I learned a lot about poverty rates from the video. Fascinating, interesting, crazy and insane information I learned it all. There were a lot of things that enhanced the overall experience such as his humor but the most fascinating part about this whole video was his graphs and his understanding of the subject. I feel very lucky to have a wonderful school and home. It is a miracle I can even have a home this great. I realized that not all the families in the world have a proper home, have proper education and have proper meals. In the end, I'm very motivated to help world poverty be stopped.

And this is my gap minder video: 

Gap minder video

In this video, our group - me, Judy and Alex were making a video to advised the 6th grader on their project for the Dragon's Apprentice. In our tutorial video, we were trying to give advice on avoiding the pitfall that can happen if you find a dictators or a slacker. We added a small skit to the video and we hope that would help the 6th graders to visualize better. One of my favorite advised was that you should have a schedule that slacker has to follow, to ensure they are doing work instead of slacking. This advice is really good for people as a slacker because they will know what to do instead of slacking and also the leader should always keep track of their members if someone looks like they're slacking, do some investigating and single them out. That's some of our ideas in the video, all these ideas was based on our experience with teamwork and we hope that the 6th graders can learn these advice and use it on their Dragon's Apprentice project.

Tutorial Video

The Water Filter Design was a challenge which required as  a group to come up with a design that can filter water and especially turn it to a drinkable source. The challenge requirements are

  • Completely remove all our contaminants, including salt, copper, and sediment
  • Produce water with an acidity range between 6-8 pH
  • Generate at least 15 ml of water for testing. (ideally, more the better.)
  • Your NGO can provide solar panel systems with limited electricity to families.
  • Use materials that are available to people in rural Vietnamese villages, or within the limited budget

At first, we decided to use a beaker, cling wrap, hot plate, a pencil and a rubber band. Our main purpose was to make the water evaporate into the cling wrap because when water evaporates, it will filter out the bacteria, copper, and the turbidity level would be low. Unfortunately, the result didn't came out as we expected because the amount of water that we got out from the cling wrap is not enough to test the pH level, turbidity, and copper. So we failed on our first test.

Then we changed the prototype to filter and boil, this time we managed to get enough water samples to test, but the result didn't meet our expectation. The pH test showed that it was still a 3 - an acid level. Therefore, we decided to change the prototype into a purifying system. The water will flow through different levels of sediments (sands, soils, rocks, etc) and it will be filtered cleaner. However, the water was not completely clean because it was still a number 4 on the pH scale. In the final class, we boiled the purified water and added little amount of baking soda into our final result to neutralized the acid. The result finally turned into water ( pH 7) and reached our expectation.

Video Link

Day 1:

What is a Passion Project?

A Passion Project is a project that you create art works out of your interests/hobbies.

How do you feel about this unit?

I'm really excited about this project because we get a lot of freedom and it's really fun when you get to work on something that you like.

What is your project?

My project was fashion design. We're going to create a dress that fit with a mannequin and we will make the dress by sewing.

What steps do you need to take to complete this?

  1. Find dress design sketches on the internet
  2. Choose one
  3. Sketch out the design and label it
  4. Choose the fabric for the design
  5. Watch videos that teach you how to sew
  6. Make the dress

Day 2:

What did you achieve today? 

This lesson, We are drawing out the design and also deciding which materials we should choose.


(this is the design that we came up with)

What went well and what needs to change next class?

Today we sketched out our design for the dress and I think we're on the right path for our dress design so we don't have any changes.

What did you learn today?

I learned some new techniques for sketching.

What are your next steps?

Next class, we will try and sew the first part of our dress and also collect some fabric to use for our design.

Day 3:

What did you achieve today? 

In this lesson, we're trying to make the dress. We watched a video about sewing and they teach us all the technique that we need to sew a dress.

(This the video that we watched to help us)

What went well and what needs to change next class?

The sewing was a little hard because both of us were all beginners so we need some times to practiced. We did sew some part of the dress and got to finished most of it.

What did you learn today?

Today I learned some really useful sewing techniques that I never tried before.

What are your next steps? 

We will keep working on our dress and try to finish it.

Day 4:

This lesson we're having a little problem at discussing our ideas for the dress. Each of us have our own design and when we're discussing as a group, it doesn't go very well with the design for the dress. Our design were so different to each other that we decided to split up and do individual. I was planning on making a small dress and I used a doll as the model. Melody decided to do a real dress that you actually can wear it and she's using a mannequin for her design.

Day 5:

What did you achieve today? 

Today I will redesign my dress, so I started to choose different design sketches from Pinterest and google images and sketch it out, after I've done sketching I will picked out some of the sketch which is my favorite.

What went well and what needs to change next class?

I got to see some really nice design from different people on the internet and each of the dress had a theme for themselves, this will help me to picture out my dress and sketch it out.


(This is all the design that I sketched out on my sketchbook)

What did you learn today?

I learned some really nice sketching techniques on the internet and I will try and apply it later on for my dress.

What are your next steps? 

Next class I will choose the fabric and a theme for the dress.

Day 6:

What did you achieve today?

Today I finished choosing the fabric for my dress and also the theme.

What went well and what needs to change next class?

The fabric went really well with my design. Next class I will change the doll into a small mannequin because it's really hard to fit the dress in a doll than a mannequin.


(This is all the fabrics that I chose to make the dress)

What did you learn today?


What are your next steps?

I'm going to start sewing the first part of the dress and watch more videos about sewing so I can learn more techniques and apply it to my dress.

Day 7:

What did you achieve today?

Today I sew the first part of my dress which is the top of the dress and I really like it.

What went well and what needs to change next class?

The sewing was SUPER HARD, I can't even put the thread inside of the needle. This whole thing took me 2 hours to finished and that's only the first part 😭 😞. But it's really fun though, I can try new things since this is the first time I've ever sew something 😋😊. It came out pretty good and I really liked it. Every thing was going really well so I don't think I need to change anything.

(This is the video I watched to help me)


(This is the part that I finished sewing)

What did you learn today?


What are your next steps?

I'm going to try and finished the dress.

Day 8:

What did you achieve today?

Today I finished the whole dress and I LOVE ITTT!!! ❤️❤️

What went well and what needs to change next class?

I finished sewing the whole dress and it's...... SO BEAUTIFUL. This is literally the first time I sew a dress. I really like this dress, in my opinion this dress came out amazing and it looks a lot like a wedding dress which is the main theme for the design. 😆😄.


This is my final drafts for the dress!  😊

What did you learn today?

I learned how to sew a dress for the first time in my life! 😊😄 👗👗

Finished Project!!! 😄😄


I think this video came out pretty well, not perfect but I think it would reach meeting expectation. I included pictures/gifs that fit with the theme of my poem and also subtitle. The pictures and the gifs came out pretty good but the subtitle I think it's need to be more clearer, in some pictures or gifs you can't really see the subtitle very well. While doing this video, I've got some technical problem at cutting clips and adding subtitle, I don't know much about editing video so.......... something happen :)) I have to cut and add and cut and add and extend it or make it shorter. Like the whole process of editing videos took about 1-2 hours. Finding the pictures was also very hard because of the theme and you can only find it on Creative Commons so it took really long for the process, that's why I add some gifs to it to create effect and gifts also easier to find than pictures.

Overall I'm proud of the result when it came out. Mostly the pictures and the gifs part because I was looking for the pictures for hours and it was horrible. But finally I can see that the pictures at the end was link together and it's like you're watching a short movies. The pictures and the gifs were also really fit with each other. :)))

This video will help the audience imagine the theme better. Through each picture/gif you can see that it links with the the theme of the poem. With the pictures/gifts and sounds effects used in the video, it will make the watchers more interested and easy to imagine the concept of the poem, this would be more details than reading out your poem with no pictures.

I want the pictures, music and the reading to emphasize the feeling of the girl who's trap in her nightmare. Using your voice up to down and slow to fast will help the poem more interesting and also highlight the important points in the poem.

If I can do this over again, I will try and change the subtitle to make it clearer and easier to follow through the entire video.

When you're doing this project in the future, try to find clear and high quality pictures, also add some gifs or pictures that can express the theme of the poem, choose music and sound effects that can connect to your poem. Good luck on this project!

I think my final result came out pretty good, I'm really proud of it. In this artwork, I used line variation outside of the frame to make it less boring and decorated the background, I also colored the frame with blue to make it looked like the sea. I used contrast in the whale and also the sea to help both of them more vivid. My artwork is more tasteful because I added corals and little animals outside of the frame. Next time, I'll try to shade the coral outside to make it more beautiful and lively.


We have to find 4 different pictures from our animal, it should be taken from different angle. The we draw the pictures on an A4 paper, each with different shapes. The first one I used black marker, the second one I used pencil to draw it, the third picture I used different line variation. In the final square I colored the background.

Drawing this help a lot on our main artwork,  we can see different angle from the animal and we don' have to imagine it.


At the start of the unit I didn't know about line breaks and white space in poems. Now I fully understand the purpose of using them. I'm not fond of becoming a poet. However i'll try in future to invest in more time and effort to practice more often then I can write professional poems in near future. Yes i'll consider writing poetry because it's short but meaningful in each sentence.

My overall experienced with poetry was successful because i can write free verse poems better and using more genres. Yes I have grown as a writer, but i think i need more practice to be a successful writer.

This is my "Theme Poem" Lifecard, and while doing this poem I did had some trouble because of the theme and line breaks. I have to wrote the poem detailed and it need to include line breaks, white space, stanzas, etc. I also had to learned from my old poem to used line breaks & white space more purposefully. I chose the star because it represent Christmas, and it also mean happiness. Whenever you looked at a star on Christmas's night, it brings happiness and joy to your mind and that's my theme for this poem

"Christmas is full of joy"