My design process will be to make the chair jungle colors such as green and brown. I will then add structures like branches, and trees, after i will add textures to the structures using paper or other materials. I think that the project is unique and takes a lot of skills to complete. I think that it will not be easy because your sculpture will need to include some of the 5 elements.  think the most challenging part will be time management because little things can take up a lot of time. Some of the ideas I already have are to make my chair themed like a jungle. We use our design process because our ideas might change over time. I am looking forward to making the mini sculptures because it will be new and it seems fun. The topic i am thinking of is a jungle because i think that i can make a lot of interesting textures and elements.

Video 1

Video 3

my Pinterest board:

My tutorial:

I am planning to use this tutorial in my sculpture for making my birds that hang down from my tree to make them look like they are flying. This tutorial will also help me because the bird he makes looks like a parrot which fits with my jungle theme.





Over the last 10 weeks I am very happy with my progress because my color really enhanced my structure of my chair. Before i only had a wood chair with no color, now my chair is color full snd has many design elements such as line and texture. The most important element I have is color, because i created a lot of contrast in my sculpture. If there is one element that dominates it would probably be line because it is on every part of my chair.


1.img_0315In my final piece I did the background including the grass,  the penguins, the trees, and the house. My opinion on the final piece is overall good except that the picture is a bit crowded. I like the polar bears the most  because they have a tropical theme and have a lot of detail. New yorks art fit in well because it didn't stand out and fit in well.

2. art  practise-cover

3. Publicity:art


4. The skype call was a lot of fun but somewhat unorganized and awkward.

5. screen-shot-2016-12-12-at-2-58-32-pmI like the final design of the shop because of  the font, and you can read everything clearly. I am planning to sell the book by spreading it on social media and inform more people about the book.


  • Day 1 The ecodome is healthy and the grasshoppers are all alive.
  • Day 2  The evaporation process starts as raindrops are visible around the container.
  • Day 3 The drops of water around the ecodome have a larger mass.
  • Day 4 plant start to have holes in them which indicates that the insects have been eating.
  • Day 5 The container begins to become hot due to the ecodome sitting on the window sill.
  • Day 6 Grasshoppers start to turn brown indicating that it is decaying.
  • Day 7+Grashoppers that are dead turn fully brown. The plants look have a dull green color. Evaporation is not occurring anymore because there is no water and after opening the ecodome it was humid and smelt like rotten plants.

Conclusion: During my try 3 of my ecodome Some of the things that happened was evaporation, the decaying of organisms, and changes of temperatures. Some of the specific things that I observed was that the grasshoppers mostly stayed in the areas where lots of leaves were, the only time they came down was for water. Over time the drops of water on the container grew larger from mist, to drops, to big drops, As the drops grew bigger they would easily drip down the container if you tap on it. I believe that the grasshoppers stayed in leafy areas because it provided food, and a dark enclosure acting like a home. I believe that the water grew larger due to constant evaporation and the drops fell easily because its mass was heavier than smaller drops.

Research: To create a sustainable ecodome for all organisms you need to have a balanced source of food and water so that all the organisms can use it. Water is very important to an ecosystem because it is a vital source for producers to photosynthesize. The material needed to make the ecodome are a container any type of soil, a water source, plants that could very, and organisms like grasshoppers. Each organism reacts with each other from behaviors like parasitism because the grasshopper feeds on the plant while it doesn't benefit but the grasshopper does. Evaporation was a key thing in my ecodome because the water droplets supplied organisms with water they happened by the sun heating the water into a gas. To improve my ecodome I could add more food so that the grasshoppers have enough food.

Changes: The things that I changed in my ecodome are the plants, I added 1 plant and took away 1 that was dead to supply the grasshoppers with more food. And instead of 3 grasshoppers I will put 4 to keep the amount of producers low because there are too much. I need to make sure that there will be enough food and water for the grasshoppers.



Design components video above:



  • Observations:
  • Day 1, Everything healthy plants looked green (good sign of life)
  • Day 2, condensation building up on the top of the container (sign of evaporation)
  • Day 3, The evaporation appeared in bigger drops than smaller.
  • Day 4, 1 grasshopper is dead on top of the leaves of thick plant. The container is becoming hot due to heat from the sun.
  • Day 5 The dead grasshopper is turning brown on the legs and lower body.
  • Day 6 The dead grasshopper is slowly continuing to turn brown (decay).
  • Day 7 The grasshopper is fully brown and smells bad, When i put my hand in the eco dome the temperature is high.  2 of the grasshoppers are alive while one is dead.
  • Day 8I had a reasonably big food supply so our grasshoppers can have enough food.
  • Day 9 I added plants that were edible for grasshoppers such as plants that look like lettuce.
  • Day 10+ This time I didn't add any other animals like worms.


I turned my ecodome so that the top was facing up from when it was facing sideways so there can be more space for oxygen. I also added more plants to give a better atmosphere for the plants and organisms, before sealing it I watered all the plants so they have enough water to live and photosynthesize. I added a type of plant that wasn't from the garden because the plant took up a lot of space to form a reliable habitat, and source of food.

Design components:

  • I added a thick layer of soil so the plants (producers) have enough soil.
  • I added a lot of plants to create a good habitat for the insects.
  • I added 3 grasshoppers to control the populations of plants.
  • I added plants like lettuce because last time my insects ate them.
  • I added a lot of water because last time my water ran out.
  • I had a reasonably big food supply so our grasshoppers can have enough food.
  • I added plants that were edible for grasshoppers such as plants that look like lettuce.
  • This time I didn't add any other animals like worms.



Reflection: To provide sustainability for organisms they need a leveled amount of resources such as food habitat, and water another word for these are limiting factors. Each organism reacted with each other by depending on each other, such as  the producer (plant) supplying food for the consumer (grasshopper). The grasshopper depended mainly on the plant for oxygen and food while the plant only depended on oxygen, sunlight and other things that are needed for photosynthesis, Without the plants living the other organisms would die because the producers are its main source of food. Therefore some of the grasshoppers died due to the producers (food source) dying. Our material that we need is soil for plants for the grass hoppers and water for all

Conclusion video:

Try 1

day 1 all insects/plants were alive.

day 2 Water was starting to evaporate on the sides and all living things were alive.

day 3 The box was starting to heat all living things were alive!

day 4 one plant was dead, while the other insects were alive

day 5 The insects and all plants were dead.

day 6+ decomposing the grasshoppers turned brown and so did the plants.

My biggest success this quarter was getting all my assignments completed on time. I also completed my research notecards for my main writing assignment.  Another success I had this quarter was coming up with creative lit circle projects. This is important to me so that I can get A grade instead of no grade, And so that I can learn better. Even though my note cards were the hardest part I still had some trouble with it.  Overall I was very successful this quarter I a,m very happy that I was.

My biggest difficulty this quarter was finding effective research that answered my main question. Editing my paragraphs because often little mistakes such as not placing a comma affected me. Another  challenge that I had was using the correct format for my works cited page and final paper. Something that I would have done differently is organizing my note card in order from which comes first in the paragraph instead of only color coating and organizing into topics. Another thing I would do differently is to manage my reading time better for lit circles.

Something that I would have done differently is organizing my note card in order from which comes first in the paragraph instead of only color coating and organizing into topics. Another thing I would do differently is to manage my reading time better for lit circles. The most Important thing that I would change is referring to rubrics and outlines more often. If I improve these things by next time I should have a even better quarter.

Observations: Most of the plants havnt died.

  • Day 1 Most of the plants havn't died.
  • Day 2 The cricket and one grasshopper died, one grasshopper survived.
  • Day 3 Worm was visible on top of the surface.
  • Day 4 Condensation visible on all sides.
  • Day 5 Plants were partially eaten.
  • Day 6 cup/shelter was moved.
  • Day 7 Dead grasshopper is turning brown/decaying.
  • Day 8 Ecodome was hot due to sitting in the sun.
  • Day 9 1 grasshopper remained alive
  • Day 10 2/4 insects died (1 cricket 1 grasshopper.
  • Day 11 The rocks were dirty due to water making soil stick as seen in the picture bellow.

Conclusion: In our ecodome half of the animals were dead, only one of the grasshoppers survived, The cricket died, and the worm was close to death. The plants were healthy. Even though the plants were healthy the leaves had holes which I believe were bite marks because of the insects eating them. The dead cricket was also very light and had mold or fungi on it. The dirt was moist which moved the cup/shelter. I believe that the cricket had died because the habitat was not designed for a cricket, (Sand). One of the grasshoppers survived and one did, This means that the grasshopper that died was most likely unhealthy. The worm was almost dead because of too much moisture or water in the soil. The cricket went under the cup shelter because it prefers darker places.

Reflection:  My eco dome was partially successful because the habitat did not match for the cricket, and the grasshopper died because it was unhealthy, Although one survived.  My plan to make it better is to have suitable food and not include the cricket because it mostly prefers sand, we will also add more grass for habitat.

Research: To keep a sustainable ecosystem a balance of plants, animals, soil. Other people have made ecodomes by using shelters, plants and things that rely on each other.  The material we need are plants, shelters, soil, animals. The organisms react with each other by eating each other and decomposing eachother.


Changes from day one VIDEO:


Ecodome design components:

My soil filled about 1/3 of my ecodome because i wanted to have enough soilfor my plants to grow.

I added about 2 more plants (total 5) so my grass hoppers would have enough food and habitat.

I added 3 mini leaves of cabbage for a food source.

I added about 1/2 an inch of water for hydraton (Grasshoppers) and so it could condensate for the plants.

I added 3 grasshoppers to see if the results vary and to balance the populations of plant to animal.





  1. When this task was introduced to you what were your first thoughts, reactions? Why?

I was nervous because I knew that I had to work really hard on my art because it will be published.


2. What are you excited the most about the collaboration unit? 

I am most excited about combining our art and the kids in new works art together to see the out come.

3. a) Explain how you have been connecting with your buddy?

I have been connecting with my buddy by using edmodo and posting pictures and messages to our partner.

    b) What is your buddy’s name and what did you learn about them?

My Buddy's name is Lexi and she is from New York.

    c) What similarities or differences did you notice between you and your buddy?

the similes is that we are both from America.

Some differences we have is that Lexi is a girl and I am a boy.

4. How has (will) your drawing/learning been (be) effected because of the collaboration so far? (for example are you working differently because you are working with someone else?)

It is tricky because some of the time you don't know how your partners work is going to fit into yours.

5.  a)What did you think about Graeme Base writing to us? 

I thought that it was really cool because he is a professional author and I think it was really nice of him because he is probably really busy but still wrote to us!

     b) What did you learn from his letter? 

I learned that Graeme had many troubles to become an artists because he had to work at advertisement jobs. But he also had such a great passion for art so he became an artist. He also shared his techniques that he used in the book Animalia.

     c) Describe what you think of his book.

I think that his book is very creative because of all of the verses that he created, I also think that his art is very detailed because he even has book titles that begin with an L in the lazy lions section.

6. What challenges have you faced so far?

A challenge I have faced so far is sketching the polar bear because i couldn't really make it realistic, and make the shapes identical.

Social studies this quarter could be a great subject because you can learn about history which is my favorite part of school, do group projects and mostly don't have to write a lot, one of my favorite parts this quarter was watching the presidential debate and having a conversation about it. This was my favorite part because the students got to share their own opinion, instead of writing a paragraph on it we could just talk about it all together as a class. Social studies was also a good subject this semester because i got a good grade on my Andreas Vesalius paper. I really liked this assignment because I did my own research and that let me explore about Andreas Vesalius. For the most part SS was a good subject this semester. A part that I disliked about this quarter was writing out the final Andreas Vesalius paper I did not like this because it was boring and I would rather do a project but Mr. Benck made it easy by showing us notecards.

Research is hard because your sources need to be accurate have the right information (etc). This was really tricky for me because some of my research wasn't accurate and didn't pass the C.R.A.A.P test. I feel that if I could print out some sources or take notes on them it would be easier, Some programs like Britannica let you highlight and take notes, while others did not, A solution to this problem is to take notes on a separate piece of paper or to use the note cards strategy. Even though research is hard there is easy ways to make research an easier and it is to make note cards and do the C.R.A.A.P test.