Spanish was my favorite class since I came to SSIS, for me it was not that hard and really fun. My favorite assignment is the presentation about me and my family. It wasn't that challenging but it took long to make the slides.

Here is the link to my slides:

In Writing, we learned about writing techniques and also advertising techniques for Dragons' Apprentice. My favorite assignment was All I Need To Know because making it was really fun for me. We were supposed to choose a topic that we learned about in Dragons' Apprentice and write about it. 

Link to the assignment:

I was pretty happy with my results on my Unit 3, which I got a 94 for which is pretty good. I am happy with my knowledge that I learned in Math because I think it's going to be really helpful later on in my life.

Link to my test:

In my first year at SSIS, I think my favorite task was the Space Colony presentation. I love researching about space so I just did it and by doing that we made the slides and presented and got a decent grade. I was pretty happy with my knowledge about space because I love space!

Here is the link to my presentation:

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My gallery: 

My favorite task was maybe the color wheel painting because right when Mrs.Jardin told us about the task, an idea just popped up in my head immediately I just did what popped up in my mind. When I completed this task, I learned that coloring with watercolor is really fun and I saw that my imagination is endless. I was really happy with my watercolor painting because I didn't actually thought I can make it look that nice but it turned out well.


In this unit of PE, we learned Archery, and in Archery we learned our stance, how to target and we also shot some arrows. Targeting is how we aim to the target, so when you to pull the string, you can see where the arrow is going. So there are many ways to pull the arrow, you can have two fingers on the top and two fingers on the bottom or you can have one finger on the top and one on the bottom, or what I do, is have one finger on the top and two on the bottom. Grouping in archery is where your arrows go when you shoot it in your target. 

Here is the video

And here's a picture of my grouping

My team's slogan is: Make it your way

My team's product is : Pencil holders made out of toilet paper rolls that has special designs on it. 

I chose the slogan "make it your way" because you can choose what special design you want on your pencil holder. So basically, we take orders, if they say they want a Superman design, we will draw it for them, we have some artistic people so I don't think drawing will be a problem.