Yesterday was truly flabbergasting. I was amazed with how everything is setup. But I was closing my eyes when it came to my group's documentary. Especially when the words "THE WORLD OF TRADITIONAL MEDICINE" flashed on the screen. It was bewilderment. Finally it was intermediate period. The food was ludicrously delicious, especially the peanut sauce. After that, it was pretty sad, because I missed the documentary's.

This is a reflection of the Film Festival 2017.


Guess what we all watched last Friday? Let's all say it, THE MOST EPIC BIRTHDAY PARTY EVER! It's the newest of the ES drama plays and was HUGE hit. It was a surprisingly good play, set up by the 4th and 5th grades. And best of all?, loads of my classmates were there! Hiroki was Kurt the Protector, Tony and Kwan Mo ( who's parts of the play I forgot) were soooooo good! The plays about a birthday bash for a girl named Skylar. All the grown ups were gone for extra pizza, and the kids thought that they were abandoned and formed their own countries. Skylar's brother, Charlie, had a good idea, and then everyone agreed as a kingdom called Charlandia, but Skylar formed another country called Skymerica. That's it for now! Please comment back!

This is two of my classmates, An and Kwan Mo

This is Charlie, king, president and leader of Charlandia

This a very funny slo-mo video made by another class, but this video is SO,SO,SO,SO,SO,SO,SO,SO,SO,SO,SO,SO,SO,SO,SO,SO,SO,SO,SO,SO funny. The whips.The slow-mo. The laughs. AND SO MUCH MORE!


This piece of Hills masterpiece created by me. It is a quick sketch of a hill on our field trip! It is a bit dark, though. But now and then, I'll always add my art. And believe me, I always will. Well, except the ones that are very disgusting, ugly, or very very very embarrassing. And other things. About 2,000,000,000,000 other things on the list I have.

This is a Tug-o-War game with the river and nothing else! Fourth grade Team vs. River Water! 6 fourth graders, six meters of string and six river parts. Who will win?

Did you see this? Do you like it? It's the new high-quality story made by me! The unit has to do with the fourth grade fantasy story's. It took me a long time to do it because I had too many details that didn't make the final cut.The story tells about a son of Poseidon 🔱. I also have a game on Scratch that is later based on part 2. I'll publish here someday.And also part 2. It's gonna be awesome!

Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci

Art, it may take a long time, but practice makes perfect! ( unless it's about rock band's, because every rock band stinks) How long did it take Winslow Homer, Da Vinci, Bernini and Donatello's painting's take? Like, ... forever! You see Art doesn't care how long it takes! You just need to experience it! Finalise it! Take your time! Because Art can't be wrong! It can only be righted! Only have fun! Take your time! And now I'm out of encouraging sentences. 

"The Iliad by Homer, Greece" an "El' Classíco"  a common play made by thousand of ©'s and ®'s. Movies create it, Fan's adore it, and thousand more description's that just goes wasted in my brain ( The top ). But the one thing that fans and movies can't do, they cannot take the drama! only our one and only ES school Drama!

Tweet Tweet Toot Toot  are the sounds you hear going on in the Music room with Mr. Thompson and other fourth graders. It's a sweet sound I say, burgers to my ears, making it want more. Music is the only thing that bonds civilisation together, keeping peace in any place you go, the Amazon, Africa, Asia, Atletico Madrid's Stadium, and probably any other places that doesn't start with A. probably.