Viable Vietnam Film Festival Reflection

Yesterday, grade 4 had Film Festival for the documentaries that we made. Our documentary topic was the Water Puppet shows. I thought that the film festival was awesome because we had a lot of fun walking on the red carpet. It also made me fell a little bit sad because the unit was a lot of fun learning. I learned that a lot of culture of Vietnam was threatened because a lot of documentaries had a problem. I don’t know why the graphics were so bad but it was good.

 These are some pictures.

Lee Tracy River Artist Trip

Today, we went on a field trip to cresent mall. We helped Lee Tracy for the world river project where we dip the fabric in the river. We did that on the rainbow bridge near the Cresent mall. This unit is all about viet nam and how sustainable it is. Sustainable means Some thing can keep going successfully. These are some pictures/videos that represents our field trip with Mrs.Tracy.


Fabric dipping

This is my sketch of a tree.

This is my Haiku poem that I wrote about rivers.

If you like, you can visit Lee Tracy’s website at

My Fantasy Story

This is my fantasy story. This is a story about a boy on summer vacation but he has very bad luck… What will happen to him? Well, find out by reading my story! Enjoy!

I am proud of how much pages I wrote because this is my first time writing 10 pages. I like the genre of fantasy because any thing can happen. It’s also because there are imaginary characters, objects and creatures. I learned about the different types of genres there are in the genre FICTION. There are: Sci-Fi, Historical fiction, Fantasy, Realistic fiction and more! And again, Enjoy my story!

Energy Saving Prototypes

For the robotics for the unit Thinking Outside The Box, me and my group made a project called Micro-Conserver 2000. This project is a microwave that turns on and off when necessary. The purpose for this project is that kids always doesn’t turn the microwave off and that is wasting electricity. It was a total success because it worked how we wanted. I could make it better by programing the sensor better.

Micro-Conserver 2000

This is the link to the explanation for our project: