SS8 Human Rights Project Reflection

IMG_20160602_140317551In our assignment, We created a project centered around human trafficking. Our project was to create an infographic to raise awareness over social media. I learned a lot about other issues in the world by visiting other projects students had done. Our user was the average mid-class person that could speak english. as such, we focused on running our project on social media to appeal to this audience.  Because of this learning service project, I am much more aware of the issues surrounding our world. I understand how large of a problem human trafficking is, and feel more like I have made an impact on the world.

Social Studies Blog Reflection

In Social Studies, we have been working on a project to reflect changes in the world. Our group created an infographic to raise awareness for human trafficking. It has been surprising to me the level of severity of human trafficking. As we found out, the average cost of a slave in the world is only $90.

Exploratory Writing Poetry Unit Reflection

We have recently done a poetry unit in Exploratory writing. I enjoyed it because of the flexibility that poetry gives you in terms of writing. I have learned a lot about how to create scenes with words. And have people envision the scenes with words. It was hard for me to effectively use white space. I liked my human rights poem because of the flow of words. My visuals made the poem more meaningful. I enjoyed writing poetry.  I enjoyed the flexibility, but did not like the forced whitespace. Overall it was a fun unit, but not my favorite.

PE 8E reflection

We played hockey games in PE. It was fun.

How do you hold a hockey stick?
You hold the stick with your right or left hand(depending on preference) down at the bottom of the stick. You put your other hand above.
What is the ready position?
The ready position is getting low, feet on the ground, and looking up.
What is cradling?
Cradling is the dribbling of hockey. It is a way to pass the ball back and forth between your stick.
Where should the puck be on your stick when you pass?
In the middle, then moving it towards the end to get a flick.
What should you be looking at when you pass?
You should be looking ahead so that you are aware of your surroundings.
Where should you be after the pass?
Finding an open area so that teammates can pass to you.
State and explain the positions in Hockey.
There are 3 forwards(left, middle and center). They are there to attack and try to score points two defencemen(left and right). They are there to defend the goal, and get the ball out of their side, and a goalkeeper, that defends the goad and is the final layer of defence for the team.
How do we keep safe during our games with sticks unit?
Keep it low, and watch not to violently swing at people.
We played floor hockey, broomball, and scoop ball explain what you liked about each game and what you didn’t like about each game.
I liked all three. I liked hockey for the sheer speed and craziness of it all. I liked broomball because it was very unique, and i liked scoop ball because it implemented a very different core mechanic to the gameplay than other games.
Which game did you enjoy the most and why?
I enjoyed scoop ball the most because it allowed a lot of flexibility and fun.


This is my blog post. I think that my best qualities are my programming skills and my experience. Especially my experience with different competitions. I also am a creative person, wich shows in my hobbies. I do think, though, that I have to start working on other hobbies that do not require technology. This will round out my profile more. So far, though, I believe I am doing a good job. I need to just keep at it.

Social Studies European Imperialism DBQ

IMPERIALISM CARTOON, 1882. 'The Devilfish in Egyptian Waters.' An American cartoon from 1882 depicting John Bull (England) as the octopus of imperialism grabbing land on every continent.
‘The Devilfish in Egyptian Waters.’ An American cartoon from 1882 depicting John Bull (England) as the octopus of imperialism grabbing land on every continent.

In this project on European Imperialism in Africa, we focused on Exploring the motivations behind Imperialism. This is an important skill because it helps us understand why they did it so that we do not repeat history.  One thing I improved while working on this project is my ability to make my writing “flow” more. This blog post provides a reflection on my work, as well as a sample of what I accomplished.

Bright Spot: I liked my voice and “commanding” without being rude

To work on: Capitalization

Here is the work that I did. I enjoyed writing this because the topic is interesting, and effects life today.

Persuasive writing…

Why Fl Studio is the most Intuitive DAW
Many novice producers ask me the same question. What digital audio workstation (DAW) should they buy? In my opinion, Fruity Loops Studio (FL Studio) is the most intuitive DAW available for beginners and experts alike. Image line, the creators of FL studio, have been credited as the creators of the best DAW available. Many cite FL Studio’s intuitive workflow and ease of use that enables artists to focus more on the music. Although Many people use and love Ableton for the features it has that allow it to do many things that FL studio cannot do, FL studio is better in terms of ease of use and Accessibility making it an overall more intuitive DAW. Today we will take a look at the top 5 reasons why Fl studio is the most intuitive DAW out there.

The Piano Roll – The piano roll in FL Studio is undoubtedly the best out on the market. It combines a simple base where you can easily add, remove, and edit notes. Beyond that, there is a wealth of tools that you can utilize to transform the notes. What makes FL studio stand out is the way that everything in the piano roll just works together.
The workflow – The workflow of FL Studio is the most versatile system available. All the windows interact together, but are also separate, leaving you to dictate how Fl Studio looks and feels. All the graphics are vector based(In FL Studio 12), and use the space efficiently. You can change what you see, and all this flexibility makes it easier to use.

The Included Samples/VST’s – What can I say? They are simply the best. The samples give a great starting point for the tracks, the effects are great, the synths have many sounds that they can create, but are also simple in design and have some great preset packs that you can use to your advantage. And the samples are great. They all are pre-mastered and ready to use in your track, with enough variation that you don’t feel constrained and like you have to use the same sample twice.

Vector Graphics – Many people think that graphics don’t matter as much when it comes to a DAW because it is about music, not pretty graphics, but when you are staring at the program for hours on end, you want it to be nice for your eyes to look at. This is why FL studio integrated Vector graphics in their newest edition of FL studio, FL Studio 12. The visuals scale up on any monitor, and have a modern look. They are crisp, and do not feel cluttered at all. It makes it easy to use the program for hours on end, which let’s be honest, we all do.
The Beat Roll – This is one main thing that Fl has that is unique over its competitors. The beat roll is a brilliant system that allows you to create different patterns that you can “mash” together to make a song. It is also a great tool for forming beats. It allows you to easily get your ideas down without hassle. This system makes it easy for anyone to pick up and put their creative ideas down. Instead of worrying about the technicals, you can create your ideas and turn them into songs.

Those are the top 5 reasons why FL Studio is the most intuitive DAW out on the market. It allows its users to focus less on the technicals of music, and rather focuses on a clean, intuitive user interface that allows people to use the software to turn their creative ideas into songs. This allows the music industry to continuously integrate creative ideas into their work. From the use of the beat roll, and piano roll, to the included samples/VST’s being packaged with vector graphics, the workflow of FL studio makes it the most intuitive DAW.


I think that I did a good job at making it interesting to keep the audience hooked. I also enjoyed working on a topic that I know a lot about.