Tutorial video and Reflection

In language arts we made tutorial videos on the Dragon’s Apprentice which was a large project we had last year in 6th grade. We made these videos to help the 6th graders who will be having their own Dragons Apprentice project this year. Our tutorial videos were videos that would help and guide the 6th graders through Dragon’s Apprentice. My groups tutorial video was on how to be unique with your project and how to stand out from everybody else. We focused on telling people how to spice up their presentations and pitches, and how to know if their product was unique and interesting. To make our point we gave them some examples from last year and showed them how people might think that their idea is unique when in reality it isn’t. Making the tutorial video reminded me of the dragons apprentice and I was able to draw on my experiences to give advice and guidance in the tutorial video. For example when we decided to go with food we realized how tough it was to get a food product approved so we added into the script a part about staying away from the easy to make food products and making something more...

Medieval Europe Best Summary

There were many different beliefs about the cause of the black death amongst the townspeople. Many of these beliefs were superstitions, like how people believed that the plague was god’s wrath and his way of punishing them for their sins. Another example would be people believed you could catch the plague if you looked at someone who had it or you could catch it if you had bad blood. However, not everyone used superstition to explain the plague, some people looked for more reasonable ways to explain the plague. Most doctors believed the plague was caused by the filthiness of the cities. Other reasonings were that the plague was caused by poisonous gases that got out from within the earth, or they blamed the jews for poisoning the wells. The closest they ever got to the truth was when they thought that dogs and cats were the cause of the plague but they were targeting the wrong animals because it was the rats which caused plague. The fact that it was rats, or more specifically their fleas, which caused the plague was not discovered until 1894 by swiss scientist Alexandre Yersin, 500 years after the plague terrorized Europe. Alexandre Yersin discovered that the disease was caused by bacteria that infected rats and rat fleas. The disease then spread because to people either when they were bitten by the fleas or when they breathed in droplets of moisture coughed up by infected people. In the end the black death was a disease which was to advanced and evolved for the middle ages and people just couldn’t understand how to fight it or what caused it, leaving them in a perpetual state of fear and confusion. PLAGUE: DANCE OF THE RATS – during plague time. Oil on canvas, c1800.. Fine Art. Britannica ImageQuest, Encyclopædia Britannica, 25 May 2016. quest.eb.com/search/140_1634778/1/140_1634778/cite. Accessed 15 Feb...

Social studies Explain everything- The Black Death

Swimming Videos

Science Water Filter Project

Our latest project in science was to build a reasonable sized water filter using nothing but cheap, accessible materials that could take dirty river water and make it drinkable water. The requirements for the water was Ph needs to be 6-8 It needs to have no copper Good turbidity Little to no salt left behind After doing a bit of research we came up with a water filter which used properties of the earth to clean the water. Our reasoning was that if groundwater is clean then all we have to do is recreate the earth that purifies groundwater. Our filter successfully cleaned the water of all the sediment and some of the copper, but the acidity and salt levels remained unchanged. On the second test our results with acidity and copper were much better as we managed to neutralize the acidity and get rid of almost all the copper. However, we added a bit too much of one material (baking soda) causing the turbidity levels of the water to remain unchanged despite us getting rid of the dirt and sand. We also were not able to do anything about the salt levels. In the end our water filter did not meet the requirements because our turbidity and salt levels were to high but we improved drastically from our previous test....

Digital Poem

Going into this project I was unsure of how it would turn out because unlike the example we watched we didn’t have a way to make an animation. I started the project by breaking down my poem into sections and then looking for pictures that matched that specific section. Thanks to this method I was able to finish finding my pictures quickly and start making my video as soon as possible. One part of the process that maybe didn’t go so well was putting the words of the poem in the video because I was unaware that it was a requirement. Overall I got to express my poem with visuals, music, and my voice which I used to emphasize the mood and pace of my poem.

7th BLOG POST: DBQ Essay Shayan Sinha

  1   Why did christianity take hold in the ancient world? TWO of MY FAVOURITE EXCERPTS from MY DBQ Essay.Excerpt #1“Romans and Christians both want peace but both have very different approaches to attain peace. Rome would destroy their opponent so there was peace. On the other hand, the christians believe they should forgive their enemy “for their sins” to attain peace.”Excerpt #2“While the Romans believed that the higher social classes should receive everything the Christians believed in equality” ↪DBQ OUTLINE: Why Did Christianity Take Hold in the Ancient World? ↪ DBQ FINAL DRAFT   2  BIGGEST TAKEAWAY ↪ What is your BIGGEST TAKEAWAY (BIGGEST LEARNING) from our STUDY OF THE ORIGINS & SPREAD OF CHRISTIANITY? My biggest takeaway would be the information about how Christianity spread across the Roman empire. I already knew most of the origin story of Jesus Christ. I had not, however, heard of the spread of christianity so  the subject really piqued my interest   3  VISUALIZING TEXT -sketchnoting ↪How did sketchnoting help you understand how Christianity originated and spread?Sketchnoting made it easier for me to remember specific things about Christianity. For example whenever I think about the Christians worshipping secretly in the catacombs I remember my sketchnote of people worshipping a fish in the catacombs (because the Greek word for fish was used  as a codeword for “Jesus Christ Son of God.”↪What did you learn about yourself as a visual notetaker?Well I realised that, when it comes to sketchnoting, I don’t give too much attention to how good my drawings are. I just want my drawings to be funny and humorous. It’s also much easier for me to remember humorous sketchnoting because it sticks with me.   4  EXPLAIN EVERYTHING & VLOGGING as a METACOGNITIVE STRATEGIES ↪What discoveries did you encounter as you were vlogging and exploring your thinking?  I discovered that when Vlogging, or just making a video in general I like to add a bit extra to make things more interesting instead of just a plain boring old video. This also helps with the flow of my video because it covers up the awkward transition from one topic to another. Evidence & Analysis VLOG Reflection VLOG 5  GOAL SETTING ↪ What is ONE of your GOALS for social studies?Well I’ve always been interested in history so I guess my only real goal is to learn as much about history as I can. Other than that I just want to get a good grade in this...

Poetry unit Reflection

In our unit about poetry I learned some new concepts like white space which I had never thought of using in a poem before. I also learned a bit more about the theme of poems and how to find them. Event though I’ve written a lot of poetry I don’t consider myself a poet because a poet is someone who is dedicated to poetry and writes a lot of it. Unlike a poet I will always try to avoid writing poetry whenever possible because one, I do not enjoy writing poems, and two, I am bad at writing poems. Overall I’ve had a negative experience with poetry because I honestly am horrible at writing it. Although my poetry skills have improved which I guess is good for my overall writing skills.