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My name is Tina. I am going to tell you all about the film festival that happened on March 28 night.  I love the films, the music,  and the part of being a MC. While I was talking on the stage, my heart was beating so fast because I was afraid of making errors.  I am proud of myself because my group and I worked hardly to make a documentary films about my home country- Vietnam . One of the things I can do differently for my movie next time is  I will speak louder when I am recording a movie. In conclusion, I enjoyed all my friends' documentary films and I had a wonderful film festival night. 

I was sitting on a cyclo

HI GUYS!!!!!

Today i am going to tell you about the Art field trip. Today is Feb 23 2017 and this Art project is about showing people what does each river look like.  There is this artist called Lee Tracy which she called nature art. So we went down to the Auditorium heard her speech for a little while then we went up stairs to back up. The forth graders quickly ran down stairs and went to the rainbow bridge to put the fabric down the river with Lee Tracy (It was so fun).  Everyone also drew a lot of nature stuff, for me this is a very fun and good idea for everyone on the world can do this. Also for me the word sustainability is good for the environment and nature.

hi guys

Today I am going to tell you what I did when I was in the Áo Dài and the medical museum.  First, I went to the medical museum and I saw a lot of kinds of medicine, people also told us about the history of people making medicine and how doctors make patients healthy.  We also watched a movie that was about : what kinds of leaves was medicine made of and. . . stuff like that.  Then, we went to the Áo dài museum it was so beautiful.  They have adults styles, children drawing styles and historical styles. We also had a chance to draw our own styles to it's so fun!!!!!!!!!.  Then we stared to eat some tasty food at a very fancy restaurant. Finally we went in the bus and of we go to SSIS.

look at those beautiful Áo dài

And these were where doctors put medicine.

Hi guys,

Today is Feb 13 and I am going to tell what I did today in the Viable Vietnam trip. First, I went to the Water Puppet show, people showed us a short performance with wonderful music.  People also told us the history of the puppet show. We also tried to make the water puppet move, for me it was kind of heavy. Outside people also sell small puppets but my group didn't bought any  Next, we went to a park so we could eat some snacks also we interview some people around the park.  When everyone finish interviewing we walk to Chợ Bến Thành restaurant, it has a lot of types of food and desert to eat (they also have Korean and Japanese food). When we finish eating, we went in the bus to ride back to SSIS.

This was where we watch the puppet show

and the food was YUMMY!!



Hi guys

Today I am going to show you how to write a awesome blog about how I wrote my . First, I drew my fantasy setting very carefully.  Second, we started to fill in our elements of fantasy.  When  we finish our elements of fantasy we started our story mountain, we wrote a beginning, middle, end, struggle and climax.  All of us wrote a directly on our computer.  We need to revise it and edit our our story. We took a of ourself and wrote the author's page. Finally, we drew our cover and make it look like a book.

That is how you write a fantasy story.

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Hi guys

I want to tell you about our G4 showcase. This showcase is about how to save energy, we took a lot of time to make these inventions. My group's invention is about saving the air-con in the MAKER SPACE because the A.C is always on so we use and sound sensor so when their is sound the air-con will be on if there is no sound the air-con will turn of.

And this is my group!

Hi guys

I am going to tell you about our unit called Thinking outside the box. For this unit we are learning how to code, how to write fantasy stories and how to save energy. For now I am just telling you how write fantasy stories. Writing a fantasy story is easy because it is fun when you imaging your story it could be hard when you don't find the right word. But for now I will show you some photos:

this is my group for my prototype

and this is me showing  my mom my stories and my coding game

Hi guys ,

I have a trip to Singapore and I am going to tell you what I did in Singapore  . First I went to the airport in Vietnam and I waited for my tour for few minutes . Finally I saw my tour waiting for me . When I was at Singapore's airport I ran to my tour so won't be lost . So the fun part in my trip was "Free Day" . Free day is a day that you can go any where you want in Singapore . On Free Day me and my Family went to Universal Studios and City square center I also met my cousin in Singapore.

I think that is what I want to tell you about my trip to Singapore so Bye!

Hi guys,

Today was an awesome  day because today we went to RMIT  .  RMIT is a huge university that has cool stuff about technology and more stuff  .  When we went to a room that teach us how to make our own battery and learn about robots we also saw a big robot called Baxter it can do any thing you want , we also watch movies about Baxter fold a t-shirt and Baxter make coffee  .  Then , we started to go to the library , we ate our lunch and we went back to SSIS.