Otis Spofford 

By Beverly Cleary

I would recommend this book for those who like fun books that are a bit silly because there are a lot of fun things in this book. For example, like when Otis had an experiment. There were two mice and one will be fed white bread and soda pop the other mice get fed human food. Then, Otis felt sorry for Mutt (the mice get fed soda pop and white bread). When Otis went home he pulled out his cheese and his Vitamins pills for Mutt.

Otis was a boy who always liked to stir up some excitement. Ellen was the girl that Otis teased the most. Otis even cut Ellen's hair but then he got payback.

Do you know, Beverly Cleary was turning 100 years old!

If your interested in this book please check it out!

Hope you enjoy it!

Finally, the film festival is over and I'm glad that I don't have to do it anymore! I felt happy last night it was great. When I get on stage everyone clap and I felt even more nervous. They starting to show the movie and luckily my video was last!✅ When they finish watching the movie the MC call our name and we stand up and wave at the audience. If you would like to take a look at our group video, it's down below! Hope you enjoy!😇

The day that we are going to present our documentary is today and I'm so nervous! It will be posting on Youtube and I'm so excited for it. At 6:30 we will start and it will end at 8:30 it is two hours and our documentary is just 3 minute and 50 seconds. I can't wait to wear my uniform and get up on stage. Walking on the red carpet, the more we talk about it the more nervous I'm.

We went to the Crescent mall bridge and we do some activities with Lee Tracy the eco-artist. Our first activity was writing poem about nature by looking around and sitting in the shade. The second activity is to drag a long piece of cloth down the river. The third activity is drawing nature and what you see by sitting down and look around. The meaning that we do these things is because Lee Tracy love nature but she is really sad that people are cutting trees down and make the environment become pollution that's why we're writing poems, and drawing pictures. The important thing is dragging the cloth into the water because it's part of cleaning the river and part of it is art.

We are learning about fractions. Instead of doing worksheets like normally we do something else more real, it is to BAKE COOKIES! The problem was that there was only the measurement of cookies for three people but we have to make enough for six people and that's the problem. We decided to multiply the recipe so it will be enough for six people. This is an example of real life problem where you get to use fractions.

We are learning how to add and subtract fractions with common denominators. I know how to solve this problem because Hannah had 7/10 of the sweet bar and she gave 3/10 to Carlos so how many did she had left, so I get 7/10 and subtract 3/10 that would give me 4/10.

Turn it off is a project that we made to help people remember to save energy by turning of the light and the air-con when they are not using. When you come in you will put a card in front of the sensor then the light and the air-con will turn on but when you go out you have to take the card out but if you forgot the door will make a beebing noise to remind you to turn off the light and the air-con. I am most proud of that I learn more about coding .