The exploration play

This play is about john cabot.I enjoyed making the props, practicing our scrips and acting it out because it was challenging to memorize the scrip and it was fun to make the props.From this play,I learned that john cabot claim a land that is called NewFoundLand.Anyways,here is the video.Enjoy!!!!!


My story

Saved from Kidnappers


In the 1990 in America,there was a boy named Jason.He lived with his parents older brother and his older sister.One day , Jason got kidnapped at 12:00 am by thugs and a gangster. The gangster is the leader of the group.They had scars all over their face, and had tattoos all over their body.They called to Jason’s Parents and said :

“Give us all of your money or your son will be gone forever.”

Jason’s Parents said: “Ok I will meet you tomorrow in 2429 Elementary street in 4:00 pm.”

Right after they finished talking,Jason’s Parents called 911 and said:

“My son is kidnapped by thugs and a gangster.I have to give them all of my money in 4:00 pm or my son will be gone forever!”

The police officer said: “Alright do you know where you will meet?”

Jason’s Parents said: “Yes I do,I will meet them in 2429 Elementary street.”

The police officer said : “Ok, I will follow them and just give him the money. When you give your money, I will charge at him and arrest him.”

Tomorrow,Jason’s Parents met the thugs and the gangster they had Jason with them. The officer was waiting  for Jason’s Parents to give the money to the gangster.When Jason’s Parents gave the money to the gangster,the officer charged at them and the thugs ran away leaving Jason and the gangster behind. The thugs never came back and Jason’s Parents had saved Jason from the thugs and the gangster.The gangster got arrested and he gave back the money to Jason’s Parents.From now,Jason learn that before you sleep,you must lock your door.

The End