February 23, 2017

Today we went to the rainbow bride near Crescent mall. we must walk for at least 30 min, we got so hot when we arrive, almost everyone sat down because it's to hot, i didn't take me water bottle. We need to right a poem and sketch something. Next, we have a munch on our lunch, then we need to dip the fabrics paper in the river. it was fun doing that. We also need to pull it up, that the funnest part.

this some photo that we took.

we sketch a little bit too

At my showcase experience, it was awesome when i got to go around 'the auditorium to see other people prototype,  there are huge fan, a.c, talking deco ball...

they are cool too, the grades 4 has work really hard on it, it took us a lot of day to finish it. you could also make one next year at grade 4. I hope you guys can have good luck on your prototype next year.  You can learn about a lot different motor like a servo that spin really fast and a lot cool motor. You can also learn about sensors, they are more interesting than the motor but i'm not gonna spoil it for you guys.


in grade 4, we learn a unit called think outside the box

and like the most is we got to code a lot of cool things in scratch, a coding program. yesterday was jan, 25, 2017 and i publish my game, and everyone els did to. Some of us didn't finish but it still very good when you play it. if you are there at the auditorium, you could now about the prototype that our class and the other did ti so cool right! next year at grade 4 you could make something like that. Also the fantasy story that the grade 4 did it AMAZING! i read some of it and they are so cool you can also get to read it at grade 4. i like the story that my friend wrote "The lost hero" his fantasy game and story are the best, his name is ALexs, he is a good coder and writer, he code a lot in his fantasy game.

I feel like i wrote to much so Bye!

sport da is amazing, we got to do lot fun stuff like throwing Frisbee in to hubs, soccer, hockey, musical buckets...

we also got to drink sweet like revive and cc lemon and eat watermelon and banana

The coolest thing is i got to play games that i never played before and they are the best water game i play before they are amazing.

I really hope to play something like that in the future they are the BEST!


i was so exited for my vacation, it will be the best time there. I can't sleep all night because of excitement.

today i'm at australia with my aunt, my cousin and my sister, it's the second best vacation i have. Also that the first trip to australia everything there is awesome, we got to go to the zoo, the star wheel, Luna park, and also the australia opera house. At the zoo, i saw gorilla, butterfly, dragons, otter, seals and even kangaroo. The star wheel is so fun, it the coolest thing i ever saw! it's a vase! When i got on it so cool when you go up high.

At the circuit, we get to see man doing amazing trick like people walking on thick robe and bike across that thick robe too, which is amazing!

And guys, if you have a vacation to Sydney you must go to the luna park because it will be so cool and if you are as tall or taller than 130cm you can have a unlimited ride. The coolest thing i got to in Luna park is Rotor. Well this place you first go in a circler box then you lining aghast the wall then the box will start to go spin for 5min, you will be stuck aghast for 2min and the floor will start moving down so you can't stand on any thing, you will be stuck aghast the wall for 2 more min then you start sliding down on the last min. Well tomorrow i need to go home.

When i got home, i heard a very bad news that my dog died in a car cash, but well i an kind of excellent vacation so i hope you guys have a better vacation than my and i will post some more blog post latter. Bye


Today is November 29 2016,

Our class went to visit RMIT University, we got to see and build cool stuff like a battery. We also got to see a giant robot called Baxter. he's we very cool, he can learn stuff real fast. There is also another cool robot called EV3. It a action robot and it could really shot out balls too.  Well, that just all about my field trip.Bye!




This week, we have been learning about how smoking effect you. i'd learn  about tobacco. inside the tobacco is nicotine, carbon monoxide and tar. Nicotine is highly addictive,smokers find it very hard to quit.

Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas ,it has no taste or smell. It also give you breathing problem,they also give you dizziness and weakness.

Tar is a sticky brown and yellow stuff,they cause lungs cancer and once you smoke, a sticky brown stain will stick on your cloth.