Today’s Field Trip

Today 4th grade went to the rainbow bridge. We made a poem and we put cloth into the river and saw whats inside the river. We met the person named Lee Tracy. She is a Eco artist. A Eco artist is a person that makes art in nature. I think the lesson of today was, we are having too much so don’t pollute the rivers and keep the environment clean.

Math Time!

Hello! Yesterday we made cookies using FRACTIONS!!!! We were learning about fractions for the last few weeks and now we learned how to use fractions in real life! 1 place we use fractions are like cutting a pizza. We used fractions when we measured how much ingredients we should put in the bowl. WE also learned how to add and subtract fractions to serve 6 people instead of 3 people. These are some photos of us making the cookie!

Math time today

In our class, we are learning how to subtract and add fractions with the same denominator. The question is, Sarah has 5/10 of a candy bar. Brianna has 3/10 of the same candy bar. Also, Mika has 2/10 of the same candy bar. How many pieces do they have in all?


First, you add 2/10 and 3/10 because 3+2=5 so it is easy to solve. then add the 5/10 and the other 5/10 you got just now. Now it is 10/10 because 5+5=10.

So that’s how to solve this problem.

My Prototype

Hello. This is my video of how my prototype works.

I am most proud of how I could work with my team to make a Good prototype.

My prototype name is Turn it off.

Why we made this prototype is, people forget to turn off the lights and fan.