Age Of Exproation

I enjoyed making the script and memorizing it and acting it in front of everyone.The reason is, I wanted too let everyone see our play.It was fun learning about the difficulty’s of exploring.I did not know that the people can get scurvy and sometimes die.


I enjoyed working on this ship because I like to make things and I was the leader of the making part. I learned that in the age of exploration, people sailed for there life. They found new spices from sailing.This is a picture of my ship. 

Book Review

The book I read is the book written by Andrew Clements and the title is Extra Credit.I would highly recommend this book to people that like realistic fiction books like this Extra Credit book because this book is very realistic and if you read it you might feel like the character. I would give this book a 4 star because this book did not introduce any of the characters and it just started off kind of boring but ended really good.

This is a picture of the book.