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This is about nonfiction writing. I am writing about Lego. First We rite about the information and we put the information in book craters .

I think l has good ideas about writing lego. I like the picture of real lego and fake Lego.

It is hard to find the lego information. Thinking about Lego information it takes me a long time.

Yesterday in science we had a design Challenge,l saw me blowing
our teams vehicles the machine's load is two ping pong ball.

I think
I think our team did a great job making our vehicle.

I wonder
I wonder if the force is too strong?

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Today we visited our EC buddies from Ms. Elaine's class.We spent time with our buddies by playing.

This year, I hope my buddy learns how to play soccer. I also hope he will be nice to his friends.

To help my buddy learn to play soccer,I could teach him how to juggle. Another thing I could do is play puzzle. Next time I see my buddy, I will remember to play soccer with him.

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Yesterday was Dragontopia. Parents,principals,and 4 and 5 graders visited our rooms. Our goal was to change their perspectives about our topics.

Know Chart
First, they filled in the know chart. Here is a comment l though was interesting:

Learned chart
After our activity, they wrote on the learned chart so we could see If their perspectives changed. Here is a comment I thought was
Messi did 10 times as much as our training so it is hard.