We had an explorer unit. Our explorer was magellan and his ship, victoria.This is a replica of nao Victoria, witch is one of magellan’s ship. magellan actually sailed on Trinidad but we made Victoria. Magellan wanted to go to the spice island, now known as Indoneisia. Magellan died in 1521/ 4/ 27/. Victoria later set of again but disappeared

Film festival!!!

We had a film festival. A film festival is a festival watching films. we used documentaries. I liked how we all got credits for making the documentaries.I also liked how there were foods outside and there were photo booths. I was proud of having a good interview that didn’t have any background noise. Still, I will choose high quality pictures for my documentary next time.

My documentary!–>

The artist visit!

Today we had an artist visit. Her name is Lee tracy. She did a speech about nature and why she decided to be an eco artist. Also, she talked about sustainability. Sustainability is a having habits that restores our envirornment. She is a eco artist who dips fabrics into rivers and makes curtains with them. So today, we went to the Cresent mall bridge and dipped the fabric into the water.

Then we sketched natural things.

Then we did the final fabric.

After this, we came back to school.


Vietnamese culture

Me and my classmates went to a water puppet theater today.

We didn’t go there just to watch and enjoy the show… we were filming and interviewing the workers!(which we were not aloud to film)Then, we went to a park and interviewed more people.

As soon as we were done, we went to the Benthanh food stall. there weren’t enough room to be comfortable, but still had lunch.  I ate a plate of fried rice with a chicken leg. After I was done eating, In went to food stalls: there were lots of food, there was even a king crab! Still, I felt uncomfortable sitting on a tiny wooden chair and eating vietnamese food. While I was walking down the ally, I learned that Vietnam was a cool place for tourists.

Next rime you visit benthanh, be sure to see all these!


Alex’s fantasy

We were doing a unit called” fantasy”, if you saw my post before. So today, I will talk about how I made my story.

I started off by creating a setting, where the story starts.  Still, this is a fantasy story, right? so me and my classmate followed a checklist that helps us include the elements of fantasy. Then, we focused on planning, which we did on a story arch that includes the beginning middle, end, struggle and climax. When most of us were done, we started typing our story for weeks. Some of us finished early and revised and edited the finished story, Then, Mr. Ross asked us to create an about the author page. When we were finished, we printed and laminated them.

Some might be off the screen, but enjoy!