🇻🇳📽Film Festival📽🇻🇳

I liked the Film Festival because it was a fun celebration for the unit. I feel kind of sad because I worked so hard then all off the sudden everything is finished! I felt happy when I was on the stage and people were taking photos of me! I also liked the food snacks that they had outside like chả giò and many more! I saw mostly black when I looked out but I also saw tiny flashes in the crowed. 

Lee Tracy

I think that this trip was fun because I got to see Lee Tracy in real life. I also wrote a poem about nature and here it is :                 Nature, Nature always nice                                                                                          Keeping us clean and nice                                                                                                You are so precious                                                                                                             Thank you so much!   

My fantasy story

              This my fantasy story, I have been working on for this story Unit. I learned the 5                        elements to fantasy they are Hero’s Quest, good vs evil, different world, a magical                 object, special character types. This story is about a guy going around the world. If I               did this again I would spend more time on my cover page because It doesn’t look                    good to me. And I would like to this in fifth grade.