Finally we made the ship! Christopher columbus' ship! It's small but it's accurate! What a hard time making one ship!


About Christopher Columbus:

He borned in october 31, 1431. In Genoa Italy. in rich family

He got the ship from spain and sailed 4 times rest of whole his life!

He passed away at may 10 1506 by heart disease.

Rest In Peace CC! He worked hard!


I read 'sloppy copy slipup' at book club. Shortly I rate this 3/5 because it was little boring. Although I like the book because I like to not give up and big hig also didn't give up and finally get good assay.  I didn't like boring realistic fiction but I like this book.  this book is normal. I want to recommend to my mom because this book doesn't has many hard words. so, I recommend to 6~8 year old, or english beginner (like me).

P.S. Dyanne Disalvo wrote this book.

Today we went to the park near by crescent mall with eco artist  Tracy Lee.

She is an eco artist who lives in Chicago

I think she travle all around the world and dipped the fabric in there actually that's what we did today!

She said her dream is drink a water of river that is not toxic or bad things in it.

I think that we should sustain the rivers.

River is awesome

but when we ate a lunch it was  tasty so that I ate all

I am so hungry

I ate a cheeseburgers

I am thirsty

so, I write this poem.


We saw a lilypad on the river and that was interesting.

Because that leaves didn't wet anyway I didn't notice for 11 years

For this lilypads we need river so we should stop make a toxic pollution

I drew that

Bad drawing!

YAAAAAAY LONG TRIP DAY! Today I went a farm. I was so excited that yesterday that I couldn't sleep! At first we made a piggy bank which the man called 'piggy bang'. Then I went to catch the fish at the pond, but I didn't get any fish. I was so mad that fishes tricked me when I try to! Then we did farm work. It was planting rice and taking out morning glory so I liked it!

we ate the lunch and we made banana cake it was tasty! then we ate Ice cream and the end went back!

I think I was so tired


I went to medicine museum there was so small but there was many things that we learned. I wear some kind of doctor cloth too! ]


Then we went to Ao Dai museum we didn't have enough time to do thing but at there we went to the food court and it was just one floor down and I like it but when we finish and  going out I thinked like it said 500k vnd so I thinked that I could buy 500k vnd but the counter says you should give them a money of amount that i buyed  so I should borrow money to the nam's dad! oh no!


I like those field trip!!! TOday I watched a 'Water Puppet show' That was... AWESOME!

THEN I ate My GRAPEFRUIT.....BUT! WHEN we go to lunch I Found a The awesome foods at 'Ventan street food'   there was...

Wonderful I liked IT! I ate a banh mi and pho and Two Icecream and Chicken! I want to do this field trip again! I want to go other field trip too! I LIKE EATING.

Rate: 4/5


-----------------------------------------------------------------THE END------------------------------------------------------------



MY PERFECT Fantasy Story GO READ IT!!!!!!!!!

I did MANY! things before finish all successfully. First I design a map that is fantasy world . that was such a easy job!!! Secondly, I used elements of fantasy Checklist. Thirdly I made a story arch to plan our story line that needed a beginning,  middle, end, struggle, and climax. For me I did a brand new thing! I TYPED my story directly to my Mac it was easy to edit and revise too!!! I write 'about the  author' I described me. Lastly I draw a book cover and make a book.


IT TaKE LIKE 100(x100) Hour

XD XD XD XD XD XD isn't that story was FUN???????!?!?!??!?!?!!?!?!? YES IT IS!!!