For the 7th grade Renaissance Faire, I chose fashion to be my main topic. My research question was: How did class determine fashion during the Renaissance? I did a lot of research on this topic and wrote a summary about this topic. After completing the summary and notes, I had to create a visual and interactive presentation. At first, my plan was to create a slideshow presentation using Google Slides for my visual and create a quiz for my interactive presentation. After talking to Ms. Beals, I changed my interactive presentation because I thought it was not creative and was boring. My interactive presentation after I changed it was to print Renaissance paper dolls out and cut them and put them into different packets that include 2 women's and 2 men's outfit for both the higher and lower classes. The final project was,  I would give a short presentation about my topic and let people who visit my station play the paper doll identify Renaissance status game. A lot of the kids who visited my station listened to the presentation and got the answers correct. I also learned a lot while doing research. Something I recognized was that the corset belt that a lot of women from the Renaissance wore came back on trend right now which was pretty cool. I was also surprised to see fur on the list of higher classes fabrics since real fur is really expensive and for the higher classes back then to get a hand on fur was really surprising for me.

Interactive Presentation (Paper Dolls):

      Citation:  “Italian Renaissance Paper Dolls.” Gabi's Paper Dolls, Accessed 30 May 2017.

What I did during this role playing game: I had to make a lot of cakes for this fair. A lot of people set up booths and I had to bake them cake. I was super super busy and because I was so busy, I needed someone to help me. Since I couldn’t bake cakes and find someone to help me at the same time, I decided to put up a sign in front of my shop so people can see that I need help. A lot of people came to my shop and earned a lot of money from baking cakes. I even baked a wedding cake for Medici for his daughter’s wedding. I kind of achieved my goal. One of Medici’s man came to my shop and asked for a wedding cake and I refused. After that I was told that that cake was for Medici and he would help me do some quick baking if I could make the wedding cake quickly. I quickly agreed on the deal and he helped me with a lot of baking. It was great to hear that Medici loved the cake!

What I learnt while playing this game: I learnt a lot of different things while playing this game. Starting with my character, i honestly thought that being a baker and owning a baking shop wouldn’t get me much money to survive since not a lot of people would need cakes. I was totally wrong! I had to bake a lot of cakes and other things for a lot of people. As I said, I earned a lot of money while working very hard. Something I didn’t know was that everyone was very busy in Florence. People who didn’t have much power also worked really hard and earned a good certain amount of money to survive. The laws back then were also very strict. Same with the judges. In the game there were multiple cases that we need the judges to decide and they made some pretty harsh decisions like making people to pay a large amount of money. I think Florence is a very busy city with everyone working and something to do every day.

My overall experience: I thought this game was super fun and I honestly didn’t think that it would be that fun since I don’t really like role playing. I was hoping that I would be more involved in the game since it was a fair and I knew a lot of people would want cakes.

About 2 weeks ago, Mr. Schoonard showed us this video of this random Swedish guy talking about poverty. The video is about poverty in general and the Swedish guy showed us graphs and charts of how poverty improved throughout the year. Also, he showed us the income and how rich countries are throughout the years. We also saw small clips from Malawi and Cambodia and they were talking about their situation and how poor they were. Something I found out when I was watching the video was that I never knew Africa or Malawi to be more specific, has a hunger season. I never knew hunger season existed. Another thing I found out was that in Cambodia if you are poor and you need help, then you could get interviewed about basic things. If you past 19 points then you do not need help because you are not that poor and if you are below 19 then you could get help from the government. I'm not so sure that this video would help me make better decisions in life but I think it is a cool video in general. Some questions I still have is that how did they manage to find the family in Malawi and the family in Cambodia?

Something I accomplished well this year was that I made a lot of friends. I think it is kind of hard when you come to a new school and don't know anyone. I think I settled in very well and I'm very close to my friends. I think the most challenging thing I faced this year was my homework or studies in general. I am not used to dealing with a big amount of homework so I struggled to do them well. I always finish my homework in time but I don't think the quality is that good.  Skills that I'm very good at is that I'm a very tidy person and I'm not messy. I know when things are due and if I do need more time to do homework, I would always email my teachers for homework extension. I'm also very good at time management and organization. I would prioritize my homework and make checklists every day to make sure that I complete them in time. Something that I need to work on for 8th Grade is to check the quality of my homework and make sure it is finished in time but in better quality.

For the last three to four weeks in our Science class, we worked on our water filtration project. I was grouped with Brandon, Bean, and Valdi. So the requirements for this project were to try to remove the sediment, salt, and copper. Another one of our requirements for this project was to come up with the final product with the pH from 6-8 with ppm of 0.01. So we came up with the idea that we would use cloth instead of the coffee filter and use evaporation to our advantage. The materials we used for this project were charcoal because it helps to remove impurities also plays as active carbon, rocks to filter out small solids, cotton cloth to filter out the solids in the water as the last step also it can reduce pathogen 99, sand because it helps to remove the supported particles, plastic bottles to contain all the material and elastic to keep the cloth in place. Our first prototype design was a complete fail. The level of our first prototype was too low and-and the PMM was way too high. We first tried to improve our prototype by adding layers but it turns out that the more layer we add the harder the water will go through. We were also very messy and had no organization so it was a complete fail for all of us. For our second prototype, what we did was we tried to decrease the number of layers and tried to plan out everything before starting. Luckily this time the water came through but the results did not change much so it was still a fail. Since I was not here for the final prototype, I am not sure what our results were and what happened. I like the way we learn in this unit. I think this is a very fun activity and it is a different way of learning rather than just sitting in the classroom and watching videos and answering questions. It is different from the activities we have done and it is also a team effort and we don't really get to do activities that include other's people effort so I find it very interesting. 

prototypeIn my opinion, our prototype was pretty bad. We managed to make two prototypes but none of them were successful. The pH level of the two prototype was too low and the PMM is too high. We tried to improve our prototype by adding layers but we completely failed. Our group had no organization and made a big mess. we dropped the prototype more than three times. I think the next time we do this, we should really think before we start and organize and make a plan rather than just jumping in and start with absolutely no organization. Our group made the most mess out of all other groups. We were the last one to finish tyding up since there was a big mess.

The digital poem project was our last "project" that was related to poetry. In this project, we had to choose one of our assessed summative poem and turn it into a video with overviocing,  creative commons music and images." Dear Joe Hart" was the title of my poem and I chose that poem because i think that it will be a very interesting video to do and has a strong message. This poem is about Joe Hart which is a goalkeeper for Manchester City football club and his 10 years at Manchester City. I dedicate this poem to him even though I know he will never see it. When I was working on this project, I faced a lot of problems when doing this task. All of our photos we chose were required to be creative commons and we needed the attributions to all the images. Websites like flickr or compfight were the websites that we were suggested to use. Since Joe Hart is not a popular person online , I struggled a lot to find images of him and a lot of the good images I found were either not creative commons or not licensed. It took me a very very long time to find the images I need. Finding the attributions was also very hard because I tried to find all the attributions at home but the attributions helper wouldn't work so I was really behind. Mr Jardin helped me to find the attribution but some of my images are not licensed so I had to find other images which took me a very long time. After all the images and attributions were recorded, I had to fill in my storyboard so it would help me set up the video. This task also took me a long time because I had to think about which images I would use and how it would match my stanzas. The thing I am most proud of is that I learnt how to use finalcut and created the video. Creating the video with over voice and subtitle surprisingly didn't took that much time to do. I created the video in 3 hours which is not that bad because this is my first time. I really like how it turned out.  Throughout the video, I changed the way how I red the poem. There were parts where I red loudly and quietly to emphasize the poem. Towards the end, I speeded up a bit. When I was told to put music into the video, I knew what type of music I wanted. Since I wrote this poem for Joe Hart, I wanted calming and classical music. Something that is very soft and not loud. I found the perfect piece of music by searching youtube music on youtube. If I were to do this again, I would try my best to find the correct image and find the images that brings out the deep meaning of the poem rather than Joe Hart himself and  also other images that connects to the poem. I would also choose all creative commons right at the beginning when I start searching for my images so that  I could save more time and I would know that I will not be able to find the attribution for this image because either it is not creative commons or not licensed.  If I have the opportunity to teach other students on how to make a digital poem video, I would encourage them to find the correct images. For me the images are the most important part of the video because it is what everybody cares about. Trying to find the correct images that emphasizes your digital poem in a sophisticated way. I would also like to say thank you to John for teaching me how to use finalcut and how I can edit videos.

1ST SESSION REFLECTION:The Passion Project is a project we started in class today after finishing the clay project.

The Passion Project is a project we started in class today after finishing the clay project. Ms Jardin gave us the opportunity to do something that we love and show it by presenting an artwork. We chose our topic/ what we liked and used an art format to show it. I really like this project because in school we don't have many opportunities to show our passion and what we like so I think it's pretty awesome that Ms Jardin gave us the opportunity to do this. In this project, I wanted to do something related to the official Manchester City logo for 2016. I chose printmaking and pop art as my art format. With 4 Manchester City logo the same but with different colors. It is like the Marilyn Monroe artwork.


This lesson today, we filled out our plan. We filled out our concept, things we need to research and how our final product would turn out. In this lesson, I chose the 4 color schemes for the four logos. After that, I tried to test out the colors to see if it matches. I achieved choosing the colors today. Next class, I will be finishing testing out the colors ad start watching tutorials about printmaking and pop art.


Today I made a color palette and tested the colors out to see if the colors matched or not. I really liked how all the colors looked together. I really focused this class but still didn't manage to finish the color palette. I will try to be a bit more focus but it is also that testing the colors just taking a long time since I have to mix the colors accurately and having to change the water a few times. I really liked how my color palette turned out and hopefully it will look good on the four logos. My next steps would be watching youtube videos on printmaking and pop art and try to experiment and practice both of those art skills. i also really need to do things a bit faster since I think I am kind of behind.

This is a photo of my color palette:



Today, I finished my color palette and started watching printmaking tutorials. I also tried printmaking today and it was very fun and I really like it. This is a photo of me in the process of printmaking: photo-on-11-14-16-at-10-44-am

I focused a lot today and finally tried printmaking, I would really like to practice the skills and actually start the official project next class. I learned how to do printmaking. I will also watch pop art videos.

Today I tried lino printing and did some carving. It was very fun and cooL.I made random shapes and carved random shapes. I did print the things i carved but I had some issues. I used too much ink and if I use too much then it will fill out the lines of my shape or images. I also felt like I didn't focus today and got distracted. Next class, I will practise lino printing and will try to start my official project. Here are some images I took in this lesson: img_7014-2

I watched this tutorial and followed the steps for this session today:

As you can see, my lines are a bit too deep since I added too much paint and you cannot see it properly comparing to the video's print. I have also not completed the process and I have only finished one print.


What did you achieve today? In this session, I decided to start drawing the Man CITY logo and do some coloring to test it out. I practiced drawing the logo and used oil pastel to color in. I really liked how it turned out even though it was kind of messy.

What went well and what needs to change next class? Everything went well this session but I just need to do things at a faster pace next time since I think I am a bit slower than the others because I have not started the official thing yet.

What did you learn today? I didn't really learn anything today since I was practicing drawing and coloring.

What are your next steps? My next step is to trace the logo and start carving out. I really need to speed up. Here are some photos I took during my drawing:




What did you achieve today?

Today at the start of the class,, I tried to do some tracing so my logo would stick into the material that you carve with but then I felt like I am really behind and I don't think I will finish it in time so I changed my project. I will be doing a canvas of my logo instead of doing the printmaking pop art. I planned out my design and started painting my background white. My idea will still be the Manchester City logo but just painting instead of printmaking and doing pop art.

What went well and need to change next class?
I think I really need to speed up because I have only got 2 more classes to complete the project and I am starting mines right now which is very slow. I might have to come in at lunch to finish my project if I need to but I think that the canvas will be faster than the printmaking and pop art because I know how to paint and the printmaking and pop art will take a lot of time.

What did you learn today?
I didn't really learn anything since I was changing my idea and starting the canvas.

What is your next step?
My next step would definitely be to start the drawing and painting. I will be drawing the logo on the canvas and painting it.

Here is a photo of my canvas:

I painted it white. i wanted a white background so the blue would pop.


What did you achieve today:

Toady I did a lot of work. I drew the logo and did some painting. i think I finished the main part. I nearly finished the painting i just need to do a bit more work on painting and the canvas

What went well and needs to change next class:

Everything went well today but a little incident happen which I can't tell. I also felt like I was not 100% engaged so I really need to focus next class and put all of my effort in since it will be my last class for the passion project.

What did you learn today?

Today I learnt something very very important. I was blow drying my artwork and Ms Jardin saw me leaving the blow dryer alone in one place. She told me that it would start a fire easily since the paper will be too hot. Next time, I will take care of the blow dryer and move it with my hands.

Here's a photo of what I did today:


This is my out of the frame 4 squared art:  screen-shot-2016-10-06-at-11-15-18-am

What we had to do for this task was: We had to choose an animal that applies throughout the whole out of the frame drawing. After I chose the animal I wanted to draw, I chose another 4 images of that animal in different angles. For example, a spider in the back view, front view, side view... Then i splited my paper into 4 different sections for 4 different spiders. I basically drew the spiders into the different sections and did some colouring, toning and had a try with chalk. This helped me  prepare for my actual out out the frame drawing because I know that I have to improve my drawinimg_6796g and my a little neater. Also don't use too much chalk and just choose 3 or 4 colors when using chalk.


We were assessed on toning, the drawing, contrast, line variation, uses of chalk. One thing I learnt rom this task is drawing anything from different angles. Before that, I had no idea how you draw anything from different angles.



My artsonia gallery: screen-shot-2016-10-10-at-10-03-11-am

The link to my artsonia gallery :

Here is my reflection template and my reflection:


Reflection link: (It's a video)