Hello! In this blog, I will be posting my final draft for the social media essay.

Imagine teenagers in their beds at midnight while their parents are sleeping, hands holding their phones, their eyes wide open, and fingers double clicking the screen to like their friend’s artifacts. Teenagers usually use social media for entertainment and staying in contact with people. However, teenagers encounter some risks due to social media. For example, they can get kidnapped by strangers and also, they might get into arguments with their parents about time spent on  social media. Parents should warn but trust their children about uses of social media because teenagers need to know that they can face hazards from their social media. However, teenagers also have rights to have privacy.


Parents should warn children about dangers of social media but they should trust their children instead of checking their social media every single day. However, if parents find out that their children are breaking the rules and chatting with strangers, then the parents should check their children’s social media every day for their safety. “I believe the most effective thing for parents to do is to warn their kids by making clear exactly how easy it is to fall into an online, life-ruining trap.” According to this quote, Amnon, a high school senior, states that parents should warn their kids by having a discussion of how easy it is for strangers to kidnap the children. As a result, parents should enforce the rule so that the children could follow the rule. However, if the children go out of the boundaries set by parents, then parents should check their social media frequently. Therefore, parents have to trust their children at least they break the rule and get out of control.


Additionally, parents should not go to their children’s social media without telling their children is teenagers have their own privacy and they might not want their parents to get to their social media. According to Dan, father of three teenagers, “I also wouldn’t read your diary, or snoop around your room when you’re not home. I trust you, and respect your privacy.” In this quote, Dan claims that parents should not interrupt teenager’s social media or other programs that are related to their privacy. Instead of disrupting their privacy, he indicates that parents should trust and give belief to their children. Teenagers might get hurt from their parents because parents might have negative opinions about their children’s business and privacy. For example, parents might discover that their children have a crush and their parents might say, “He is ugly so don’t be in a relationship with him/her.” That will lead to a big controversy between teenagers and parents due to the honesty and credence and sometimes, teenagers might not want to tell their parents about their whole secret and information about them. In conclusion, parents should not go to any sites, social media or books that contain teenager’s privacy inside.


To conclude, parents should remind their children about risks by social media but parents should not check their social media consistently. Instead, parents should trust their children. Parents should respect their children’s privacy because teenagers are in the progress of growing. Teenagers should know how to fix their own mistakes.

What did we do in Archery?

In Archery, we tried to aim our target, which was the archery board. We learned about safety things that we had to follow while we did archery.

How do we stand?

We have to stand by the blue curtain in the gym which is vertical to the archery board. We have to leave a distance between the left and right feet.

What is Targeting?

Targeting is when you aim for a target or a goal and try to make it in. In P.E class, we did targeting for almost all the lessons. In frisbee golf, there were many goals so we could target from many different places. When we aim for something, we should focus only to that goal and until you finish throwing or shooting something, your eyes should be to the goal.

How do we hold the string?

Your index finger should be in the top of the holder and two fingers which are middle finger and the finger that is next to it have to be in the bottom.

What is grouping in archery?

Grouping is when you shoot your targets and it is in the same one place. The picture below is a picture of a grouping that I made when I did archery.

Video of my posture doing archery


  • I realised that my arms were higher than my wrist. Next time, I think I need to be careful of where my arms are.
  • I also realised that the bow was keep shaking while I was trying to aim the target. Next time, I need to give more power to my hands so the bow could stay still.

Hi people! Today, I'm going to post my paragraphs that I wrote about the social media. This paragraph is written in parent's perspective.

What concerns would parents have about their children using social media?

First, they might think that social media distracts us from doing our homework. Second, they might think that it is dangerous because some strangers might try to kidnap their children.

Many parents may be concerned about their children’s use of social media due to being out of control by doing too much of social media. Teens often stay up late rather than sleeping. Sometimes, it distracts them from doing homework. For example, teens may pretend to sleep but actually, they may do social media inside the blanket in the bed. As a result, teenagers might hardly wake up in the morning and sleep in the school. In conclusion, parents should control teenagers about times doing social media and enforcing rules to be cautious about times taken up for social media.

Today in Social Studies, we made 4 scenes of the forms of government which is oligarchy, monarchy, tyranny and democracy with the Gummies.


This is tyranny.                                                                     This is an oligarchy.


This is a monarchy.                                                              This is a democracy.

What did you know about these forms of government BEFORE we started this unit?

I knew nothing about tyranny, oligarchy and monarchy but for the democracy, I already knew that representatives could vote.

Why is it important to learn about forms of government?

If we didn't learn about these forms of government, then we wouldn't know the process that made to this awesome form of government, democracy. And also, governments are all around the world so it's better if you know at least 4 of the forms of the government.

Which form of government do you think works best & why?

In my perspective, democracy works the best because democracy gives citizens a chance to vote and participate to the country. If one person decide all the thing, then some people would not agree to the result. However, if people vote, they would think that they at least helped the country and tried to make it better and it will be FAIR.




Today in writing class, we learned about advertisements. We found posters and advertisements for our product (Mine is computer liquid screen cleaner) and then found out some characteristics of them. According to my research, I learned that when we make an advertisement, we definitely should use one of the AFOREST (alliteration, facts, opinions, repetition, emotive language, statistics, triples) skills when we write about our product. Also, we should have at least an image of our product and the name of it.




The slogan of the 'Nokia' is "Connecting People". In my opinion, this slogan means that Nokia is a phone, so it's connecting people from each other such as calling and chatting. Also, everything in Nokia is related to people so you can have contacts with ever single person. The Nokia is high quality because the part that it can be in the contact is advanced than other phones or program.

In November, our Social Studies class got to try burying fruits like people in Ancient Egypt. We took out the inside-parts of all the fruits and put baking soda and salt in it. After that, we wrapped them with the tissues and buried inside the baking sodas and salts that were in the Zip bag. And today, it was the D-Day to open the buried fruits! It smelled really bad when I opened it. All the fruits got rotten. Apples became brownish and cucumbers and tomatoes shrunk. I learned that if you put the fruits somewhere for a long time, it will get rotten and colors will change.

Top 3 Favourite learning activity in S.S!

One of the Top 3 favourite learning activity in Social Studies is when our class got to do the review games. Our class was divided into 5 groups and we played a game to review all the chapters that we learned. The reasons that it was my favourite is that when you win, you get to have a prize and it's also studying! So actually, it's playing while studying.

The other favourite learning activity in Social Studies is when we got to make the Timeline. It made me think more about the past when I was a baby and when I went somewhere with my family.

The last part of my favourite learning activity is when we got to make our project with Minecraft. We built all the stuffs like Pyramid, farming and Nile River to explain what we had learned in Social Studies. We screen casted and uploaded in the Youtube.

Today, I'm going to write about coding in HummingBird. As you know, to do robotics, coding is the most important thing to do. And that's why I'm trying to explain about the codings.


This is the codings that my teammates (Daniel and Isabel) did with me. When we connect the Scratch with the HummingBird kit, it automatically gets the blocks called 'More Blocks'. That is the tab we can do the codings. Our teammates made all the codings which looks like that. We included the TRI lights, motors for wheels and the vibrator.

This is the end of the blog and I hope you enjoyed!