River art( Lee Tracy)

February 23 2017

Today, we get to meet Lee tracy, a famous artist who does art with fabric and river’s nature. We walked all the way to the Rainbow Bridge near Crescent mall and we did sketching and dipping a gigantic white peace of fabric. My favorite activity was dipping the fabric into the water with miss Lee Tracy. AWESOME! My sketches turned out pretty good and almost to hard to sketch. I felt so special that I’ve got a chance to meet Ms. Lee Tracy. I will show you some pictures.

Thinking outside the box

OurĀ thinking outside the box unit was very very awesome. I really like this unit because you get to do a lot of cool projects like doing our fantasy game, fantasy story, and our prototype. It was a lot of fun making them and it includes struggles to. For the fantasy story we did typing, for the prototype we went to the makerspace and used some of the props there. And for the fantasy game we did some coding. Sometimes we don’t get along well and argue, but that’s okay because things always come to a good end. the share day was awesome. As teammates, me, Selena, and Yu-jin explained our prototype and to parents are fantasy story and game. Let me show you a picture.

My awesome field trip

Today was our whole classes field trip to RMIT University and we learned a lot of cool stuff about batteries like, how to make a homemade battery,how Robots work, learn about safety when using a battery, what inside a battery, and the best was playing and learning how to control a Robot!!! The first workshop was how to make a battery and I was most worried about the Copper because I almost got cut by the Copper when adjusting it.The ingredients are Copper foil,Aluminunm foil,paper,some rubber bands, and also salt water.First we put our piece of Copper foil underneath the paper and take more than one tissue paper and and wrap around Copper foil,then put the Aluminunm foil on top of the Copper foil and paper then we can roll the layers up together and make a cylinder shape so it looks like the shape of a battery. then we take a cup of salt water and dip the cylinder shaped roll init.When you take a volumeter and clip them on the the roll you turn on the power and could see the number of the volumeter and thats how make a safe battery.

And the next thing that we did was sooooooo fun! We got to play and do car racing. the cars weren’t just any cars, they are robots.We control them with phones and Ipads and it was so fun.

then next thing we did was meet Baxter the robot and one of the teachers in RMIT taught us how to control Baxter and I got him to hug me.It was really cool cause we tried to make him dab but he was to tall for us to make him dab.So that was really fun but we have to go back to school so that was all and I wish we could have Baxter in our school so we can play with him all day.






My G4 Talk

This is 4th grade first G4 talk and I was very exited. Me and my partner Nam worked so hard to get ready for the G4 talk. We sort of argued a bit but things are fine. Then after all the busy work and typing we’ve done, it is the scary time where we have to stand on stage and do my speech. Our topic is about Dental Care. I was very nervous when it was my and Nam’s turn and After that I was very proud of myself and really relief after all the presenting we did. I hope you enjoy our video and learn a few stuff from our speech!!!

The first math test of the year

This year, we had the first test of the year.It was very hard and I was very nervous about my grade and very scared.Everyone was also very nervous and all of us got question 15 wrong and were very worried about their test scores.I do not want to do this test EVER again and it is so hard to answer every answer. Hopefully we will never do the test ever again!!!