Math Test Reflection

On my pre-test, I did not know a lot of the math sentences and the order of operations, but when I did the post-test I knew a lot about the order of operations and math sentences. Now that I know about P.E.M.D.A.S, I know when to put in parentheses and to do parentheses first and then do exponents then do division and multiplication at the same time. Then, do addition. Then do addition.

Here are some pictures of questions I got right on my post-test and got wrong on my pre-test.



Week 6 Reflection

I did great on my 20-hour project. I drew buildings from Vietnam and America. I had challenges when I drew the empire state building because the lines on the window did not do where I wanted them to go. I pursued excellence when I learned about the first aid kit.I will set a goal for next week to fix the lines on the windows of the empire state building.

Reflection of design cycle

On Sunday, I played Minecraft and made a house.First I used the image part of the design cycle. I imaged how the house will look. Then I used the plan part of the design cycle. I Planned out how the house will look like. then, I used the evaluate part when I thought that maybe I can make the plan better, but I did not have any Ideas. Then I used the design part of the design cycle. I designed my house. Then I used the Create part of the design cycle. I created the house. I thought I might have to put some trees around it and that’s how I used the design cycle.

Age Of Exproation

I enjoyed making the script and memorizing it and acting it in front of everyone.The reason is, I wanted too let everyone see our play.It was fun learning about the difficulty’s of exploring.I did not know that the people can get scurvy and sometimes die.


I enjoyed working on this ship because I like to make things and I was the leader of the making part. I learned that in the age of exploration, people sailed for there life. They found new spices from sailing.This is a picture of my ship.