I am a Blacksmith. I am not very rich since I am in the middle guilds. I work hard every day to make metal and weapons for the people is the city. One day I heard about the event that happens only once a year, and I thought, “Why don’t I buy a booth and sell my items.” But then I remembered that I had to money to rent a booth, so I tried to find someone to share booths with. I found a Tailor and I teamed up with him. After that, a Swordsmith/Armor Maker wanted to help us too. But then we wanted to advertise our booth with signs. The Swordsmith wanted to juggle fire. He failed and burned the Tailor's cloth, so he had to pay him. Then he wanted forgiveness and said he could juggle knives, which failed. He had to pay the Tailor again and the Tailor and I wanted to kick him out but we gave him one more chance. Then the Judge guild wanted a dress for a rich merchant. They gave measurements to us, but then the Tailor was really good at his job so he knew the measurements were right. Later on, the Tailor got the correct measurements and we made a deal. They would have to provide us with the cloth since the Swordsmith destroyed a lot of cloth.

I learned a lot of things off of this game. I learned about the daily life of people back then and what they did and how hard it was to live there without knowing anyone and being rich. Being rich back then was everything, you can threaten people and hire artist to draw for you. And if you went against someone that is rich, it could get you killed. If Duncan didn’t know that the measurements were fake, after he finished and the girl tried it and it didn’t fit on the wedding dress, he would get killed. Also, Minor Guild people and people who aren’t rich couldn’t make guilds so this made life harder. People also rebel against the Medici because people thought it was unfair because the Minor Guilds do the everyday chores that need to be done.

I think it was interesting and funny to be a character in the Renaissance time because we get to act and learn about the daily life of people then. It is also a good way to learn because you can have fun and learn lots of things at the same time.

In this project, I worked with my friend Hyun Seo. So pretty much for this project, we had to make a video about a charity we chose and we had to make people vote for our charity. Then we had to vote who should be in the top 10. Sadly we didn’t make the top 10. Then from the top 5, there is going to be one charity that is chosen to be given the money the grade 6s got.

So the charity we chose was BDCF (Blue Dragons Children’s Foundation). So pretty much what they do is they rescue kids from the streets, disabled people. They give kids they rescued food, shelter, and education, and surgery for some disabled kids in hope that they get a job when they get older. They can also learn anything they want like music, art, and drama.

What we did was we pretty much me and Hyun Seo made a video formatted around a Q&A. Hyun Seo would ask me questions about what BDCF does and I would answer him, most of the answers I said is in the paragraph above. We used images from their web page to help persuade people to vote for us by showing what they have done with the donations they got so far. I think the background music fits our video too.

I think this is a good skill to have because if you want to make a company or you are in a company if your boss tells you to advertise your company so many people would buy the stuff you buy, you need to be persuasive.


For this video we had to explain what you should do but not what you shouldn’t do, I think this was hard since you had to do it in a 1 minute video and we had 30 minutes to do it. I think making this video was fun. Our video’s purpose was kind of to be funny but give information at the same time. We knew that 6 graders were going to watch it that's why we made it funny so it’s not boring. I think this will help us later on when we make videos for our job or our college. But on those occasions, I don’t think we can be funny.


How Have you assessed your prototype's effectiveness?

I think our prototype was pretty bad, It didn't really go down, the pH level was too low, the PPM was too high, the water was blue/green.

What are the result of tests done?

It was horrible, the PPM was way too high, so we have to find a way to reduce that. they pH was way too low too, the Color of the water was wrong too.

What do you need to do to improve your prototype?

Mostly everything. The bottle was way too small.img_4156

I think making this was fun, I learned many things along the way. It was kind of hard to do because all the images and music had to be from CC search, it was hard to find the right image that fits my poem. I am proud of my images and timing of the images. This thought me more about editing and plagiarism and not to do it. Also, this helped me see the themes of the poem because how you read it actually makes a difference. I think my voice should a little bit of emotion, not to much.

Why did Christianity take hold in the ancient world?


Excerpt #1
One of the reason Christianity spread is because Christians would die for their religion. This is according to a letter written by Pliny the Younger circa 112. Pliny the Younger was a judge that had judged thousands of Christians. He would ask them if they were Christians, they would say yes, and he would ask them three more times if they keep saying yes, he would persecute them. Therefore, Christians would die for their religion. Christianity also gave them hope, which is good.

Excerpt #2

Converts are non-Jews turned to Jews. He saw a vision of Jesus, so he thought “Christianity has to be real, I just saw the proof right in front of me.” And the map shows that Paul traveled a lot, and this just shows how dedicated Paul was to make converts. He traveled 30 years, and he got imprisoned on his journey, but Paul never gave up. Paul started to send letters to people from prison. Paul is a Roman Citizen so he could go from places to places easily. Paul is also an example of a convert and most people looked up to him, this also made people convert to becoming a Christian. So missionaries could be very useful, and Paul’s commitment helped the spread of Christianity a lot.

↪ DBQ Reflection

 DBQ Final Draft



The biggest takeaway from our Social Study is that Christianity was a small religion that is connected to Judaism, It took Christians eternities to get so many people and for people to start converting to them. Also, many Christians were persecuted in the years. But they still never gave up. That is why I think that people converted. Also, Christians consider everyone equal.

VISUALIZING TEXT -sketchnoting

How did sketchnoting help you understand how Christianity originated and spread?

I liked it more than just writing down a paragraph of what our teacher said. It helps me remember because I visualize what I’m learning and make connections to my life if there are any.

↪What did you learn about yourself as a visual notetaker?

Sketchnoting is easier, and you have freedom to draw or write anything you want if you can understand it.


What discoveries did you encounter as you were vlogging and exploring your thinking?  

I could see what mistakes I made when I was vlogging. I also noticed that me trying to show other people that I know something is helpful because I have to understand a lot of what I want to talk about. And I need to think of what I have to say



What is ONE of your GOALS for social studies?

To learn more about the world and how other religions spread. And to also get A+.

I think this poetry unit was quite useful, I learned a lot about poetry, I now know what white space and line breaks are, this is quite useful to make poetry. I don't consider myself a poet yet because I don't have enough figurative language on my poems. I don't think I will continue to write poetry, I will probably just do it when I'm bored. I think poetry could be fun reading, but not writing. I have grown as a writer because I learned how to brainstorm and learned how to write poetry.