Today, on our last day of the Building Project in Art, we finished our facade. We finally glued everything onto our base. We've stuck the window on the top of the main facade, instead of making it a plain, old, usual window frame. To support the frames, we've painted two pillars that would make the windows stand. Lastly, to cover up the cubed box behind for the entrance of the building, we've added walls covering 3 sides of the facade.

Today, we finished the main base of the facade. We finished the 2nd layer of our wall painting, added decorations like buttons and glued everything to the base of our building. Next class we have to add pillar and add our window. The problem today was some of us were slacking off and off-task because we went outside for a school photo and we had a substitute.

What did you do today? How?

I finished working on my window frames.

How do you think your group members went?

I think we did okay and we're on-task.

What do you think of your process so far? Why?

I think I am okay since I am managing time and worked on a lot of stuffs.

What is your group plan for the next 5 classes?

To paint and finish the window and assemble the base.


I am Brandon from Block A PE and recently we had swimming in our swimming class.

Here are the links to my video:




My motorboat kicks were the best thing I did in my freestyle swimming. In breaststroke, my synchronized arm and feet movement was pretty okay. I think in backstroke the ONLY good thing I did was putting my chin up.

I think my breathing and arm rotation in freestyle was terrible. In breaststroke, I rushed a little bit. My backstroke was all messed up. I really have to try to improve my arm rotations.

How have you assessed your prototype's effectiveness?

We added water on top of the water filter so that we can test the effectiveness of the prototype and the water would be purified.

What are the results of tests done?

We got a terrible result of pH level of 4 and almost 300 ppm of copper in our

What do you need to do to improve your prototype?

I think we need to boil our water to get a more neutralized pH level and less copper


In Exploratory Writing, the whole Grade 7 made digital poems with the poems we made previously in Writing.

Here's the video:

It was hard finding images with CC attributions and most of them were copyrighted, which took me a long time.  Putting subtitles and attributions took me long enough. Video rendering and publish also wasted a lot of my time. The biggest problem for me was time management. Or was it just because I was impatient?

I think I found good images suiting my poem and video. I also used my own pictures I actually took from the experience I was writing about, which was special to me.

The video had to include my voice of reading my poem and I realised my voice really needed some tunes. It helped me express the theme of my poem.

I tried to imagine me being there a long time ago with the atmosphere near me. It felt like I was the only one complaining and others were having a great time in the boat.

I would like to manage my time much more wisely. The lack of time made me work less efficiently and made me do work just looking at the clock.

So if you were to do this in the future, manage YOUR TIME!!! DO NOT get off task. NEVER delay your work. Just focus on your work and when you complete it, that's when you can do what you want to do.

This unit, our class, block G, learned how to write poems and how we can judge how good they are.

I learned in this unit that the whole topic of poetry was way more complicated than I thought it was going to be. I didn't know that there was anything called "white spaces" and "line breaks" I really know now how I can improve my poems and grade them now. I can really "see" if the poem is good or not now.

After this unit, I will consider myself as a poet. Because, of course, I wrote poems and will probably going to write them in the future, both at school and in daily life.

I think I WILL consider writing poems in my daily life because poems are important also outside schools and I actually enjoyed writing poems. They were fun.

My overall experience with poetry was fine but not that good. I had a hard time with several things like using figurative languages and white spaces but it went out well. But "narrowing the focus" was particularly difficult for me. I think I added too much redundant information about the poem.

With the rubric Mr. Jardin gave us and his advice, I improved in using white spaces and line breaks, which I never knew how to use. I learned some new figurative languages for me to emphasize my poems.

In Block E ELA class, we had a game called choose three fictional characters that describes me, and I did. Here are my three fictional characters that describes me:


This is Goku, the main character of the whole series of "Dragonball". Well, people might ask me why I chose him, I am not muscular, thin or that strong. The only thing that brings Goku and me together is by our personality. He might be serious and angry during fights but he is silly and humorous outside battles. And of course, he eats a lot! Just like me!


This is Clarence from the show "Clarence". The picture will tell you, Clarence is a guy who really energizes you and be really weird , strange (in a good way) and silly. And that's why I chose him. He also can be emotional and sensitive sometimes but he is very positive. We also have a similar body shape! XD


This is Lloyd Christmas (Jim Carrey) from the "Dumb and Dumber" and also "Dumb and Dumber 2" As the title of their movies, the films are about him and Harry Dunne (Jeff Daniels) doing idiotic stuffs and making hilarious jokes. Instead of Harry Dunne, I chose Lloyd Christmas because he was funnier than Harry. I am just like Lloyd; crazy and strange. Also in making jokes and funny unique faces. His bowl haircut reminds me of my weird hairstyle long time ago!

Last week and today, our class, block F, did the Matter activity sheet .

We learned a lot of thing about matters. We mainly focused on elements, compounds, pure substance, and mixture. Element is one pure kind of atom. Compound is a combination of two or more different kinds of elements linked by chemical bonds. Mixture is two or more substances physically combined and pure substance is a substance that cannot be separated by physical means.

Mixtures were divided into two terms; heterogeneous and homogeneous. Homogeneous has one phase only but heterogeneous has two or more phases. Example for homogeneous is salt water and for heterogeneous is sand and water. 

We also learned the four states of matter; plasma, solid, liquid and gas.

It was a really big topic but I had a great time learning. 🙂