Explorers Blog Post: The fabulous stuff

On May 31 our teacher ask us to go and perform our play for our Explorers. My explorers is Christopher Columbus. Last time, I’ve post about my ship. The boat ship name is Nina but anyway if you want to know more about my ship go on to my post and read more because I think I’m off topic. So in the play, I”m Christopher Columbus and It’s about… No I’m not going to tell you. Watch the Video and find out what is all about. 


SISAC tournament: Easy Peasy like a queazy??!!!

Yesterday was Elemantary A soccer team SISAC. We was so tired that we can’t walk after tournament. It was a lot of fun. But at least we get second places. First, we beat AMIS 5-0. Then unluckily, we lost Ishcmc 5-1. Ishcmc was super good. I remember that there’s a guy who wears number 2 in Ishcmc, he is like that best player in the tournament he scored a hat-trick. Well, at least we can score one. Move on to the next match we beat Bis 2-1 It was a decent match. In the last minute, I don’t know there’s a triple hand-ball inside box so we have a penalty and Emre had score it. And in our finally match, we beat AIS with only 1-0 and Emre has score. Because of the it’s rain really badly so the refuree has stop the match earlier. I can’t believe that we get second place because our team thinks that all of these school are really tough but however we get second. 



                                                                         SECOND PLACE


Ship Building: Mystery Stuff???

One day Mrs. Sylvester told me to pick three explorers. My first one Is Hernan Cotes, my second one is Christopher Columbus and the third one is Marco Polo. But after a few days she tell to do Christopher Columbus with Tim, Ian.C and Tony. Our ship was not that good. It named Nina. Every single member in our group has at least lost two recess. It’s not easy like you think. It’s really hard. And this is my pictures!!!!!!

Book Club: Very very hard

I’m Zack and today I’m going to tell what is my job in the meeting and about my amazing book. So my first meeting job was the Word wizard and I had found two word.They are milling and grin. The definition of milling was day dreaming and grin was kind of smile. My next meeting job was connector I mean highlighter. My passage was in page 78 and it’s: Her reply was,”It’s general Burgess. Check the score, dimbo. Girl rules, boys are loser, As usual, You’re gonna get totally schooled!”

 Is it good? Okay, so my last job for the final meeting job was Illustrator and my picture look like this.

Ok. Now, I’m going to let you see my book. it’s name No Talking written by Andrew Clements.


Andrew Clement has wrote many different books like Frindle, Lost And Found, The Report Card, Lunch Money,Room One, Extra Credit and more. Check it all out