Today, we met an Eco Artist called Lee Tracy.

So,we went to the rainbow bridge and dipped the fabric in!the fabric was really dirty when we dried it under the sun !


After the work,we went to the shade and ate our lunch!Also we wrote some poems & draw some nature view!Then we WALKED back to school.It was tiering but It was fun doing Eco Art!I learned that we have to take care more about our environment and not polluting the nature!

G4 cookie fraction

Today, we made cookies! The recipe only served 3 people. But we had to convert the recipe to serve 6 people.To make it serve 6 people,you have to multiply the amount of ingredient!For example,if the recipe said it needs 1/8 cup of butter,multiply by 2!(1/8 Times 2/1 = 2/8)Then, we reduce it, and it is 1/4 cup!

Here is the work !


Here is the recipe that only serve 3 people

This is the finished recipe that I converted to 6people!

Now let’s cook!








I worked on this room model that Saves energy!It turns on the fan when the person is inside it,and the room is hot,the fan will turn on!But when the person is not inside it,and its hot,it will not turn on!Our group work was pretty important for this project to!Tayla & Me design the room and Alex did the technology!The fan was made from the motor so it spins!

Check out our project!(hope you enjoy!)