Science SLC

When we look at all the topics we have learnt in Science, the Climate Change essay has the most memorable spot in my head. For this topic, we needed to find two effects caused by global warming and explain in detail on why it is important and how global warming is affecting it. I focused on rising sea level and polar bears endangering. During class, we went through TED Talks and Articles about global warming and write down our research notes on a document, then we use this source support our essay.




Printmaking is creating a piece of artwork by printing it out, most of the time on paper.

Printmaking video links:

1.There 9 types of printmaking style.

2.Woodcut is the oldest printmaking technique.

3.You can use ink-jet machines to create a piece of printmaking art.

PE Reflection

For my highlight of the year, it would be the 7 minute challenge, I may still be one of the lHonestly, my biggest success was being able to run much more than I could at the beginning of the year. I may not be good at sports but I do like it, I always look forward to PE class. I do try to do my best even if I mess it up, there are a lot of times when I make mistakes but I still like sports. I am most proud of my results in the 7 minute challenge, it may still be pretty low but I always did far more than I expected.



1.Yuki ball


3.Hot dog





8.Push-up program


10.Dodgeball variation

11.Mystery bucket


13.Capture the flag

14.7 minute challenge


16.California kickball


18.Target games

19.Continuous frisbee







26.Mosh ball




Target Games Playbook Draft:

Bocce Ball:

What we need: 1 hula-hoop, 1 bocce ball per person, 1 pallino.

Instructions: First, set a hula-hoop for where you will be standing in when you aim for your target. Then, throw the pallino wherever you want it to be as your target, after that, you use the bocce ball and throw it as close to the pallino as possible, the one with the closest ball wins.

Frisbee Golf:

What we need: 1 frisbee per player, cones, 3 hula-hoops, 4 to 8 number mats, 1 yellow gate.

Instructions: Use the number bases to set up the stations. Then, using cones, hula-hoops and egates to design each station, remember that each station has to have a target. Make sure to place the number bases on every station. For each station, you can score a maximum attempts of 7 and if you can’t score within that, then you get 8 points for that station.1 attempt equals one point and the objective of this game is to score the least points by the end of the game. If you threw the frisbee and it did not land in your target, you must start again from where your frisbee landed until you score unless you did not finish within 7 trials.

Cone Croquet:

What we need: 11 cones, 1 tennis ball per player.

Instructions: We set up using 2 cones per gate where we will throw the tennis ball through, make the cone lines as complicated as possible. there will be 5 gates and 1 cone for where it will represent the finish line. Once you throw the ball and it goes through the 2 cones, you move to the next gate from where your ball landed, and if it doesn’t land, you have to throw it through the gate from where the ball was left from until you passes. The person who reaches the goal first wins.


What we need: any kind of bow (compound bow is recommended), five to ten arrows, target board


  1. (Stance)Stand in a ‘stance’ position, meaning to face your body right from the target board, standing on the waiting line and your legs spreaded in shoulder length.
  2. (Nock)After a whistle is blown, attach the nock onto the marked color(?) on a string of a bow, and make sure you heard a click sound when the nock is secured on the string you are going to draw
  3. (Bow and set)For right handers, hold the arrow on your right hand whereas for left handers, there is a special arrow for left handers to hold on their left hand.
  4. (Draw Handset)Based on the right hander’s arrow, once you knocked the arrow, use your left hand to place three fingers next to the arrow’s nock
  5. (Pre-draw)Then lift the arrow and bring it up to your head
  6. (Draw)Pull the string, reaching your fingers to the end of your mouth
  7. (Anchor)For this step, either use your dominant eye or both of your eyes to aim to the target board.

*In case you’re not sure about your dominant eye, you can simply close one of your eye and make a triangle with your hands and draw it towards your eyes. If you can see the same view in the triangle like when your both eyes are opened, the opened eye is going to be your dominant eye.

  1. (Aim) Focus your dominant eye and the bow to the target where you want to release the arrow.
  2. (Shot set-up) Before releasing the arrow, check all your position and reassure where you are pointing your arrow to.
  3. (release) Release the fingers from the string and keep your other arm straight.
  4. (Reflect) After looking at where you shot, reflect what you can improve on next time.


Whistle commands:

1 long blow : Stop what you are doing and look at the teacher

2 blows : Go to the shooting line (those who are not shooting should be far behind the shooting line)

1 short blow : Start shooting your first arrow

3 blows : Go fetch your arrows

Aim and Shoot:

What we need : 4 hoops, 2 footballs, 2 frisbee, some strings


Instructions: You would set up the game by having 2 different colored pair of hoops and you split into 2 teams, blue and red. So if the blue team is in the left the white team is in the right, then you would tie the first pair of colored hoop on both lower corner of the goal, the blue hoop will be on the left and the red will be on the right. The 2 other blue and red hoops should be tie on both upper corner opposite from your team . You split the goal line in front of the goal for both team, on those line will be a single football and frisbee for each team. Both team will start by lining up behind the corners on both sides of the field. When the game starts, you have to run straight from that corner to the middle of the field, then you run on the line across the middle of the field until you arrive at where the line and circle intercept, then run on that circle until you arrived at the starting point, after that, run straight back until you reach your side penalty line. A ball and frisbee should already be set up. Kick the ball into the lower hoop in front of you, you get 1 point if you got it in and have to do 5 push ups or 10 star jumps if you fail. Then take the frisbee and throw it to the opposite upper corner hoop, if you got it in you get 1 point, if you fail do the same thing. When you are finished, retu rn both object back to the penalty line and run to the next person on your team waiting at the corner of the field, high five them to complete the course. Each players will go 3 times, calculate the total points that your team have gained, the team with the most points win.

Frisbee bocce:

What we need: 1 hula-hoop, 1 bocce ball per person, 1 frisbee.

Instructions: First, set a hula-hoop for where you will be standing in when you aim for your target. Then, throw the frisbee wherever you want it to be as your target, after that, you throw the bocce ball and as close to the frisbee as possible. The person who has the closest bocce ball next to the frisbee wins.

Social Studies SLC

Alexander the Great

It is often believed that Alexander was a great leader because he did not put himself in front of his subordinates. According to Lucius Flavius Arianus, Alexander was determined to go through the same agony as his men when they were crossing a desert. This evidence suggests that Alexander was thoughtful of his men and understood that if he were to leave his soldiers to suffer alone without a leader to guide them, their ability to bear hardship would not had been as strong.


Japanese Silk Factory

It has been argued that women in japan who worked in a silk factories had to deal with their job under harsh conditions 14 hours a day. Confirmed by James L. McClain, it seems that these hard worker could only earn 13 sen which is 150 cents per day. Given the evidence, it is logical that these ladies were paid far too little considering it working over 100 hours a week with no holiday.

Primera conversación en español

For this project, we were taking a video of an interview between two people, it was hard to make this video seem believable and realistic but it turned out better than I thought. If I were to redo this project, I would add in more specific details including what we have learned recently, maybe like our family members.

Mi Familia


We were making a presentation about our family and friends. It was challenging to put everything in order and the differences between description words are hard to remember, but after a lot of activities we did in class, I successfully remembered it all. If I were to redo this project, I would add in more description of the person’s characteristics.

Spanish Poster



I felt that I could use simple sentences to describe a person but my grammar and the differences between male and female words always had me confused, but I have learned many tricks to memorize the differences. As I said earlier, I would use the verbs and verb endings tricks. If I were to redo this, I would just change the poster’s look because this is not about writing an essay, but just briefly describe somebody.

Mi Primer Video-Blog

Ever since I was young, I have never liked taking videos or performing in front of a lot of people, but I was able to over come that for know. I found it challenging to memorize the script but since I wrote it myself, it was much easier, I have also improvised my script as it went on. If I were to redo this project, I would definitely add more editing in it to make this video look more interesting.