20 hour project, is know going on on this reflection I'll talk about what I did for the first week.! mine is about use sniping class in my favorite game and get 250 kills in 14 hours.


At first, I made a new account for the project(roblox) and find the best mouse sensitivity. for 2 hours I try to find the sensitivity, but then  the best sensitivity were my original one ;; (time wasted)

total: 2 hours


Second time I practiced sniping class in my real account. it was so hard!(I didn't record that since it's not real one)

total: 2 hours

Overall: 4 hours

It was hard that I needed to track to enemy and shoot. also it didn't kill the enemy in one shot if you didn't shoot it to head. soooooooo hard!

next week I'll do 6 hour of real gameplay.



Weekends! yay playing games!

Imagine: At the weekend I played shooting game and I thought that How can I use LMGs(miniguns a.k.a. machine gun) to sniping?

Plan:I might need some Good optics and attachments.For example, vertical grip, vcog x6 scope, and ballistics trackers, laser

Design: Setted all the attachments and it's all done!

Create Trying to make headshots...(real playing)

Evaluate: I think it might be better to use canted Iron sight than Ballistics trackers because I has small sight on the scope.


Backward-Looking What problems did you encounter while you were working on this challenge? How did you solve them?

I had problem at last. it did worked 'til the real thing ("Big zipline")  and we failed.

Inward-Looking What was satisfying to you or frustrating to you during the challenge?

I was frustrated that it didn't work at last.

Outward-Looking In what ways did your product meet or not meet the goals of the challenge?

I didn't meet the goal. Our team failed... But partially we made it! So It's SOSO

Forward-Looking What would you change if you have a chance to do this challenge over again?

I'll copy what the winning team did. Which used washer for the ring.

Feelings: What were some of the different feelings you experienced during the challenge? I was Happy that the thing worked but, then It didn't work. SO I'm MAD!!!!

ME Right now↑↑↑


There is the boy in the girl's bathroom by Louis Sachar

It's an end of the book club. So, I'm doing this post!

I recommend this book because you can learn a lot more friendship. This book is about Bradley and Jeff is being a friend. Bradley is the oldest kid in the 4th grade and he has bad behavior also the new kid Jeff is not a troublemaker, but he accidentally went in to the girl's bathroom. Will they gonna be a good friend?

I rate this book 4/5 because this book has hard words. this book is so awesome!


Fhew.. It was a hard time making the script. We changed and it was too long, changed and still long and... What Hard WORK! That important hard work made our play much better! Me and my friend Nam and Caleb made the script! It's all about CC (Christopher Columbus' special code), Cook, and one grumpy sailor! I'm very proud of the sailor, because I made that character and Nam did very great job making the audience laugh! Actually I made the good character but I could have done better if I were a better actor. I should have been a serious cook but, I was a silly cook. I think overall our team did this well. If not our team I think the best team was Hubery's team.

Finally we made the ship! Christopher columbus' ship! It's small but it's accurate! What a hard time making one ship!


About Christopher Columbus:

He borned in october 31, 1431. In Genoa Italy. in rich family

He got the ship from spain and sailed 4 times rest of whole his life!

He passed away at may 10 1506 by heart disease.

Rest In Peace CC! He worked hard!


I read 'sloppy copy slipup' at book club. Shortly I rate this 3/5 because it was little boring. Although I like the book because I like to not give up and big hig also didn't give up and finally get good assay.  I didn't like boring realistic fiction but I like this book.  this book is normal. I want to recommend to my mom because this book doesn't has many hard words. so, I recommend to 6~8 year old, or english beginner (like me).

P.S. Dyanne Disalvo wrote this book.

Today we went to the park near by crescent mall with eco artist  Tracy Lee.

She is an eco artist who lives in Chicago

I think she travle all around the world and dipped the fabric in there actually that's what we did today!

She said her dream is drink a water of river that is not toxic or bad things in it.

I think that we should sustain the rivers.

River is awesome

but when we ate a lunch it was  tasty so that I ate all

I am so hungry

I ate a cheeseburgers

I am thirsty

so, I write this poem.


We saw a lilypad on the river and that was interesting.

Because that leaves didn't wet anyway I didn't notice for 11 years

For this lilypads we need river so we should stop make a toxic pollution

I drew that

Bad drawing!