History Human Rights Project

For our human rights project, we chose a human topic to research. Our group picked the human rights problem of police brutality in America, specifically focusing on the death of Eric Garner. Here is our presentation:

<iframe src=”https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1OQyjI1dKNyD70ByYk12oSsIzSw5OWfaqGfbB6SCx4XU/embed?start=false&loop=false&delayms=3000″ frameborder=”0″ width=”960″ height=”569″ allowfullscreen=”true” mozallowfullscreen=”true” webkitallowfullscreen=”true”></iframe>

I enjoyed this project because of the infographics students created in ELA. I liked seeing all of the cool infographics made by the students. While I was looking at the presentations, I was so surprised to see so many problems in today’s society. It made me think about every chocolate I ate, every product I buy. Was this made by children my age who were working in factories for 14 hours a day? Was I living in happiness while minorities were being discriminated? This project made me think deeply about the problems in today’s world.



Black Holes Science Project

I picked this topic because I wanted to see what REALLY happened in black hole. Did we just get sucked in and die? Or was it a gateway to another universe? Studying about black holes helped me understand some of the questions I had, but the topic of black holes is a hard topic because scientists cannot go into a black hole to study it.

Essential Questions: What are black holes and how do they form? What would happen if we went inside of a black hole? What would happen if two black holes collided?

A black hole is an object so compact that it cannot withstand its own gravitational force. Black holes are sometimes formed when a star runs out of nuclear fusion and cannot balance itself. It explodes into a supernova and turns into a black hole. If we fell into a black hole, e would float to the black hole and as soon as we reached the event horizon, we would be stretched out in a process called “spaghettification.” After that, we would be compressed into a single point called central singularity. If two black holes collided, which scientists actually predict will happen one day, it would produce massive ripples called gravitational waves. It would also create huge amounts of energy. The black holes would merge into one bigger black hole.

After studying about black holes, I felt much more confident about the subject. I felt I could explain the model and basics of a black hole to anybody. I learned a lot not just about black holes, but also about light, stars, and supernovas. I discovered that many astronomy topics are linked to each other. Black holes are created from stars and supernovas while black holes can trap all matter; including light.


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Spanish 8

In Spanish, we learned how to read, write, and speak Spanish. We learned Spanish in a fun and exciting way. We started with the alphabet and we gradually learned more and more vocabulary. Our reading got better and we were eventually able to read most Spanish words. Also, our speaking got much better. We could have a basic conversation with other people in Spanish. Our Spanish accent also got better. We created Spanish nicknames for each other and played games and competitions. Our first project was to introduce ourselves using the sentences we learned in class. We created a poster about someone else. Here is the poster I created:

poster from postermywall

Here is the poster Muchacho Megusta Pollito created about me:

Megusta's poster of Moon

Our second project was to create a video with someone else, asking questions about the other person. My partner was Muchacho Megusta Pollito. We created a fun video using props and the green screen. Here is the video we created:

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/7FntFKnAmDo” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

We also created a presentation on our families. We had to introduce eight members of our family.











Newton’s Vehicle Blog Post #3

I learned that not all our designs will work. We must test the design and see if it works. We had to keep making new designs and testing them to see if they worked. If we did this again, I would use sturdy but light materials. Our wheels were very light but not sturdy and I would try to find better material for the wheels. I learned that the Newton’s laws are very important in the design process. If one of the Newton’s law is not used, the vehicle will not work. I would change our vehicle by making more sturdier and balanced wheels of the same size. If we could extend this project, I would maybe try to make our vehicle fly. We would need more force and angle balloons so they point up. It would probably be harder to make it fly up without a ramp so we would be able to use a ramp. Below is our final design:

Screenshot from 2014-12-17 13:02:06

History CSI

CSI stands for Color, Symbol, and Image. My CSI is about the Industrial Revolution. I chose the color unsweetened because it represents machines, which was a very crucial factor in the Industrial Revolution. My symbol is a nail, which represents interchangeable parts. It was also of big importance in the Industrial Revolution. My image is a gear. It represents machines because they were the main factor that pushed the Industrial Revolution.

Newton Vehicle Blog Post #1

In our forces and motion unit, we learned about gravity, friction, and inertia. Gravity is a force that pulls matter together. The gravity pulls down our vehicle. Friction is when two or more objects rub together to create heat. When the gravity pulls down our vehicle, the wheels rub against the ground, causing friction. Inertia is resistance to change in motion. When our vehicle comes to a stop, the vehicle will lean forward a little because it wants to keep going.

Newton’s first law states that an object in motion will stay in motion unless a force is acted upon it and an object at rest will stay at rest unless a force is acted upon it. Newton’s second law states that an object’s acceleration depends on its net force and mass. If the mass of an object is greater, then it requires more net force to move it and vice versa. Newton’s third law states that if there is an action, there is an opposite reaction. We should keep friction in mind because if there is too much friction, the vehicle will not go far. We should also keep Newton’s second law because if it has too much mass, it will require more force.


Newton’s Vehicle Blog Post #2

We will demonstrate Newton’s first law by placing a teddy bear on the vehicle. When the vehicle stops, the teddy bear will fly forward because of inertia. Since our vehicle is very light, it will not require a lot of net force to move it. The last law will be demonstrated when the vehicle is moving. The air from the balloon will be released through the straw. The third law states for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. When the air from the balloon is released, the air is pushing back with equal force, causing the vehicle to move. Below is a picture of our design.

Newton Vehicle Design

Hour of Code

Today, in class, we did an activity called the hour of code. We went onto a coding website and learned how to code. It was a fun experience overall. It was a little bit similar to Scratch. We learned Scratch in Robotics and Coding and it helped me today. It was fun creating games as well as playing them. I will keep learning how to code and get better and learn some more complex coding. Below is my certificate for coding:




The Talk with a Stranger By: Chan Moon

What would you do if a random thing fell from the sky and something came out of it? Hi, my name is Adele. I’m a young boy from Berlin. I was walking home from school when I saw a huge ball crashing into the hills. I ran as quickly as I could to the mysterious ball. Suddenly, the door opened and a strange red creature walked out holding up two of his three fingers. “Peace!” the creature yelled,”I come in peace.”

He spoke perfect English like I did. He even had a slight English accent. He had red fur all over him and he had whiskers. I wondered if the fur was red because it was stained in blood. I was nervous, but he looked like a friendly puppy, so I decided not to run. He asked me to tell him about the human race.

“In our country, we have things called religion. Religions are a collection of beliefs. Right now, many people are against the Catholic Church. Martin Luther convinced people to go against the Catholic Church by using the printing press. Martin Luther was also one of the main people who lead the Protestant Reformation.”

“What’s a printing press and the Protestant Reformation?” the creature asked.

“The printing press is a machine that allows you to mass-produce books. It helped spread his ideas about indulgences and Catholic Churches. The Protestant Reformation is group of people who are against the Catholic Church. My parents are Protestants, but my grandparents are Catholic.”

“How does that work? You’re in the same family so you guys should be in the same religion.”

“No, I think the reason my grandparents are Catholic is because they are much older. They lived in an age where everyone was Catholic. But now, people are changing and the current generation has realized the wrongs of indulgences.”

“What are indulgences?”

“Indulgences are when people “buy” their sins off. Church official members sell indulgences and say that if they give them money, their sins will be paid off.”

“Ah, so younger people are more probable to be Protestants than older people because older people have been with the Catholic religion and do not see the wrongs of the Catholic religion.”

“Yep. Let’s go to my house so I can introduce you to my family.” They both walked together to the house. When their mom saw the creature, she yelled.

“Mom, it’s okay. He just wants to know about our religion. Mom, how come you are Protestant but my grandparents are Catholic?”

“Adele, it’s because our parents believe that our sins will be paid off when we buy indulgences. However, your father and I, along with many other people, have read Martin Luther’s books and we know that indulgences is wrong. Indulgences is just a way to cheat its members and earn more money. However, your grandparents have only read the bible. They have not read about Martin Luther’s brilliant ideas.”

“Oh, I understand now all about religions. I’ll take these ideas back to my homeland. Maybe we’ll start religions.” The strange creature went back to his home planet and he started a new religion. They worshiped one god named Adele and there were no indulgences.

7 Minute Challenge

In P.E, we started a 7 minute challenge. The 7 minute challenge is where we run non-stop for 7 minutes. We ran around the soccer field. Each flag was one hundred meters. We also got awards from bronze to platinum. In order to get a bronze award, we had to run at least a total of 2.5 km. For silver, we had to run 5 km. There were more awards and the platinum award was given to people who ran over 25 km. It was tough running for the 7 minutes with the hot weather and the shining sun. I’m glad it’s over.