The most epic birthday party ever!!!!

Hello!!!! Last week, there was a show called the most epic birthday party ever!! I was in that show too!! It was very fun and it took like about 6 months to practice. For me as an actor, first I felt so nervous but then, I did mindfulness breathing and I got better. Also, we ate pizzas!! And after the show at the backstage, everyone was very happy. Some people just poured the water!!! It was very fun. Thank you!

Music reflection

In music, I learned how to dance, and we learned more than 15 musics, We watched some movies about music like Charlie and the chocolate factory. And we played a game called Beat tag. It is so fun. We are playing tag with the beat. I think I am good at playing beat tag but not good at singing but I like to sing. Thank you!

Art reflection

Hello! In Art class, I learned many things. First, we learned how to draw the manakin. The challenge was drawing the manakin in 2 mins. Next, we leaned how to create a graffiti with our computer. And we followed drawing our graffiti. Sometimes, we did free drawing or painting, and we sometimes played card games about art, and Ms.M read us one book about art for us. Ms.M and Ms.? Thank you! (Sorry for forgetting the teaching assistant’s name.)

Drama reflection

In Drama, I learned many games. I learned captain on deck,k-pow and much more. It was so fun. And we learned what is called ‘Bum Bum acting’. We also learned howto be a good audience and being a good actor. I like Mr.Alan because he is very funny. Next time, I will work more harder being a good actor. Thank you!