Radical Inventions Debate (Car vs Plane)

Debate statement: The automobile has a greater impact on shaping human history than the plane.

Pro: Andy, Khoi

Con: Willard: Lina

Debate Planning 

Debate Reflection:

  1. From the research, preparation and the debates themselves, what did you learn about the art of persuasion? Please explain.

From all the research, preparation and the debates, I learned that in order to be more persuasive, you must be able to have good rebuttals and powerful evidence backing you up.

  1. How do you establish credibility as a debater? Explain fully.

A way to establish credibility is to have a formal tone and you need to have good and credible sources. You must keep your cool and you cannot lose your temper or go “overboard” with your argument.

  1. What surprised you the most about your debate and/or the debate experience?

What surprised me the most was of how easy I can counter their argument and rebut their claims.

  1. What were you most proud of in your own debate?

I was very proud of my quick thinking to find errors and loopholes in my opponent’s argument to counter it.

  1. What would be your next steps? Or in other words, what would you have done differently?

My next steps is to be more formal and to not laugh as much while i was debating.






Improvements made to the ecodome

A lot of the grass is dead and there is a lot of water under the soil because you can see a lot of precipitation at the bottom of the container. Probably because we had a lot of water but I don’t think that it affected the ecodome because of the amount of water. They put stuff in it and it smelled disgusting. Some put too much water into it and it drowned. It needs a good balance between plants and grasshoppers because if there’s too much grasshoppers it will eat all the plants and if there’s too much plants and not enough grasshoppers it can’t produce enough CO2. We need only about an inch of dirt because we had too much last time. The grasshoppers eat the grass and produces CO2 for the plants to live. So the changes we made were: One inch of dirt because we had too much dirt last time and we want more space for the grasshoppers. We used the normal black soil because we don’t think it really matters the type of dirt. We had less plants than before because the grass died so we don’t want to have the grass anymore. We only need big plants because then we only need one and it will live for a longer amount of time. We also turned the ecodome sideways.


Ecodome Blog Post, Day X, X+1

On day X and day X+1, 2 grasshoppers died and two survived. The grass looks pretty good and the plants survived, other ecodomes stink and it has mold but ours doesn’t stink and isn’t mouldy. I think it’s going to survive for a long time. 2 was dead I don’t really know why probably of old age because it was the two biggest ones and it died when the other two survived. I think it will survive for a long time if the grasshoppers mate and keep on creating co2, they can survive forever.

Research Paper Reflection

What was the biggest success?

One of my biggest succes was that I found good sources and I also found two books on basketball.

Biggest Difficulty?

One of my biggest difficulties is trying to find information on Nera White. I tried going onto britannica and I found absolutely nothing on Nera White which is a real shame so I had to do the one thing I was told not to. I googled Nera White, but luckily the source that I found was a good source and I overcame the difficulty.

What would you have done differently?

I should’ve done more research on the way basketball evolved because I was talking too much about the Jordan Brand and it wasn’t the most focused paper. I also forgot to put my name on it so that was really stupid of me.


Ecodome Blog Post

In my opinion, our ecodome was very well built and it provided life and only 2 died. I’m pretty sure it died from old age because they were pretty big and I found it pretty weird that only two died. There’s still a lot of grass (some died) and the plant in the midmdle still survived, there were a lot of water on the sides of the ecodome and their is still a lot of water in the “pool”. I think the ecodome can be improved but if the grasshoppers breed then its going to survive for a long time. Ours is different from others because we didn’t put food and stuff in there so ours doesn’t stink, some put in too much water and their grasshoppers drowned. I think it needs a good balance between plants and grasshoppers because if there’s too much grasshoppers it will eat all the plants and if there’s too much plants and not enough grasshoppers, there’s not going to be enough CO2 for the plants. We need only about an inch of dirt because we had too much last time. The grasshoppers eat the grass and produces CO2 for the plants to live.


The Social Studies year in review

Social this year was  very interesting we had some fun moments and some boring part but most of it was fun and I really enjoyed Social Studies this year. This year we studied about The Renaissance, The Black Plague, The Byzantines, Christianity and Islam’s spread. We did a DBQ on Christianity, The Byzantines and Islam, we also did a Pecha Kucha for the Black Plague and a fair for the Renaissance. I enjoyed all of it and I really learned a lot from all of it, I hope social studies next year will be as fun as this year. When we weren’t learning anything we were doing a blog post or free writes. I didn’t like free writes because I usually can’t think of anything or the topic is too hard. i enjoy blog posts more especially the Lunch With History blog post, the blog posts helps me develop my writing skills and for some reason, I really like to just type something.

This year in social studies we learned about many things but what I enjoyed the most is the Renaissance Fair and I think that many people will agree with me on this because firstly, it’s very fun to prepare for, and when you present I like the nervous feeling when you’re wondering what they’re thinking when they’re looking at your work. I think when I go around and look at other’s projects, it just amazes me. That’s not the only thing I love about social studies, I also love the Black Plague game that we played in class and the Pecha Kucha. There were many good parts about social studies but there were also somethings I didn’t like and I think should be improved which is the free writes, I think the topics should be a little more detailed and you can look deep into it if you choose to and not just one or two sentences. I would also like to have less DBQs and more fun activities like the Renaissance Fair.

Overall I think Social Studies this year has been very fun and enjoyable I hope it stays this fun next year.

Food Drive Promo Reflection

My poster has two plates, one with a chicken leg and a glass of water and the other doesn’t have anything on it. This poster connects with our audience because Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 20.07.15we always have enough to eat and we don’t worry about other people’s struggles, the full plate represents us with full plates and the empty plate represents poorer people.We used negative framing to spur action, we used an empty plate to show that the students don’t have anything to eat during the summer. Andy Fu did all of the drawing and I came up with the “How You Can Help Part”. And for our video, I thought we would make it funny because when people see funny things, there will be a higher chance of them donating.


Renaissance Blog Post

There is a lot to learn about the Renaissance, from the art and architecture to inventions that shaped the world. But what is the Renaissance? The Renaissance is a time period from the 14th century to the 17th century and the fact that it’s art will be priceless and it contributed greatly to the first plane being built makes it even more interesting.

The thing that interests me the most about the Renaissance is the art and architecture, during this time period, many artists and architects emerged, Leonardo DaVinci, Michelangelo and Botticelli to name a few. Renaissance art is inspired by Roman art and Classical art. Amazing paintings of religion such as The Birth of Venus and La Mappa Dell’Inferno (The Map Of Hell) both from Sandro Botticelli and The Last Supper from DaVinci. During this time period, art showed meticulous details to human anatomy, you may have heard about Leonardo DaVinci doing human anatomy to make his paintings as detailed as possible.

What I would like to learn about the Renaissance is about how the Italian states became one  and who is the model for the Mona Lisa and all of the inventions invented during this time, the way the states were ruled and who ruled them.

Free Write Blog Post

The past winter break, I didn’t really do a lot of things but I did do some pretty fun stuff. I went to Cu Chi which is about an hour’s drive from Sai Gon and it was so fun. We got to see the tunnels where the Vietnamese troops lived during the Vietnam War. Cu Chi Tunnels were a place where Viet Cong troops planned there strategies to liberate the south of Vietnam, this is also where the Vietnamese soldiers ambush unexpected American military forces. The tunnels weren’t to big like you think it would be, my dad had to crawl, the current tunnels are about 3 times as big as they were and they have been reinforced, the old tunnels that were used by the Vietnamese soldiers were “only big enough for the slim body of Vietnamese troops, not big and tall American troops.” There were also on display, Soviet Union’s MIG-21s and American’s Bell UH-1s. Then we wandered around looking at landscape and then we went shooting, with real guns and real bullets. I didn’t really get to shoot anything because I wasn’t 18. I was surprised when I saw that they weren’t didn’t check for IDs or Passports but everyone who travelled with us was over 18  years-old. I can tell you, it’s extremely loud, even with ear-protection on. I wanted to collect a bullet shell or two so I can have some souvenirs. But I ended up collecting 7, I guess because just after I picked up one, another whizzed past my head and I collected it ( not immediately because I tried that and I got a really bad burn). I really want to go there again and many other historical sites in Vietnam because to me, the Vietnam War is very fascinating and I want to learn more about it. Did you know that Cu Chi was a free-bombing site where after American B-52s done bombing and they have some bombs left, they will drop it here.