Explorer skits

We performed a skit that was about Captain James Cook. We prepared the skit by getting information from wikipedia and weaving those facts in our lines. I performed this skit with Kwan Mo, Ian and Hung Yu. I think the best part of our play was the part when Ian pretended to shoot Kwan Mo because it sounded like a pistol. I think we could’ve made our skits better by adding some humor to it. In the scale 1-4, I would rate it 3 because it had a lot of information but it had no humor. I liked the skit of Christopher Columbus from 4MS because at the beginning, Columbus is born.

HS Dance!

On may 26, my class learned a dance that the 9th and the 10th graders taught us. The name of the dance was “Good To Be Alive About Right Now.” I think it was a fun activity spending some time with the high schoolers. It was difficult at first, but I got used to it really quickly. Here is the dance.


My explorer was Captain James cook. Captain James cook was born on 1728 and died on 1779. We built the ship HMS Eagle that sailed on 1745. Captain James cook was once the captain of the Royal Navies and had a total of 7 ships including HMS Pembroke, HMS Endeavour, HMS Discovery, HMS Adventure, HMS Resolution, HMS Grenville. We didn’t finish the ship and we just need to paint it. This is our ship in progress.

Book Club Ratings

I rate the book “Joey Pigza Swallowed The Key by Jack Gantos” a 9 out of 10 because a lot of parts were funny but one part was really violent. The book has a lot of humor, sarcasm, similes and metaphors. If possible, I would like to read the next book called “Joey Pigza Loses Control.”

Unit 5 Math Test

In math unit 5 pre-test, I was happy because I got 100%. So, I got to do challenging problems. To be honest, it was harder then I thought. At the end of the unit, I finished level D so I got a carrot cake from Mr.James! This was Level B from my challenging problems. Take a look!


Viable Vietnam Film Festival Reflection

Yesterday, grade 4 had Film Festival for the documentaries that we made. Our documentary topic was the Water Puppet shows. I thought that the film festival was awesome because we had a lot of fun walking on the red carpet. It also made me fell a little bit sad because the unit was a lot of fun learning. I learned that a lot of culture of Vietnam was threatened because a lot of documentaries had a problem. I don’t know why the graphics were so bad but it was good.

 These are some pictures.