Math 7 Gap Minder Activity

So in class, we watched a video. The guy talked about how different countries and how much income they get. Or just an average person per day. He prepared lots of graphs to show his data.

What I took away from this video is that every country is getting richer and more resources every year. I also see how fast a country grows.

This can affect how I use my money.

I don’t have any questions.


Tutorial Video For Dragon’s Apprentice


In this project, we had to make a video to give tips and advice to the sixth graders about the dragon’s apprentice. Now last year, I did that too and we experienced how it felt like to have problems or disagreements in our group. My topic is about time management. Now one of the problems we had last year was that we had to order our materials, and we did it sort of at the last minute. What’s even worse was that It got delayed for some reason! In our video, I also said to meet at the weekends with your whole group. Just to catch up if you are falling behind or even get a headstart! Overall, I think the process of making this video is really useful in your life. Why I think that is because in life, you need to remember what mistakes you made and what achievements you made and learn from it. But now, we not only get to learn from it, but we actually need to help people from your experience. I get to tell them what’s a good choice and what’s not. I get to learn how to give really good feedback. And that’s why I think that this video really helped me and the grade sixes. 

Exploratory Writing Video Reflection

           It’s only Overall, I thought this project was really good. It took a long time, and it takes individual skill. In this project, I encountered a lot of problems, some personal, and some general problems. One of the problems is when I couldn’t get the subtitle the same speed as my voice, so I had to cut a lot of things out, and the music was way to long, so I had to think of a way of cutting the music in a good spot. The recording was fine, but problems are not only when you do the project, sometimes it’s when you have to move it to somewhere, or get the link of it and embed it. This was my hardest problem I faced, I had to move it to my drive, and even though it’s only 1:29 seconds long, it takes hours for me, so I had to somehow make it go faster. And talking about how long this video takes to upload, I am a procrastinator. This means I mostly do everything in the last minute, and I wasn’t at all expecting this to take so long, but in the end, I managed somehow.

What I think I did well was choosing the right music. I think how you deliver your poem in this project is key, if you’re just a normal guy saying it with no tone, then it’s practically the same thing as reading the poem written. So yeah, my toning of my voice was decent too.

A video really helps me bring out my theme more, because my theme has something to do with emotions, I feel like words don’t really bring as much emotion as to a voice.

With the music, I wanted to really rise the tension and the emotion of being sad and lonely. My voice and how low or high it is also affects that. I tried playing with the color and font of the text, but I decided to not change that.

I would honestly just change the mood and emotion, but that’s a lot. I have to choose a different tempo for my voice, and different music, different pictures, and different tones. just by changing the theme or mood, it’s going to be a whole new different poem.

My advice to you is, just don’t do it in the last minute, it takes a long time to edit, and it’s really hard to find the right picture, since there’s limited choices.





Art passion project

A passion project is when you do something that you care about and love in an art way.

I feel pretty good about this project., it’s going to be a big one, since we’ll spend 7 days on it.

I need to brainstorm, research, and test it out. If I run into problems, I will try to solve it the best I can. I don’t feel like I should rush things, I feel like I should just do everything step by step.

Day 1:

I basically researched about projects and skills that will use. In sort of the end of the class, I tested the skills I learned and let me tell you, it wasn’t really successul. So the first day, I didn’t really do anything with the clay. Here is the link to the site that helped me on this project.   

Day 2-3:

I was absent, so I guess i’m falling behind, so what I’m going to have to do is do the research at home, and use what you learned with the clay and make it.

Day 4:

This is the day I really started to make what I wanted. I wanted to make a sport shoes. Now, that is generally hard. At times, I forgot what to do with the clay, and spaced out, but eventually I got into it. It was a lot of fun, for my project, I need to use a lot of clay. I don’t really know how much water to spray into the clay, so I’m sort of worried if it is dried or not. For today, I watched a video.

This is what I finished today.

img_0135 img_0137

Art Reflection


So for this task, you need to choose an animal in all 4 angles, and draw them in your paper. We used 3 techniques. Contrasting, Toning, line variation.


This is my final piece, it includes all the techniques. There is contrast outside the frame. It’s black and white, but the big shark and whatever is inside the frame is colored. I also used line variation on the bubbles. I used overlapping shapes with the shark.

I couldn’t find my four boxed paper.



Exploratory Writing Poem Reflection

What I learned about poems is that it doesn;t really need a rhythm or rhymes. I have never used line breaks or white space. I sort of always consider myself a poet, because sometimes, I usually just write poems for fun. I might not be good at it, but it’s pretty fun, and I’m sure I can improve it. I think everyone is a poet. Yes, I think I will continue poetry, I feel like poetry is a major part of the world of writing. My experience with poetry is usually rapping. I guess it’s sort of like poetry. I am good at burning people while making it rhyme. I felt like I grew a lot, especially using figurative language. It was really hard to put idioms or other things, but in the end, I thought of smart ways to put them in. I don’t think it seemed like it was forced, cause usually, I force something in a writing just to get a grade, but I feel like it actually made my poem better.

Three animated or disney characters that represents me!

These are three animated quotes that is related with me:

kagami-quotes  Kagami taiga says “Without strong opponents, living isn’t fun!”  I feel like this is me, because I personally like tough challenges and losing. Now, of course I don’t intend to or want to lose, but I like challenging my self and even if I lose, I learn from it!


naruto-quotes  Uzumaki Naruto says: “I don’t understand what’s going on. but I’ll just pretend that I do” This is similar to because, usually, I am distracted in class, and when I’m supposed to do something, I either guess what we’re doing, or quietly ask my friends.

jake-quotes  Jake The Dog says “Dude, Suckin’ at something is the first step to being sorta good at something” I feel like honestly, I don’t really have a natural talent to just do something and excel at it. I am the type of person who sticks with one thing and become better at it fast. You can say that, at sports, I learn fast.

So these are the three animated characters that represents me.

Theme poem life card



I felt like choosing a right theme for this poem was pretty hard, also, choosing the correct 5 – 10 words is also pretty challenging, since there is so many to choose from.

I chose this image because it represents never give up. It is a broken boat in the middle of a what used to be a lake or an ocean, all alone. It means, even if everything is turned against you, you can still do it.

It enhances it because it makes it more touching, and how it shows how hard or harsh this world can be, and that you have to struggle and do the correct things to save this world.