My Persuasive Essay

Imagine a teen, lying on their bed, scrolling on a page, liking each photos as they went, but then a friend request popped up. The teen check the stranger’s profile, thinking “who is this guy?” What should the teenager do? Many percent of teen uses social media to chat and play. Teens doesn’t know the risk of having social media which can lead to being kidnapped or murdered. Parents should keep an eye on their child use of social media. Parents should trust their child because when the child breaks the trust, parents can tell them not to message their friends.

In my perspective, parents should leave their child’s private messages alone because every teen has their private messages, which they don’t want their parents to know about. According to Devan, a college sophomore “I think that when parents go on their children’s Facebook pages and look on their phone, it is a complete invasion of privacy.” In that quote it means that parents who are checking in continuously are over protective. As a result parents need to understand that their child has grown up and they don’t need protection from their parent, due to them need to be free when they are 18. Children should tell their parents if a secret is dangerous to them. For these reasons, the child will have more privacy in their life and know how to protect themselves  instead of their parent.

Parent should trust their child on social media because it shows that they have confidence in their child to be independent. However, when teens break the trust the parents should spy on them. If their parents found out that the child is hanging out with strangers, parents should go on their social media to check if it is true or not.  Due to social media, strangers can ask teens out and kidnapped them. According to  Dan the father, “Trust is a two-way street. If at some point you started lying to us or deceiving us, then we would lose that trust.” As a result, the consequence may be that the child can’t go on social media on the weekend. For these reasons, the child would be safe and the parent wouldn’t be worried about them.

To conclude, parents really need to trust their child until they break that trust. Parents should also keep an eye on their child’s action if it is suspicious, but parents need to give their child some privacy. Parents should give their child privacy because parents need to know that their child is growing up, so they don’t need as much protection. For the future parents should give their child more private time and trust them more.

Archery in Block A

Hi and welcome to my blog, today I am telling you what we are doing in Archery. Our first day of archery was pretty hard because we have to learn about safety, we have to pull the bow string back and hold it for a while. Targeting is how you shoot the arrow into the middle of the target board. By doing that you need to turn and face your right. Your leg must be the same length as your shoulder so you can shoot. When you are about to pull the arrow back aim in the middle so you can get the most points, so technically the middle is your target.

Social media

What concerns would parents have about their children using social media?

Many parents may be concerned about their children’s use of social media due to your own safety. Teens may accept strangers. For example, some teen have been kidnapped or robbed. As a result, you should be cautious of who you accept on social media. In conclusion, parents should protect their kid’s by enforce rule about their social media account.

Gummy Bear Government


When we starts this unit I did not know anything about these form of government.

I think it is important to know these government because you need to tell the different between the good and bad government.

I think that Monarchy is the best form of government because they king and queen so they know what they are doing to rule. Plus they also inherit their father or mother or their ancestor ruling power.

How to screen shot on macbook

If you want to take a screen shot of something you like on the mac like a picture or something important like your business schedule or whatever you need to take a screen shot of. So then let’s get on with how to screen shot, first you have to press the command key and hold it while pressing the shift key and hold both of them then press 3 which it will take a screen shot for you. But be careful you must press the key that is near to the command and shift key which you can easily press 3. But also be careful of this, when you are done with the screen shot go to your desktop that have nothing but only your background picture and you will see your screen shots on the desktop.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 09.01.39(example)this is a screen shot I did

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 09.04.03this when I took the screen shot on what I highlighted on the screen shot that I want. by holding command and shift and press 4 the it will show something like a target and then you drag it to where you want to highlight and press your keyboard

Water Pollution Presentation

My group was making a presentation about water pollution and included Jeong Min, Ana, and I. Our group was thinking of Finding Nemo, because there is a part of the movie where the tank is polluted. So then we started drawing Nemo and Dory. The most interesting thing that I learned was that a teenager named Boyan Slat from Netherland created a barrier in the ocean that traps the trash in it. The skill that I learned was making a Common Craft video, which is pretty hard. We need to draw and colour many pictures as well as make a background of the ocean for our project. Then we had to make a story about Dory and Nemo who are in the ocean that is polluted.  They had a discussion about who are helping to stop water pollution and how people can do to help. The best part of our project was working with my friends. We worked really well as a team. If I have chance to do a presentation again, I would like to use another method like green screen or animation.

Cat Tien Field Trip Reflection

1.My 1st favourite thing about Cat Tien filed trip was roasting the marshmallows and eating them. My 2nd favourite thing was doing the group challenge because we were playing games and one of them was ‘Tank’. Tank is a game with two players and one of your partner is blind folded. The other one tells the blind folded person what to do. You and your tank have to use a plastic ball to throw it at other people to eliminate them. The 3rd thing was sleeping at night because we talked about secret things.


2.One interesting thing I saw was the gibbons and the deer because I didn’t know they existed in Cat Tien. Another interesting part of our Cat Tien visit was the night hike because we could’t see where we were going and we could’t use our flash lights so it was fun. I also like  the night safari because I got to see different types of animal that I had not seen in real life.


3. The most challenging part of Cat Tien was carrying a huge water bottle for 10 minute when we were walking back to our cabin. First Matthew and I helped each other for 3 minutes. Then I  took over and carried it till the next cabin and then Matthew took over to the following one cabin. I ended up dropping the bottle and it leaked.

4.When we first arrived, we checked in and went to our cabin. After that we went straight to the hike and it was very tiring. I suggest that in the future we should take a break when we got to our cabins.