Book Club Reflection

On April, we started our book club. In my group there is Miso, Zack, and Veronica. We had 3 meetings and we all had to read the books and discuss about the story of the book. We all chose our job. My job was summarizer, Discussion Director and hilighter. We discussed about the book, respect others, and no shouting. It was very fun.

Earth week!

This week is an earth week. Monday is meatless monday. I suggest you to don’t eat meat. Tuesday is Tinkering Tuesday. Wednesday is no trash day! Do not throw trash on the floor. Thursday is lights off day. I suggest you to turn off the light. Friday is gallery walk day.

The most epic birthday party ever!!!!

Hello!!!! Last week, there was a show called the most epic birthday party ever!! I was in that show too!! It was very fun and it took like about 6 months to practice. For me as an actor, first I felt so nervous but then, I did mindfulness breathing and I got better. Also, we ate pizzas!! And after the show at the backstage, everyone was very happy. Some people just poured the water!!! It was very fun. Thank you!