Weeks ago we started working on proposals. So we also had small activities to relate. So we first started having a survey to pick our top 15 choices we were interested in. So I did I was in a group with Thoa and Yung eun, The topic was about outside learning spaces. I was interested because I wanted a hut and I also wanted to build furniture. We started working on a doc could MISO. The M stands for media the I stands interview S stands for survey and O means Observation. We used MISO for planning our work and thinking about our proposals we’re going to be making.

Cat Tien!


1.                  What did you do at the Moon Bear Center?  Be as descriptive as possible.  Make it interesting to read.  Remember, Mrs. Johnson has to read 19 of these.  Don’t be boring.

We got split into 2 groups, 1 group would spread peanut butter everywhere and also put chopped fruits around an area. While group 2 would stuff bananas, banana leaves and bear food into a body of bamboo then we also hid it. I was in group 2, after we were done the people that were working there started releasing the bears into the fenced area. It was so cool how they just started sniffing and I saw one that was using it’s paws to break apart the bamboo! It was so cool, I never thought that it’s claws where so strong. After a while 2 bears started playing and fighting each other. I saw one that was all bald at the back, one of my friends asked why. The expert said they rescued that bear at a museum, it was treated really bad so it had a skin disease so all the fur would come off.

2.                  What did you like and what was an unexpected surprise at Cat Tien?  What was something you’d never seen before?  What was your favorite moment?  Be specific and accurate.  Consider using thoughts, action, and dialogue!  This is a positive post.

I didn’t expected the food to be that good, I also didn’t think that the cabins would be that clean. Things that I have never seen before was a cross spider, scorpion and a weasel. My favorite moments were either the night sensory hike or the night safari, Because they are both really relaxing and there were so many stars. I even saw some shooting stars!

3.                  How does Cat Tien connect to our unit about sustainability?

Cat tien relates to our unit because that place has a lot of sustainable things such as trees, fresh air, water and more.


All about Cat Tien! 🐒_🐻

Hi guys today I’ll be talking all about the 5th grade field trip! So 5th grade has recently went on a field trip to Cat tien for a new unit called, the GREEN DRAGONS! It was time to get going to Cat tien so we get on the bus! Right now we’re getting split into 2 groups  (I was in group 1)



We’re here, I could already smell and feel all fresh air that was around. We all had to cross a river so we went on a fairy to get there. Since there were 59 students in 5th grade we had to go 2 times to get to the other side of the river. After all the transitions we had our lunch at the Yellow bamboo restaurant. Next part was the best we got to finally know our roommates, I was with KARIS. Which was fine but all the girls from group 1 got the oldest cabins! I was one of them, I was pretty disappointed guess I’m just gonna live with it. After putting all of our suitcases and stuff  into our cabins we settled into the fairy again to get to Dao Tien.  We get to Dao Tien and I find out that it’s actually called a Primate center. I was so happy because in that center therefore was my 3rd favorite animal. It was the one and only GIBBONS. After about 3 hours at the Primate center we head back to the fairy once again to the other side. When we got back I was so tired luckily we got to go back to our cabins to do some journalling for about 30 minutes. Then after all that jotting we got to have some free time for 30 minutes. Me and Karis went to other peoples cabins to hangout, we finally went to Yoon hae and Kimberly’s cabin to play some card games.


We started meeting at the Yellow bamboo restaurant for dinner for about an hour. At that time all the people at my table were so tired so all of us ate a lot! We once again got back to our cabins for some rest or quiet reading time for 30 minutes. Group 1 and 2 started heading outside for the next night activities. Group 1 had Night Safari which is where you sit on a big truck and go inside the forest. Then group 2 had their Night sensory hike which is where you go into the forest without flashlights (the forest was pitch black) for an hour or so.


We get back and now it was time for the BONFIRE, but teacher led. It was so much fun, teachers had students do some activities. Then at the end we started roasting MARSHMALLOWS! Ms.Fox said we said turn them around above the fire atleast 30 seconds, I was picky about the marshmallow so I did it for 1 minute.


We head back and there it was time to sleep.


Day 2 was pretty much the same as day 1 but we got to go to the Moon bear center, Micro ecosystems,Night sensory hike and the Bonfire (Student Edition). At the Moon bear center we got to make food for the bears then hide them. We would now let them find it. At the Micro ecosystems we had a rope and we had to place it in a random place. Then find things inside that area and put cards on them. Now the Night sensory hike I was so scared but I held Catherine’s hand so that made me feel better. Later on we had to stop and lay on the road to look at the stars.


It was time to do the Bonfire student edition, I didn’t do anything so just sat there and watched. Everybody did a really good job on planning the activities. After that LIGHTS OUT


We woke up and had breakfast then went hiked for 2 hours. We went back and make banh mi then started heading to the fairy and we get to the bus and headed back to SSIS.



📚Close Reading 📚

Hello there everybody!!! Today I will be talking about close reading. Close reading is a way you can read it’s actually reading and visualizing texts.


Close reading is a way you can read it’s actually reading and visualizing texts.


I did read it 3 times, I wanted to do that because I wanted to make my questions clear.

Did I read the text again before filling out the 3 sections of questions? Or did we look at #2 and #3 and just try to answer them without rereading the entire text?

As I said in the 2 question I really wanted to make my questions clear so it would be easier to understand.

What is a Main Idea?  Can you give an example in your explanation?

The text book I read yesterday the main was about the Ecosystem,Population and Community.

How can Close Reading help you…think about heading to middle school and high school?

Close Reading helps me think about heading and high school by remembering to always to read texts more than once and try to not be lazy and visualize the text carefully.


Good morning everybody that is on my blog!!! Today I will be talking about a project that 5th grade is working on. It’s called The Hack Your Classroom project! So basically we get to vote for a project using options and there was VR,3D printing and physical computing with the little bits. I chose VR for option 1 then Little bits for option 2 and finally 3D printing as option 3. About 2 days later we were grouped, it was a dream come true for me I WAS IN VIRTUAL REALITY!!YAY! In virtual reality we actually get to build digital worlds, but for this project we need to come up with something to improve our classrooms or the school. I worked with Kimberly for this project which was amazing. Because she was nice, kind and really creative! We came up with an idea that could help visitors, new students and finally new teachers/TAs. We built a map of a hierarchy of all the ES teachers! We were also planning if our project succeeds we could have Google cardboards put somewhere around the school and have our world in it.

So see you guys next time! Bye!

Morning work! 👩‍💻

Today we got some work to do in the morning, it was a math true or false thing.


  1. This shape is a quadrilateral. true/false
  2. This shape is a trapezoid. true/false
  3. This shape is a rhombus. true/false
  4. This shape is a parallelogram. true/false
  5. This shape is a rectangle. true/true


  1. True
  2. False
  3. False
  4. False
  5. True


  1. Because the shape has 4 vertices and 4 sides.
  2. Because a Trapezoid is not a parallelogram and doesn’t follow the rules of a rectangle.
  3. Because the Rhombus doesn’t really also follow the rules of a rectangle.
  4. Because an actually parallelogram rectangle is tilted.
  5. Because it follows all the rules of a rectangle like 4 sides.

Science Blog post!⚗️🔬🔭

This week we did an experiment, but the excited thing is that we can choose a project! With a partner! I was with Catherine. So we chose to make a bath bomb and basically dropping it into Revive. So we starting watching videos to know how to make bath bombs. So we needed Corn starch,Epsom salt,Citric acid,Oil,Baking soda and food coloring is optional. I learned that Baking soda was the ingredient that caused the Revive to fizz and overflow.


Lemonade war reflection!

Today we read a book called “Lemonade war”,in the story a boy named Evan was fighting with his sister named Jessie. Evan was mad because Jessie was so smart that she skipped a grade and now she’s in Evan’s class. However they got into a fight, so they decided they would have a war between who would get more money by selling fresh lemonade. In the book Evan finally got $103, but Jessie worked with Meagan so Jessie would get more money she got $208. Evan was so mad he decided to get all of Jessie’s money, He’s not gonna keep it but he will for the night count, where they will count their money. Evan went to a friend’s house and went swimming but Scott Evan’s worst enemy stole his money by telling everybody that he had to go.

If I was Jessie I would freak out and try to find the money, if not I will try to explain to Meagan what happened.

If I I was Evan I would try to get the money back before he had to come back home to count the money and watch the fireworks.


Math: Decimals numbers ! ^-^

Today I want to talk to you guys about MATH and the subject for math today are DECIMAL NUMBERS! So we recently started  learning about Decimal Numbers, today we did a little project to understand more about multiplying and dividing decimal numbers with whole numbers or decimal numbers times decimal numbers. Let’s see some pictures before we get started! ^_^


I learned that when you multiply a number it doesn’t always get bigger but sometimes smaller. Because if you multiply a decimal number with a decimal number it will get smaller.