I think in this is a great performance because all the performer didn't laugh or saying anything that they shouldn't say.  They make me laugh every time when the robot squad come up and do the exercise or something because Tony looks funny and he makes everybody laugh.   

This is my fantasy story. It's all about a girl and a boy find there way to escape the Quetico National Park. Well, can they be able to do this? Find out in my story!

I'm proud of myself because this was my first time wrote my own. Before I wrote this story, I feel like I'm not that creative because I have to use geography and history to wrote the story.  I like fantasy because there are imaginary characters, object and creatures. Once again, enjoy my story! 

It was a cool and amazing week! We've been making our Prototypes, wrote our own fantasy story and make our own games that link to our story. Yesterday, in the auditorium, I and my group members had set up to introduce our product. There are 34 or 35 people had asking us about it and give us some feedback. Then, after the 2nd recess the third grader come and wondering around our station. They kept ask: " How can this work." About my fantasy story I wrote about a girl named Francis. Her family go to a camp in Quetico National Park. She got Kidnaped by the alien. When she on a spaceship she's met a friend named Anthony. Francis and Anthony Escaped the earth and go back home without their adult and parents. That my storyG.4 Energy Saving Prototypes G.4 Energy Saving Prototypes

My third special subject is Drama. In this two weeks we've learn how to act pantomime and it's was super hard for me because I cannot make any sound effect. For our first performance,my team planned to act like driving up the mountain and we crashed and we roll down the mountain. When we act it every body was laughing because it was so crazy and silly. For our second performance, we planned to act like to escape the prison. Me and Peter act like we are playing card and Hoang is waiting for something.  When were acting the audience still laughing and looking at us like we are speaking French.