For the past two months, us fifth grade ( including me) had a super unit name's Green Dragon! My group name's Paper Towels. I chose this idea because I think that SSIS middle school and elementary school students are using too much paper towels, so we must use air dryers and hand towels instead of paper towel. Having air dryers and hand towels can also make the school looks a little cooler too.

Talking about ecology, economics, politics, and cultureIn ecology, it's really sustainable because for air dryers, you can reuse it a lot of time, maybe a few years, and hand towels, you can reuse it for a long time so it's also sustainable. For economics, SSIS could afford it, it might be kind of expensive but it's worth it, also it'll actually save money in time. Politics, there's a really high chance of the leader at SSIS will agree because in high school, we already have air dryers and we could cancel the hand towels. Last but not least, culture, I think it's perfectly find because in doesn't make anyone think that they're doing something wrong some people like air dryers than paper towels.

We made the script on the last minute of Shark Tank and it went really well except that I messed up a little during the presentation. I also learned how to use Prezi and Canva, , I don't really like how Canva works but I can work with it. I think Prezi is a really good site, I might like Prezi more than Google Slides from now. The most challenging part was us doing the budget & timeline because we forgot to count the bathrooms so we had to count it. For timeline, it's pretty hard to figure out the time to ship and install all the tools but we fixed it at last.

We forgot a lot of stuff so we had to went back and did it again, it took a few day but at least we got it on the day of Shark Tank. Our proposal went really well and I think there was no mistake at all. I'm really happy about our project even if we didn't get green lighted because we worked together and finished it on time.

Here's our proposal!

Last week, we did a hackathon! A hackathon is an event, that typically lasting several days, in which a large number of people meet to engage in collaborative computer programming. Our hackathon didn't goes for several days but it does went for three hours. I chose to put cows in the campus and we learned about the STAR poster. The Star poster stands for Situation, Task, Action and Result. The situation is when we use the lawn mowers, it used too much fuel and there's so much air pollution going all over the place. The task it to prevent air pollution and fuel, we should use cow instead of lawn mowers. The action is we have to right a proposal and if we success, we can buy cows. Result would be less air pollution and saving fuel and we could have an eco- friendly lawn mower.

We started a reading & writing unit called reading article since November ( I think) and most of us just finished it now because it's a long unit. First, we have to make an outline about 3 random topics that we chose, then we have to research about those 3 random topics that we chose, then we have to chose 1 of our 3 topics to make an article, then a draft, then a final one with pictures and colours which we can make on Pages, Ibooks, or Google Sites, and last but not least, this post.

The topics that I chose are dogs, chess, and multiple birth, and the 1 out of 3 topic that I chose is multiple birth. Multiple birth is about different kinds of twins, triplets, quadruplets... And facts about them. And the reason that I chose this topic is because multiple birth is the thing that I interested the most and I would like to learn about it. Researching is pretty hard because there are no research that I want in InfoBits ( a school website) and I have to research it in wikipedia, but then I found out that if you delete the en and put simple in, it would appears to be short       ( some don't works but most do, depending on what you're researching).

I also had learned some skills and tips when I did this project, and the first one is delete en  ( stand for english) and put simple in that place that I wrote down, how to organize and CARP:      Contrast: How well did you use colours to make your article attractive and easy to read?             Alignment: Do things look neat? Is it clear which order a reader should follow through the article or I-Book, or how they should navigate your sites                                                    Repetition: Did you repeat things like colours and fonts to keep the article, I-Book or site neat and attractive?                                                                                                                              Proximity: Are related things (such as text and pictures) placed near each other?

I chose Pages instead of Ibooks and Google Sites because Pages is the only familiar site with me and Ms. Rayle know about Pages more than Google sites and Ibooks too because if I have a problem, Ms. Rayle usually know how to solve it.

Multiple birth





Last week, we went to Cat Tien national park for 3 days. The teachers split us up into 2 teams which were team 1 and 2 ( I'm in team 2). We went to Cat Tien by busses and it also took us 4 hours to get to Cat Tien.                                                                                                                                  My most favourite activities are the bon fire and the moon bear. The reason that I like the moon bear center is because we fed the bears, well not directly. The guys that works there make them go to a small cage then we get to the big cage and hide food somewhere in there, then we came out of the big cage and then the guy that works there released the bear to the big cage ( more like a forest with fence around), they find food and they just eat it. We also name a few bears for fun too.

                         The Gambler                                               Alexis' favourite

The reason that I like the bonfire is because there're fun activities and it's pretty cold in the night at Cat Tien and there's fire so it's warmer and I like it, we also roasted marshmallows too. But ms. Rayle had a cold so she couldn't tell all the scary stories, and that's pretty sad.

                                                                                          Teacher-led bon fire





For the past 3 weeks, I made a reading goal, which is to finish a book before Tet break, but I didn't finish it yet. I think I'll meet my goal before Tet. I highly recommend this book called Dear Dumb Diary: The Problem With Here Is That It's Where I'm From, by Jim Benton. This book is about Jamie Kelly's diary that talks about her life with her best friend named Isabella and a new student named Colette  (I didn't read about her that much).The Dear Dumb Diary series has a lot of books like Never Do Anything Ever,  My Pants Are Haunted, It's Not My Fault I Know Everything and Let's Pretend This Never Happened......


I learned that different kind of Coke and Mentos may be chemically different and some reaction are cool to watch, but takes times. My favourite part in my experiment is when I put Mentos in the Coke and dry ice solution then the bubbles come out. If I do another experiment, I would probably use a smaller container so the coke could explode because the container are too small to fit all of them.

Two days ago, we did The Amazing Race challenges in District 1. Our team's name was The heart ice cream and our flag have pink ice cream cpnext_emoticon_-_strawberry_ice_cream_conewith 4 pink hearts images around the ice cream on a side. On the other side, we have pink sunglass emoji ? on the left  and a pink heart eyes emoji ? on the right with a big word THE AMAZING RACE right in the middle

img_0130-4img_0197-2      THE HEART ICE CREAM                                                THE AMAZING RACE

My favourite challenge was the the thing that we did in Takashimaya because Takashimaya is a mall so it have air condition which means I really like it. There was a really nice guy who lead us to Takashimaya, and another nice guy that works in Annam Gourmet Market that help us to find all the thing that we need in the list that Mr Edward gave us. It super easy because we just have to take a picture of the nutrition fact of the foods that in the list then put it in order from the smallest amount to the biggest of sodium in the food.

img_0172-2 img_0186-2                           We got to choose 1 challenge                The nice guy that work in Annam Gourmet Market

The hardest one is at the Book Street station, it's hard but my most favourite thing about it is that I did the searching from Takashimaya to Notre Dame then from Notre Dame, I leaded the group to the Book Street because I remember the road. First, we have to take the picture with a sclupture, then the hard part come, we have to solve the code and used our 8 minutes to solve a sentence!

img_0202-2 img_0205-2      We're solved the code                                          This is the sculpture




Last Thursday, we went to a park named Buu Long. It took us 2 hours to go there but we made it. We paid a company named Phat Tire to do activities and adventures. They split us in 2 groups. One group does the adventure and the other does the teamwork games (outside activities). My group did the adventure first, and the Phat Tire's guide also split us into 3 groups we called group 1, 2, and 3.

Group 1 did the rock climbing, group 2 did the zip lining, and group 3 did the abseiling. I'm in group two and I did the zip lining first, it also my favorite too. First, we have to put the harness and the helmet on and then we have to hike up a hill (I call it muddy hill, my shoes got all dirty and muddy) to a really high place, and a guy have something that lock us to the rope and then we zip lining down. It's really hard to run of the cliff because I scare of high (and I don't used to do it) so I decided to tell the guy to push me off and it was so fun!


We climbing up to the hill (the last person is me)

When we finished the zip lining, we do the abseiling practice. We practiced when it's raining, but we still have to wear the harness and the helmet even if the practice place is super short. We have to turn our body exactly 90 degrees, and a few people fall of at last because they are nervous. But when we finish the practice, the rain is so hard that we couldn't do the abseiling, but the zip lining group zip lined in the rain because they already climbed up, so if they walk back it's going to take more time or someone might have injury because it's slippery!


He felt down

After lunch, we did the teamwork activities while the other did the adventure. My favorite one is " Cooperative Maze ". There's a huge piece of plastic paper (whatever it is) with horizontal lines and vertical lines (it kind of look like the XO board game but huge). The rules is no talking and no marking, seems like the rule is easy, but the games is hard. You have to guess the squares that you'll go from the start to the finish, which mean you have to go some where that the guy say yes, if he keeping say yes you can go another step, but if he say no you have to go back to the start line by going exactly to the square that you went.



That's our team

And last but not least, I like " Star War ". You have to understand this is a game name's          " Star War " not the movie. You have to fit your 2 feet in the circle, there’s a lot of circle on the ground, when the guy call 3...2...1 you are going to run to another circle to fit your feet in it, and then the guy will take out the circle 1 at a time and at last, it be 1 circle left. How can you fit 29 persons in the circle? But then we found out that the guy said " feet " not your whole body, so we have 2 solution is sit outside and put your feet in the circle and the rest will stay in the circle, but if it not enough, somebody is going to be carry.


Everybody tried to get in the circle



You are at a friend's house for a sleepover. This is a really popular student and it's the first time she has invited you to her house. Once her parent are asleep, your friend suggests that you both sneak to the liquor cabinet to try some of the alcohol her parents have stored.

I would say " No, my parent don't let me drink it and it makes you drunk, my opinion is you shouldn't drink it too ". But if she say that if I don't drink it, she'll not be my friend anymore          ( peer pressure ). I'll still say " No, if I drink, I'll be in big trouble. I"d rather not be your friend than against the law but be your friend ".

Last 3 weeks, Mrs Johnson teaches us about First Aid, we played some games, we learn about how to help people when they got hurt, and we doing some works for The Amazing Race too. So this is what I've learned last 3 weeks!

Cut                                                                                                                                                                      -Make sure it save for you to help                                                                                                                - Put on a towel on the injury or any kind of fabric to make it stop                                                       - Let them sit and make them calm down                                                                                                  - Call 115 for the ambulance

Burn                                                                                                                                                                    - Make sure it save for you to help make sure that you set aside the thing that burned that person                                                                                                                                                               - Cool it under cold running water for at least 10 minutes                                                                      - Don't rub ice on the injury                                                                                                                          - Wrap a plastic bag around the burn                                                                                                          - Call 115 for the ambulance

Broken Bone                                                                                                                                                     - Make sure it save for you to help                                                                                                               - Get the person to rest                                                                                                                                 - Apply an ice packet to the injury                                                                                                               - - Keep it still and support it                                                                                                                            - Elevate the foot                                                                                                                                              - Call 115 for the ambulance

Choking                                                                                                                                                              - Make sure it save for you to help                                                                                                             - Hit them firmly on their back                                                                                                                         - Find out if they can breath or talk                                                                                                              - Shout for help or call 115 for the ambulance

Unresponsive                                                                                                                                                   - Make sure it save for you to help                                                                                                               - Tap to their shoulder and speaking to them                                                                                           - Tick there head back                                                                                                                                    - Check if they're breathing                                                                                                                           - Call 115 for the ambulance

That are things that I learned about First Aid with Mrs Johnson, you should remember this because if someone needs help from you, you'll always have a note in your mind to help them!