mysteries and thrillers with 50 million books in print around the world, “There is one thing that technology can never replace- “Honest communication between parents and their children.”  Honesty is important between parents and teens. As a result, families should trust their child using social media because it could built stronger relationships with the teens and parents. The relationship could get stronger because if the parents trust their child they would be more careful too. For these reasons, parents should believe in their child so the relationship between them could get better and stronger.

Parents should trust their child using social media, but need to talk to them incase they put inappropriate pictures or texts on there. Harlan Coben said that some boundaries should be crossed to protect your child. That means parents should talk to them that social media are dangerous, so the teens would know that the parents trust them and will not post too much inappropriate and private things in social media. Parents trusting their children or teenagers would be really helpful for them not posting private messages and pictures about themselves and not chatting too much with strangers they haven’t met before. This could protect the teens from the meeting strangers and maybe even make them trust the parent more and won’t lie in front of them because they know the parents trust them. Parent should trust their child on using social media and tell them the dangerous about it so that they will be really careful using their social media.

To conclude, parents should trust their child using social media, but tell them to be careful. That will make their relationship stronger because they both trust each other. Social media could be really dangerous if the teens post too many inappropriate and private things on it. If parents want to keep their teens safe while keeping the relationship strong, they should believe in their teens but also caution them that posting private pictures or talking to and meeting up with strangers  is risky. In the future, parents should trust their child using social media, but also need to tell them that social media could be really dangerous if teens don’t use it carefully.

Questions -

  1. what did we do in archery?
  2. What is targeting?
  3. how do we stand?
  4. how do we hold the string?
  5. what is grouping archery?

Must have -

  • 1x video clip
  • 1x group picture

you should talk to your media clip. Analysis


In archery, we learned how to be safe during the game, we have to stay behind the cones if you're not doing archery. We also learned what targeting is, how we stand, how we hold the string and what grouping archer

Targeting is when you aimed on something and you start to do things toward the target. For example, if you aimed on your target in archery and you start firing toward it, that's targeting. You could also aimed on other things, like frisbee golf is another sport that use targeting, we aimed on the hole or other things and we start throwing the frisbee over it.

When we are firing, we should put left feet, on the red line and our right feet should be on the right side of your left feet. The position you stand will affect the way you aimed on your target, and how well you will do on the game.

When we start firing, our left hand should hold the black part of the bow, our right hand should pull on the string. You should put 1 finger on top and 2 finger on the bottom, if you are not strong enough, you could put 3 finger on the bottom.

Grouping archery is when a person start firing more than one arrow on the target. we could shoot in different distance or the same, and it just have to be more than one, not less than something.



What concerns would parents have about their children using social media?

          Many parents may be concerned about their children’s use of social media due to losing sleep for the next day of school.Teens may stay up late for social media. For example, the students could get out of control and stay up late for social media.As a result, he/she might be losing sleep for the next day of school and not having enough energy. In conclusion, parents should make a time boundary and control the their child phone if they don’t follow the rule.

The slogan I choosed from my slogans was " Letting your imagination go wild " I choose this one because  it goes with most of my brainstorming ideas. My brainstorming is that our group product (bracelets) should be colorful, customers feeling/ imaginations, trying new things like pictures and color patterns. "Letting your imagination go wild" means it should be colorful, and the customers could have their own ideas, picture and color patterns. They could use their feeling and imagination getting together and make out their own bracelets.

Hi, today I am talking about form of governments using gummy bear pictures. The first type of government I did was Democracy ( the one below ), I make the gummy bears stand in each corner to show that their voting on the things they want to do.

The second type I did was Monarchy, the picture below shows a gummy bear seating on a chair, the guards standing in a row and some slaves listening to the king's commands.The third type I did in the governments was Oligarchy, the picture shows a group of gummy bears standing behind a desk and telling the citizens what to do. On the right corner was the leader leading their armies and trying to take away the power from the Oligarchy.

The last one I did was Tyranny, the picture I made shows a gummy bear standing infront of the citizens, and the people that stands nearer to the Tyranny means they have a better life. The one that are farther to the Tyranny means they got a worse life because of the Tyranny.

I know none of these governments before I learn it, so everything is new for me when we started this lesson about Greece types of government. It's important to learn about form of governments because knowing more about them helps me in the future. I think Democracy works the best because people could choose from their own choices so it's fair.


Hello, this is our fruit mummies after a week, I made out this project with Hailey. We mummified 2 pieces of apple, 2 pieces of cucumber and 6 pieces of small tomatoes. There is a bag for us to mix baking soda and salt together, so we stuff some of the baking soda salt in one of each fruit or vegetable and put it in the baking soda salt for a week. After a week, we open the zipper bag and a very bad smell come out the bag. The apples colors change the most (from red to black), the tomatoes next ( dry out ), and the cucumber last ( the colors kind of change a little ).

Social Studies Learning Tasks:

My favorite learning tasks in social studies are mummifying fruit, pharaoh breaking news and the personal life timeline. But I like to mummify fruit the most because I got to know how salt effect food/fruit. I also like the pharaoh breaking news because we could have time to research about Ancient Egypt and know more about it. The timeline is really cool because we could know what happen in other people's life and also sharing our own life. 🙂

Hello, today I'm going to tell you about my book which is "The Wizard of Oz". It is a really nice book for children about grade 5 - 6 , it is not really hard to read, but there will still be some hard words to read. The story is fun, but some part are kind of scary or maybe even making you  nervous.

"The Wizard of Oz" is about a little girl name Dorothy who live in Kansas, one day a cyclone blow her house away to a land where there are lots of good and bad witches. She killed one of them accidently, but everyone thanks her for killing the witch. Dorothy wants to go back to her home and meet her family again, so she is going to the Emerald city to find the way home. On the way, she saw alot of friends who also need help from the witch, so they go together.

The conflict is person vs person because the story is talking about Dorothy, her friends, and the witches conversations so it is person vs person. This is an example quote for it: "Come along, Toto," she said. "We will go to the Emerald City and ask the Great Oz how to get back to Kansas again."

The main characters in the story are Dorothy, the scarecrow, the tin-woodman and the cowardly lion. Dorothy is the one who come to the city first, and then she saw these friends on the way to the Emerald City. Dorothy is a little girl who live in Kansas with her Aunt Em, Uncle Henry and her little black dog name Toto. The scarecrow is the second main character in the story, he was hang on a stick and Dorothy pick him down. He wants some brains to be smarter like normal people. The tin-woodman is the third one who appear in the story, he is a tin-man who cut down woods in the forest. Dorothy found him one the way to the city, and she gives him some oil, so he could move normally. The tin-woodman wants heart to feel things around him, and get to have feeling like other people. The cowardly lion is really cowardly and he want some courage to be fearless about everything around him. This is a quote to it: "There's a cyclone coming, Em," he called to his wife. "I'll go look after the stock."

This is a story when Dorothy went to a place that she didn't know at all and it is more prettier than her home but she still want to go back to her home and remember her family. She didn't said she will give up and she also make new friends. This is a quote her said: "Aunt Em has told me that the witches were all dead—years and years ago."

I rate this book from about 8/10 because I like horror movie more. There are some scary part in this story, but most of them are fun and kind of adventure. This book is for about grade 5-6, but adult could also enjoy this book. I recommends this book to anyone who like fiction story, or also adventure too!