Summarize the "Don't Panic" video is a couple of sentences

We watched the video talking Hans Rosling about how to end poverty in 15 years. He talked about how extreme poverty survive, and he also showed some graphs to observe the changes of the population.

What were some interesting new things you took away from the video?

I was very surprised that 85% of people were extreme poverty in 1800 and, it is decreasing year by year. However, there are still a lot of people who are suffering from poverty today.

How does this video help you make better decisions later in life?

This video allowed me to think about how society in this world is difficult, how people in poor condition are having a difficult life. Now, I feel like I want to help them by donating or other ways to improve.


Tutorial Reflection

Our main topic was to use time wisely when you plan with your group members. In the video, we simply demonstrated the good example and bad example. I created the video with Chaeyeon and Jiyeon.

For a good example, we planned to act out that we are cooperating with the group members. For example, we tried to discuss and give ideas to the group and most importantly, we expressed the significance of time management. To not procrastinate, it is important to participate in the discussion with the group.

For the bad example, we acted out the opposite thing of a good example. This time, we decided to have a different personality ( character ) for each of us. Chaeyeon was the person who is trying to work hard. And Jiyeon and I were acting out the people who are procrastinating for a whole time. In the video, Chaeyeon was trying to ask others to work properly but Jiyeon and I didn’t listen at all. We pretended that we were looking at social media or listening to music. After filming it, we combined them together and edited.

The main reason we chose to pick this topic was because we all experienced this kind of situation in the past. For example, In another group project, we couldn't move on to the next step quickly that we wasted so much time. And in that presentation, we tried our minimum. We didn’t really fail but we also didn’t  try our best. It was regrettable because if we had tried to work a little bit harder, then the presentation might improve a lot. So from my experience that I had mistaken, I hope the 6th graders are going to successfully use time wisely.


Many parents may be concerned about their children’s use of social media due to accessing to the inappropriate sites. Teens can possibly enter the inappropriate sites that can affect their feelings. For example, teens may access to the terrorist’s blog and get more violent or cruel. As a result, those inappropriate sites can cause teens to change their perspectives like being a terrorist. In conclusion, parents should be cautious and protect from the inappropriate sites so that they are safe.

What is a process of becoming a knight?


In Medieval time, becoming the actual knights was hard.

Boys who were to become knights served an apprenticeship in another knight’s castle.  During the apprenticeship, they learned the basic skills to become a knightThey learned to behave and practice good manners, how to ride a horse during the fight and how to fight, practicing with wooden swords and shield. At the age of 14, successfully- trained page became as squire ( shield for the knights ) They are told to help, serve the master loyally, look after master’s horse and behave respectfully to ladies. The knights also practiced fighting with squires to prepare for the actual fight. The knights practiced wrestling, jousting and sword skills with them. The boys in Medieval time were training very hard to become the powerful and successful knight.

"Training+to+be+knight - Tm Với Google." Training+to+be+knight - Tm Với Google. N.p., n.d. Web. 06 Feb. 2017.

Video of Conclusion

Overview of project requirements

In this project, we were required to build water filter for each group. In this experiment, we were allowed to put some contaminant such as gravel, sand, and cotton inside the bottle to filter the water.

Group brainstorming ideas


First prototype design


For our first prototype, we decided to use this bottle to filter the water. We opened the big whole at the bottom of the bottle and flip over and then put some stuff in there. This time, we putt lots of sands,2 layers of cotton, gravel, and rocks.

Changes you had to make to the design

From the first prototype, we thought that we had too many sands so that the water got dirtier so we tried to use fewer sands.  Also, we added some charcoals instead.

Final results

As a result, our prototype actually filtered the water but it wasn't completely clean and clear. Unfortunately, even though we've done experiment 3rd time already but the outcomes didn't have  big changes


Overall impressions and opinions about the project

From this project, I was surprised because I actually didn't know that sands can filter the water and I thought it makes water dirtier. Also, it was very interesting to build prototypes and have progress on it to improve it.

video link

👆🏻( Digital Poem Video )👆🏻


In my video, I think I worked well on the background music ( BGM ) and how I spoke in the video. My poem is basically about the nature destruction caused by humans, so I wanted pick the music that fits to my theme or mood. Also I tried to speak clearly and express my mood, theme to the each word.


In my video I think the video that I made was too short. I also believe that I could have added more figurative languages and to my poem to make it creative.

What did you attempt to emphasises through your use of visuals, music, and reading (how you used your voice)?

I think in my video I tried to create the mood of sadness of how people destroys the nature so I picked the sad BGM, read my poem  slowly with the expression of gloominess.

 Advice for students who do this assignment in the future

If students are doing the same assignment in the future, I would like to tell them that it is very important to include/express your feeling for each words while speaking because without that, it is unclear to let them understand which mood or theme you are trying to tell.




DBQ Blog Post




  •  The Path To Peace” suggests that Christianity spread to the world. In Roman ideology, they forced people to fight in the War. So people wanted to avoid violence. For that reason people tried to follow Christianity, the religion which has no violences. So basically, this evidence is explaining that Christianity and Roman Ideology was absolutely different religion.
  • The evidence, According to Helmut Koester, Christianity spread because Christians successfully gave testimony to people and they drew people's attention by telling them that they won’t treat people like what Roman Ideology did. This means the freedom from the sickness, disease and poverty.In Roman Ideology, they did believe in individual isolation but it was a bit complicated. They judged people either heroes or commoners. Nobody cared about people who are poor and weak, so nobody had hope. To analysis this specifically, people liked the way Christians preached better than Roman Ideology.    
  • Why Did Christianity Take Hold in the Ancient World?




My biggest takeaway is related to sketch noting. I think it is because I learned specifically the tips to have a sketch note. And at the same time, I learned how Christianity spread to the world clearly by sketch noting.


3  VISUALIZING TEXT -sketch-noting
How did sketch-noting help you understand how Christianity originated and spread?
It helped me because sketch-noting is really easy and simple compare to writing an essay. For example, if you watched the video about the spread of Christianity and want to summarise about it, would you write an long paragraph? I think using sketch-noting skills are better way. It is really easy to express the big/main idea with images and also there is an advantage that you don’t have to write a paragraph.

↪What did you learn about yourself as a visual notetaker?
I learned that it is really important to know the tips to have a visual sketch note. I learned that sketch notes must include the big ideas or take outs and most importantly, images. I learned that by including an image, it helps me to understand the idea clearly. I think this method will also help me in the future because I can use them whenever I want.


What discoveries did you encounter as you were vlogging and exploring your thinking?  

I think by using explain everything or vlog, I discovered that it is best thing to express the information that you want to tell or my thoughts.
Evidence & Analysis VLOG
Reflection VLOG


 What is ONE of your GOALS for social studies?
Basically, one of my goals for social studies is to learn or obtain lots of new historical facts that I didn’t know or interested in. At first, I didn’t know anything about Christianity because I thought I didn’t have any close connection between Christianity. But when I started to learn about them, it was really interesting then that I thought and I noticed that Christians were telling people very important things such as share kindness no matter poor or rich. Also I want to improve my sketch-noting skills because It will probably help me in the future. I think this will help in the future anytime I want to put the informations and ideas together in a easy and simple way.