Lee Tracy

I think that this trip was fun because I got to see Lee Tracy in real life. I also wrote a poem about nature and here it is :                 Nature, Nature always nice                                                                                          Keeping us clean and nice                                                                                                You are so precious                                                                                                             Thank you so much!   

My fantasy story

              This my fantasy story, I have been working on for this story Unit. I learned the 5                        elements to fantasy they are Hero’s Quest, good vs evil, different world, a magical                 object, special character types. This story is about a guy going around the world. If I               did this again I would spend more time on my cover page because It doesn’t look                    good to me. And I would like to this in fifth grade.


In Music we sing and learn fun songs like Sally down The alley. We also play music games like I left My closest key in some lady’s garden. Last year I saw some Fifth grader playing the xylophone and this year I got to play xylophones too! I think that Music is a good topic to learn in school. In the future you might need it in the future.


In drama We get to play  really fun acting games like Ka-Pow, Whoosh and Captain on deck. We also learned Pantomiming, pantomiming is when you pretend to have an object but you need to make the Audience know what you are holding. I would like to have more drama time in a week. last but not least learning Drama is very fun.

This a Mime


In art We do many fun things like making paper airplanes. I am proud of the graffiti painting because the 2 colours that I used make a great mix and the other thing am proud of is when my class had a paper airplane competition me and my partner got first place. 

Energy Saving Prototype

I think that the most important thing I learned that if something is not working we should try to do everything that  might fix it like the coding.My group built this prototype becuase some people forget to turn of their reading light.So our hat will automaticly turn off.

The way our Prototype works is that when you put a book under the hat a green light will turn on whenever a book is there ,but if you sleepy and when you put your book away it will turn off because there is a sensor next to the light.