In this photo the different colours represent the different layers in the crust. The green blocks represent the oldest layer of the colours. The yellow is the 2nd oldest layer. The red is the 3rd oldest and the blue is the youngest. As you can see the rocks have been folded by tectonic forces. Folding in this unit means to bend the rocks you see. The rock as also been faulted in the middle between the layers blue and red. A fault in this unit means to have a cut or crack in the rock layers. Lastly the top layer has been eroded to this shape now, erosion is when anything carries or breaks down rock, sand or soil.

Archery refection

In this unit we did archery and the main things we looked at in archery is the position of your body and the aim with your bow. We also did a class that was about grouping, grouping is when you try to get all your arrows you have shot around the same spot. The target we have used in this class are bow and arrow targets so the ones with gold in the middle. Targeting is when you aim for one part and try to get your equipment to that spot like us trying to get the arrow to the gold spot on the board. Here is a video of me shooing with the bow and arrow.


As you can see in this video the stance you want to take is body face left and head, bow and hands face in front then pull back to about where you cheeks are and then aim then fire.


Today in social studies we used gummy bears to make the different types of governments. here are some pictures of the gummy bears.democracy



I could not find tyranny so there is no picture of that. But I actually already new about monarchy and democracy before this unit I also knew about tyranny but I called it a dictatorship. I think learning about governments is important because we could apply the learning to our later lives so we know what kind of government our country or other counties are using. The best of these governments is the democracy in my opinion because everybody gets a right to rule or vote on the person you want to be ruled by so everyone’s opinion is taken in.

Connecting people

The slogan connecting people is being used by nokia. This slogan refers to nokia selling phones and phones are used to connect with people using chat or calls. This can be proven by the other things nokia sells such as earbuds, phone cases and chargers, theses are all items that can be used with a phone. This slogan is 20 years old and is known to many people born in the 80s.


Today we had the weirdest SS class Ever.


10 days ago we got some food and cleaned the insides and put them in a bag with baking soda and salt. This is an test if ancient Egyptian ways could work with food. It did work at the end but it smells so bad you will vomit here is a picture photo-on-06-12-2016-at-12-06-pm

____________________________________________________________________________________Do not try at home


The SS Project

So today I finished the SS Egypt  project so I am here to share it with you all but there is a bad news I can’t put it on the blog because the size  is to big so here is the link to my Youtube channel to my video. Ok so there are so thing I want to say is that this project was really good because it help me remember Egypt by making me build it, remembering it in blocks and playing when doing work. The two parts that I liked was when I built the temple and nile river one part I want to improve on is the sphinx.