Eco Dome Attempt 3

In our 3rd Attempt, we revert our eco dome to the initial position. Our crickets only lasted for 3 days. The mold came back, and it stank. I think that because we put way too much water in it, because the soil was super damp and water was clogging up below the soil. Our plants died and of course, the crickets died too. On our fourth and final attempt, we’ll try to keep the eco dome the same way and add less water, more worms and have 4 crickets with a big plant, small plants, rocks for decorations, and Oatmeal cereal as food for the crickets. We hope that the crickets and plants would be able to survive through the 3 week break.





Science Ecodome Attempt 2

On Min Jae and mine’s second eco dome attempt, we did much better than the first time. In our initial trial, the crickets lasted for only 2 days, on our new and improved eco dome (attempt 2)  the crickets lasted for 5 days! I was really happy that your design was a success (kind of). This time, we turned that eco dome sideways, put more soil and plants in. And magic happened, we made the crickets lived another 3 days! Our plants didn’t have mold after the crickets died , the eco dome still smelled quite nice, which is a relief. I think that because we didn’t put any food into the eco dome the second time, it didn’t mold and give a bad smell. We took the food away, and the eco dome still smelled nice, crickets lived another 3 days and no mold at all. The eco dome was really easy to clean off, I took Min Jae and I about 2 min to completely clean we entire eco dome when I took us above 7 minutes to clean everything off the first time. I think next time, we should keep our payout of the eco dome the same, but put less plants because I takes up a little too much space; however, this second attempt was a success. We’re putting 3 crickets next time, to see if they could survive.


Radical Invention Debate

The radio had a greater impact on shaping human history than antibiotics.

Debate Roles Matrix

Debate Planning Doc

  1. From the research, preparation and the debates themselves, what did you learn about the art of persuasion? Please explain.

I learned that being confident and standing up against the opposition would kind of intimidate the opponents. Speaking clearly and slowly will make your points be more heard. Challenging the opposition and defending your arguments are very important; this could be the decisive blow to your opponents and the judge could face towards your side.  

  1. How do you establish credibility as a debater? Explain fully.

I cite trustworthy sources. Give evidence from that source so that I could give credibility and make my argument stronger. During my speech, I say where I got the information out so that I could prove that I established credibility from specific sources.   

  1. What surprised you the most about your debate and/or the debate experience?

I was surprised that the judges were mostly judging us on our rebuttal. Our speech was very important too, but the rebuttal is when we get to actually defend and challenge our opposition. The judges see how well you could defend and attack during the debate. In the past, I’ve already done some debates and the judges are actually judging us on the research and speech, not the rebuttal.

  1. What were you most proud of in your own debate?

I was proud that I has really good information and I proved that antibiotics were better than the radios by proving that radios are not better than antibiotics (thanks Mr. Crowell). I ‘repelled’ nearly all of the oppositions’ challenges. I was honestly proud of my overall performance.

  1. What would be your next steps? Or in other words, what would you have done differently?

I should’ve done more research, because I kind of only narrowed it down to what antibiotics has done to humans in the last thousands years. Should’ve made my research a little broader so that I could collect more information. I should’ve given more information during the rebuttal

Self Assessment

Team Evaluation

Peer Evaluation

Language Arts Research Paper Blog Post

What was your biggest success? 

My biggest success was when I put all of my facts from the research note cards that I’ve been doing for the past week. It was very easy because I’ve already done all of my researched and organized them into research note cards. After that, I just need to reorganize which fact would go where and copy them into a document. It was very simple to do, and I thought that I did my research note cards very well.

What was your biggest difficulty? 

My biggest difficulty was the actual process of researching. This was quite hard because the school database didn’t really have everything I needed so I had to go out onto the internet to do my own research. Some of my research information is in the format of a video, and all of them are Ted Talks. It was quite hard to find reliable sources on the internet, so I was constantly looking out for websites that end with a .edu or .org.

What would you have done differently?

I should’ve analyzed my information on the paper further so that the reader could understand more about my topic. My writing was a little broad, I haven’t shrank my idea down enough, still quite broad. My paper still lacks my own opinion on Artificial Intelligence (my topic that I’m writing about) and my interpretation.

Ecodome Attempt 1

img_0916Today, Min Jae and I made an eco dome in science class.

The compounds of our eco dome are:

  • A large container
  • Soil
  • Plants and some vines
  • Water
  • Mandarin
  •  2 crickets
  • Small rocks and stones

We need a large container so that we could put everything in our eco dome.

Soil to grow the plants

Plants to produce oxygen for everything to live in the dome

Water to grow plants and for crickets

Mandarin as the food for the crickets

2 crickets to see if they could survive

Small rocks and stones for decoration

Within about 2 days, both of our crickets died, our 4 plants were still alive. Mold started appearing from the roots of the plants each gave out a disgusting smell! I think that our crickets died because we didn’t place the eco dome directly at the sunlight. I think that next time, Min Jae and I should turn the eco dome sideways so that we could put more things into the eco dome. We won’t take plants that are too tall, try to fit everything in with some space for the crickets to run around. We’re going to add an extra crickets next time, which the amount of crickets will the 3 in the eco dome. More plants to produce oxygen, and before sealing the cap, we’ll water the soil to that the crickets could drink and the plants could absorb.

Language Arts Journalism Project Reflection

What did you do? Good or Bad?

Overall, I think I did quite well. I wrote a news article about Procrastination at SSIS. I had lots of research put into this newspaper. I also watched a video about Procrastination by Ted Talk. Throughout the process of writing the paper, I also looked at newspaper example from CNN and BBC news. The part that I didn’t do really well was that I should’ve looked at more examples and my paper looked more like an informational paper. That is something I could improve on next time I write a news article.

What did you learn?

I learned that writing a news article isn’t easy. I had to make a survey asking middle school students at SSIS about procrastination. I was also required to go online and researched about procrastination along with several interviews with teachers about their opinions on procrastination. Although the process of writing a Journalism paper is hard, there’s a fun side to it, I got to go around school and talk to people about the subject that nearly all student worldwide faces.

How was Quarter 1 for you? (Overall, doesn’t have to be in ELA)

Quarter 1 went by really fast. It was an extremely fun time. I’ve made it past the longest part of the school year without having a break. I made into the A-team basketball, I’m going MRISA in Hanoi next week and I’m excited for it. Academically, I think I’m doing well, I just need to pick up my pace in Spanish and Science and the rest, I’m doing just fine. Quarter 1 was a great quarter for me and I’m looking forward for the rest of the school year!   


Revolutionary Thinkers Project Reflection

Two Minimalist Poster 

screen-shot-2016-10-04-at-8-54-11-am screen-shot-2016-10-04-at-9-04-37-am

Research Process

How did it go conducting research? Triumphs? Challenges?

I was quite successful in researching since there was an article in Britannica that had everything about Leonardo Da Vinci.

What did you learn about yourself when you had to take notes?

I learned how to use reliable sources and different techniques for note-taking to give the writer credit for the knowledge I acquired. 


Narrative Hooks: 

What insights did you gain about narrative hooks that you may not have been so aware of before?

I learned how to get people’s attention by saying just a sentence or two. Narrative hooks require creativity and a good understanding of the techniques to hook readers I was not aware that by adding a word or changing something small in the introductory sentence could grasp the reader’s attention and make them want to read the entire paragraph.

What narrative hooks did you experiment with in your writing?

I used quotes from the Leonardo Da Vinci to start off a paragraph and I also defined some words my way and slowly connected them to Leonardo.


What discoveries did you encounter as you were vlogging?

By vlogging, I discovered that I actually had some mistakes in my paragraphs but I didn’t realize it and when I read it out loud to myself, I spotted these ‘trouble’ areas and fixed them. I also felt like I read it with emotion and expression since I knew where to add emphasis in my own writing.


What is your BIGGEST TAKEAWAY (BIGGEST LEARNING) from our Revolutionary Thinker’s Project?

My biggest learning takeaway from the project was what I learned from Leonardo Da Vinci. He inspired me to  write about my own thinking. Record, be observant, don’t just listen to what others say. Da Vinci for instance created sketches for a flying machine. He designed and tested them out 300 years before anyone else.  Da Vinci’s way of thinking influenced me and I now wish to take more notes, share my ideas and reflect on them because I know that my ideas are unique.

Zine Hyperlink 




Renaissance Fair Metacognitive Reflection

Assignment Overview:

This project is called the Renaissance Fair Project. Everyone/ Every pair chooses a topic from the Renaissance that they want to research about. For the fair, you have to be ready to present your chosen topic and share your knowledge to the audience. The learning goal is to provide more information about the topic and being able to interact with other people through a project fair.

“How did this project help me improve as a writer/ researcher/ thinker?”

Throughout this project I learned how to be a better researcher because I learned how to find reliable sources on research databases, learned to annotate my bibliography, and create citations to give people credits. I learned how to pack lots of information into a single paragraph and pick out the most important information.

Prototype Relection

Today, my group worked really hard on the filter and it worked. At first, the heater was a problem so we changed our filter a little bit. We finished off our prototype and managed to test it. Our double layer cloth removed the salt, the microbes were especially removed by big chunks of charcoal and silt and dirt were removed by our white rocks. Our filter hasn’t fully met all of them constraints because we’re now testing the water for microbes, our pH level is neutral which is a great relief. The water is filter very quickly because we punch a tons of holes in our plastic cups which makes it filter the river water quicker and efficiently. I would not drink the water that was filtered through my own filter because there could also be some types of metal left in the water, which could kill me.