Science Video on Continental Drift

This video is an explanation video for Continental Drift with a Divergent Boundary. I made this video with Siwoo and it was really fun to make this video because we had to think about a creative way to explain this project. This video explains the Pangea the supercontinent that was here a long time ago but it kept splitting because of the new crust that is forming after it pushes away from one another.

Advisory Reflection 6

2017 Advisory Reflection for Student Led Conferences

Write a complete response that you will share with your parents during Student Led Conferences.

  1. What is something you accomplished so far this year that you are proud of?

        My favorite accomplishment in this year is that I have gotten decent grades. This year was pretty stressful but at the same time fun because Dragon’s Apprentice was a very hard task. It was very hard because of different opinions for our product and tight deadlines. Overall, this year I had a very fun experience and hope I would have as much fun in Grade 7 but I am betting that it would be very stressful.

  1. What was the most challenging part of this year for you?

The most challenging part of this year is in drama because I think that Drama is a little bit too difficult to memorise the scripts. I also have a tendency to get nervous when I perform so when it was my time to perform.

  1. What skills do you have that are strong and will help you next year?  What skills do you need to improve on before you start next year?

I think I am very good at pronunciation at Spanish and get things done quick. I might need to start improving my english but usually Ms Nevado like to get mad at me for no reason what so ever.


Science SLC 6

I chose this because…

  • I thought it was cool to see all of the lunar moon phases
  • Different rotation sides gets different shapes.

My strengths…

  • I could tell all of the phases.

My weakness…

  • Sometimes I couldn’t get to see the phases.

I think I could work on telling all of the eclipse and lunar/solar eclipse a bigger explanation.

Location of Artifact: Science Prep Room.


I chose this because…

  • it was nerve racking
  • I had fun learning the math part
  • I did the most important part which was calculating…

My strengths in the presentation…

  • I could speak with confidence

My weakness in the presentation…

  • I was very nervous

I think I could improve by…

  • I could have practiced a little bit more and get more confident so I would not be nervous.



I chose this because…

  • I thought it was cool to replicate the mummification process
  • A little bit disgusting but cool
  • We had different steps…

My strengths in the Mummification process…

  • Did not make a mess

My weakness is that in the Mummification process…

  • I kept squirting the tomato juice out

I think in the process of this learning experience I learned how gross it was to mummify and preserve something. The smell was also a really cool part because the whole thing became dry in a week.