G4 field trips

We went on a field trip to  a water puppet show,food courts,museums and farms. At the water puppet show we learnt about the sustainability of the water puppets. At the food court we ate Vietnamese food. At the museums we learnt about medicine and th Ao Dai.

Lee Tracy : River Artist

Today we walked to the rainbow bridge in Phu My Hung and we worked with Eco-Artist : Lee Tracy. We put fabric in the water and also we put a bucket on ropes and lowered it to the river to get water samples. Also we sketched nature and I sketched a little bloomed lotus. She also has a website :


The last thing we did was write poem and here are my poems :


really cool

erase bad moments

My Lotus Sketch



My class lowering the fabric into the water.

My Fantasy story


This is my fantasy story. I learned stuff l never learned before. So next time when I get told to write a story I know what to write next time. First when the teacher said plan your story I drew so many lands but know I know you can use a few lands to make a good story.



I like library because I get to read!!! our librarian is Ms.Mandy. She reads us books and also tells us about good books she suggests like paper wishes or the sixteenth goldfish. I like library because it is a quiet place to read books and sometimes study. When we come back from a break Ms.Mandy gives us partners and we look for certain books.

Art 🎇

At art we are going to learn about wearable art. our art teachers are Ms. M and Ms.Nhung teach us how to paint neatly and also tell us to write unit reflections. I think that at art we should be able to post our unit reflections on our blog so a lot of people can find out about how we feel at art so it will be easier for Ms. M and Ms.Ngung can access it easily.


🙂  🙂 in drama we play games and right now we are learning about how to mime. 🙂  🙂

I think miming is cool because you don’t talk and your audience understand you very well. Our drama teacher Mr.Alan and Ms. Ngyan are really funny and also they are really generous. We play at least 1 game. etc.captain on deck or kpow.