A 13-year-old girl was texting with her friends in Instagram at 1 am and suddenly the messages were full of inappropriate words. A dismal atmosphere surrounded her. The next morning, she disappeared in the world. Many parents are concerned about their child’s use of social media but not all parents treat their child the same as others. One-half of the parents don’t even care about their child’s social media. Other parents secretly enter the social media and spy on their children. Parents should let teens use social media if parents use filtering software to clear out unrelated posts in social media and shall give them trust. Critics may claim that teens should be banned from the social media; however, this is not a valid argument because social media benefits homework and helps with the global issues by their posts.


    Parents should use filtering software to clear out the inappropriate content on social media because it may lead kids to ruin their lives and get hacked.

The parents should care about them and watch over the kids. According to Lucy Tang-Lessing, “Many more use software that prohibits their kids from going to a certain internet site.” This quote means that some useful software can causes teens to get hacked. Additionally, unsuitable posters keep on popping up in the social media and some other sites that distract their attention such as studying. Therefore, to protect their profiles and from getting hacked by someone, we should use some special system or filter that can clear out all the unrelated sites.


    However, parents should not spy on their kids, instead they should trust them. According to the Den, the father of three teenagers, “Even if I knew how to check your Facebook posts, tweets and texts, I wouldn’t do it. Also, I wouldn’t snoop around your room when you’re not home. I trust you, and respect your privacy, The only thing is...trust is a two-way street, if at some point you started lying to us..then we would lose that trust.”  To paraphrase, the parents should rely on their child but if they begin to lie and not following the rules, then they lose their trust and have to spy on their kids, even though they don’t want to. As a result, if teens don’t want their parents to spy on them, they should be honest to their parents, so they can earn their parents trust. Thus, their parents should have conversations about social media often with their teens but they should make sure that their teens feel comfortable and open. Then, the result will be like the teens telling the truth or about problems in the social media. Furthermore, parents should check their private information only, if teens don’t give their parents a trust or reliable information. Also, parents should firstly trust at their teens so that they can also believe their parents.

    On the other hand, some schools don’t allow the teens to use the social media because they think it ruins their lives. Based on Anthony Orsini, a middle school principal in New Jersey, “There is absolute, positively no reason for any middle school students to be part of a social networking site! None.” This example is used to illustrate that the principle thinks social media distracts from studying and destroys teens privacy. Although this argument plausible at first, it fails to acknowledge that social media can actually benefit teens when they are doing their homework. To illustrate, Teens and Social Media claimed that “Honest, open communication is the key to setting social-media boundaries” and “Teens use social media to… do homework, and promote causes they believe in.” This shows that the social media is not always bad for teens and it is misleading because forcing students to ban the social media could actually hinder students from homework. Also, their use of social media is positive. For example, many teens are posting about world issues and significant news articles that can appeal to many other people who are using social media. Therefore, students should not be banned from using social media because it helps students to stay connected with the homework and global issues.

    To conclude, parents should allow teens to use social media after they filter out distracting posts and also trust them. Some people claimed that they should ban the social media, but social media can be necessary. Parents have to trust their children but if they don’t earn the trust, then unfortunately, parents should begin to spy on them. It’s more significant for parents to keep their kids secure from online than to give them total freedom. To wrap up, in my perspective it is essential for parents to care about their own children’s life online.



Our main topics were how to manage time beneficially and wisely. Our group created a video that clearly demonstrated about a good and bad example of time management because in my perspective the time management was the major problem with the group. Often time, some of the group members weren’t really staying on task and let others do all the work for them. It was really terrible and I don’t really want this to happen again. Thus, my group created a video that also explains about good and bad teamwork and time management.

Go Deep
In our video, we gave an example that defines a positive and negative behavior during the meeting with the team. The setting of our video was a house, where the team usually had meeting and discussion about the slogan and product. Thus, our group act out with a different attitude and pretend to have a discussion about deciding the slogan. Riko and Ji Yeon, who is my group act out the people who weren’t staying on task and keep on playing. I act out the person who was doing all the work and telling them to stay on task. In our good example, we mostly eye contact with each other and everyone stayed on task. Often time, they expressed their own idea and perspective to help the teammates. In our bad example, we never eye contact with each other and only one person stayed on task doing all the work for them, which is unfair. Also, they were ignoring and being disrespectful to their own team. One of them was turning on a song, another one was looking at Instagram with the phone, the other one was trying to tell everyone that we should do work, not play. I think our video will help grade 6 to do well on Dragon Apprentice.

Make Connections

When I was grade 6, doing Dragon Apprentice, I had the same problem with my group. Our group was really bad at time management that for 3 hours, we only practiced our presentation twice. Some of my group members were accessing Facebook, Instagram, Skype and other social media things that distracted from doing work. Even though the presentation was due tomorrow, we were being so lazy that we only practiced twice and went back to home. For 4 hours, we didn’t manage our time wisely and waste a lot of time. Especially me, because I actually skipped the academy and went there to do the presentation and did nothing at there for 4 hours. From this experience, I noticed that the time management is very important when we are cooperating as a team. Also, I wished that the grade 6 doesn’t make any mistake like our team and manage their time carefully and use it wisely.

Many parents may be concerned about their children’s use of social media due to causing many distractions from homework. Teens may get addicted on accessing non-filtered social media and websites until midnight and it will cause them to lose their concentration while studying. For example, some teens procrastinating by using facebook until 2 am instead of doing their homework or sleeping. As a result, the teens are beyond control on using social media because it will affect their education. To conclude, parents control uses of computers after 10 am on school nights.

The Plague began in Asia spread through the trading routes to Europe. The Black Death is contagious, so it spread through the trading routes. The Venice and Genoa were great trading city and they traded with each other and Asia.

The plague began by the ship arriving in Genoa. The Black Death began on the ship in Genoa. The Genoese sailors who arrive in Sicily were affected and died because of the Black Death. They let the infected crew stay in the city and it spread the others, who are in the city.

The plague affected the crowded town the most. The traveling merchants spread the plague to the crowded town and killed half of the population in Venice in 1347. Venice was very crowded town so they were easily get infected because it was very contagious. Continuing, the Black Death transferred to Spain, France, and England at 1348 and Black Death became a deadly and epidemic Plague.

To conclude, the trading routes was the major reason that causes Black Death to spread and killed lots of people who lived in the crowded town.


Trade on the Seaports of the Levant. After miniature in 15th century manuscript of Travels of Marco Polo. Illustration. Britannica ImageQuest, Encyclopædia Britannica, 25 May 2016.

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The project overview requirements are to remove all sediment, salt, copper and contaminant out of the water, produce water that is neutralized, get at least 15 mL of water for testing, materials should not be special (materials that are available for Vietnamese villages and limited electricity.

Our first brainstorming idea was to put 250 mL beaker inside of the 1000 mL beaker. The tiny amount of dirty water is in 1000 mL beaker and middle there is 250mL beaker. Inside of the 250mL beaker, we put a small rock that can be filled in. Lastly, we use cling wrapper to cover the 1000 mL beaker. After that, we think of an idea to use chlorine to filter it once more.

Our first prototype design was to make simple, a basic water filter that can quickly filter out water. Firstly, we got some information from the website and we decided to make a water filter with a bottle. We need a big plastic water bottle and we should add gravels, sand, and charcoal into the water bottle and lastly cover the top with cheesecloth.

Like this



The result was pretty bad, the filtered water had a same pH scale, copper, and turbidity as the prior result except for the copper. Originally, it was 600 ppm but increased 100 ppm and became 500ppm. However, still, we really need to find an alternative way to filter the water. Actually, we didn't change any design. Our group only added a few more filtering steps. Firstly, we decide to put 250 mL beaker inside of the big pot and gather the water vapor. We put the filtered water into the pot then carefully place the 250 mL beaker in the middle of the pot. Lastly, we put the lid of the pot upside down so that we can get water. Sometimes, we used the cling wrapper to cover the pot instead of the lid. At the third experiment, we put baking soda in to make the neutralize.




We couldn't get a large amount of water with that method so our group decided to create water filter that can clear out the dirty water fast. Thus, we boiled the water and then wait until it makes water vapor. Later on, we open the lid and collect those water vapor. It successfully gathered lots of clear water. We almost meet the requirements of our design challenge except for the pH. We put baking soda too much that our pH became basic.

This water filtering project was fun because it was a new experience to me. I learned how to cooperate with a team. Also, it was kind of challenging to filter out the water than what I though. I think it would be better if we focus on one project, not both at the same time because I got confused.

This is my digital poem : Everything Changes Except

The challenges that I face were searching up the non-commercial pictures because most of them were filtered by license. Also, it was really hard to write subtitles for every sentence. When the screen changed, the size of fonts kept changing so I spent a lot of time to fix that. I got helped by my parents because they are good at using computers. This project was hard because I was not an expert at using a computer and making a video. I watched some videos to clarify some skills that are used in computers.

I am proud that I finish making the digital poem and put lots od effort. I think I did really well on separating the poem and putting each of them into different creative pictures.

The video helped me to express the ideas and theme better and deeply. The video contains visual and audio and it specifically tells and gives more information to understand the poem. Also, the pictures and the music are connected that we can notice or predict the theme.

I used visuals, music, and reading (voice) to emphasize poem. I made my voice loud and quiet, fast and slow to hook the readers. Some pictures, I expressively used transition. Also, l didn't make music to disturb my voice and match with the pictures.

If I do it again, I want to use another poem and use some indirect pictures that will make readers think hard, not knowing right away. Also, I will play around with space next time.

if I could give some advice I would like to say be careful to give attribution for the pictures and the music because that is the common thing that most people forget.

What did you learn about poetry that you did not know at the start of the unit?

I learned what is white space, line break and how to use this skills effectively in my poem. First, I didn't know what is white space and the line break and didn't think this won't make my poem better. However, when I read the article I know the importance of white space and the line break. It explains that this helps readers to read a poem out loud and inside their heads. Also, it's more like a song or expressive that not using any white space and the line break.

Do you now consider yourself a poet?why/why not?

I don't consider myself a poet because I still need lots of help to prove in my poem. I have to try hard to make my poem better and  readers don't leave with many questions.

Do you think you will continue writing poetry?

I think I will continue writing poetry if I have free time. However, usually, I won't because it takes lots of time to write poetry. I really want to write the poem when I want to expressive my feeling and experience. If weird or funny stuff happens, I want to write the poem. Sometimes, I will write poetry in Korea.

What was your overall experience with poetry?

My overall experience with a poem is that poem is really hard to write because we have narrow the focus and write with expressive vocabulary words that illustrate the poem better. Also, the figurative languages,sensory details and using accurate stanza will make the poem better. My experience was that poem is not very easy like you think.

How have you grown as a writer?

I have been grown as a better writer than the start of the unit because I write lots of poems and practicing writing the poem by following the rubric. The rubric helps to make the poem better because it talks everything that I need in a poem and how to get better.

Today in grade 7 ELA class, our teacher told us to describe ourselves with 3 fictional characters and she gave an example by describing 3herself in 3 fictional characters. She clearly explained her thought about why did she choose this characters. I was really excited to describe myself in 3 fictional characters but it was very challenging. Thus, I asked my friends and they suggested some of the characters. I chose god grandmother from the movie Cinderella, officer Clawhauser from the movie Zootopia, and an Olaf from the movie Frozen. I already watched the movie and knows their personality so it was easy to describe with these characters.


I chose this character because she always tries to help other people when they need help and very kind. She has a warm and friendly voice, which is same with me.


I choose this character because he is bit weird/awkward and always smile at the people. Also,he really likes to eat snacks and food, which is similar to me.


I choose this character because he often forgets thing easily and very clumsy. Also, he always expresses his feeling or motion clearly.