Art 8 Reflection – Chair Sculpture



Our task in Art was to create unique chair sculpture. Sculpture is a type of art that is about making two or three dimensional figures or forms, by using plaster, stone, wood, etc. We were then assigned to make/create a theme, and creating a sculpture on our chair. That is about our theme. My classmates and I used multiple design processes, such as brainstorming, sketching, etc. The theme I chose was the open ocean, mostly whales, sharks, and other sea creatures. My theme was simple, but I wanted it to be unique. Like adding color abstract and mass. My sculpture will be graded based on my neatness, planning, development, and knowledge.

Gif of Process


Firstly, we had to master multiple elements and techniques that is related to our sculpture. There at most, 15 elements. These 15 include space, mass, line, texture, harmony, contrast, value, repetition, color, movement, balance, form, shape, and proportion. Out of several of these elements; I have chosen mass(big or small), texture(the feels), space(positive or negative), color(natural or applied), movement(the sculpture is moving), and contrast(different colors). One technique that has been helpful was the “Snake Eating an Ice-cream”. Ms. Jardin make several groups of 2, and sent us to work on the activity. The materials that we’ve used were newspaper, wire, and tape. In the activity, we first made an ice-cream cone and then started making a skeleton out of wire wrapping around the ice-cream. After finishing the skeleton we wrapped it around with newspaper, bringing it alive. The most helpful advice from Ms. Jardin was to create the biggest things first. I wasn’t ready to do my huge whale, because I wasn’t confident that I was able to do it. So, I decided to then make an anchor. After that I created a shark using plaster, I had to work on my sandstone and rocks. I mostly used newspaper and tape, I had to stick the paper onto the chair and then tape it. Plastering it, was slightly difficult because the plaster was wet and it made parts of the newspaper mushy. But, I’ve managed to do it quickly. Few classes later I’ve finally decided to make the whale. Making the whale wasn’t that simple, I had to create a skeleton to make the body stable. The skeleton was made out of cardboard, and it was shaped similar to a submarines skeleton. After doing that, I had to fill in the space using tape and newspaper. I was able to then plaster after making the body, then work on the tail and fins. The next few classes were used to make small sea creatures, rocks, and coral. When everything was stuck to the chair. The last week or two was used to paint the whole thing, glueing, and making a few more details. The details were stuck onto the chair using glue gun, I rarely plastered the details.



In general, I am certainly was proud of my chair. I was able to complete most of my goals, and work hard for at least a month. Some things that I will definitely need to improve is my time management, because some of the time I was doing the small details instead of my whale. Another improvement that I need to work on is my plastering. It wasn’t well; for example my shark had some white spots, and it was hard to cover it with the paint brush. Some personal strengths I’ve discovered, were the 2 following; Project planning because my sculpture was really different from my sketch in my art notebook, and productivity because I have done multiple details/sculptures in 2 months.


Lastly, this project is about creating a unique chair sculpture that shows our theme. I have definitely done better than what I’ve thought I should’ve done. At the start i was confused, and thought that I was going to make a horrible sculpture. But, at the end it turned out well. Everyone else experiencing that would also have done well and surpassed their thoughts. The challenging part was trying to finish everything before the due date, we all freaked out and struggled. But, was able to finish it just in time.

Art 8 S2- Chair Project

I think the easiest part was doing the plastering because I’m used to it and it’s pretty easy to do with the right materials. The challenging part would be actually making the whale, or working with wet newspaper. Some ideas I have would be making a huge net by using chicken wire, then add the whale and make it look like its breaking through. I might just scrap that idea, or actually keep it. My chosen theme is technically ocean or more like coral reefs, since I like it and I think it’ll look awesome. We use the design progress because this will help us through our project and it shows that if we’re changing ideas we already got something to think about in our designs. I’m looking forward to finish of or actually working on clay. I think I’ll make my chair more like a bright blue, more like a shore line kind of theme.

I’m planning to use this youtube video to help me make some coral or even seaweed for my chair. This technique is helpful, because coral are basically like tree branches. So, I could just twist and make a branch then stick them together.


March 16 – 2017

April 19 – 2017


1. Looking at what you have achieved over the last 10 weeks, describe how you feel about the chair now and what you have really achieved. (imagine being back at that starting point}

I feel really proud of what I’ve done in 10 weeks. This feeling of achievement is amazing, I haven’t felt this in a while.

2. Explain the elements that are applied (you may need to look at your poster again don’t forget movement is one too) to your chair so far. If you were to choose ONE to be the most important what would it be? Is there one much more dominant than the others?

Some elements that I’ve applied are texture and mass. I think the most important element is texture, because it covers up most of my chair. The sand, rock, animals are about 60% of my chair. While the mass is just the shark and whale.

Day 9 3.0 – After a whole week


After coming back from Week Without Walls, Gio and I have been waiting to see if our grasshoppers survived. When we entered the science room, we noticed our plants have been doing great for the past week. Plus, a plant grew out of nowhere! It probably was a seed that was hiding inside the soil, I was shocked. As we opened the ecodome, we didn’t expect anything new from the smell. It still smelt like dead animals, we looked hard and only found one dead grasshopper. As we looked through the small bamboo plant, we noticed a grasshopper hiding between the stems. We eventually let that one free, as for the third grasshopper… We couldn’t find it. So, we eventually gave up on finding the grasshopper.


So, we thought that this one grasshopper survived is because he was able to drink water on the side of the walls. Since he was on top of the leaves of the bamboo plant, he was able to reach the droplets of water. While the other two were at the ground, stuck with the water in the petray dish. Probably on the second day, all the water on the petray dish evaporated. Yes, grasshoppers can jump. But, the leaves were covering most of the space. Leaving both grasshoppers on the ground.

The plants survived multiple times, which made Gio and I think. If our ecodome wasn’t really meant for organisms such as grasshoppers, crickets, etc. But, for plants instead.

Day 2 3.0 ~ Working on Ecodome

The grasshoppers are bigger than the last ones we had in our old ecodomes. We’re choosing the grasshoppers again because they usually survive for at least a week. We’re adding this small bamboo plant, I think this will provide cover and food. We still kept the same amount of water because if adding more would result in drowning the grasshopper.


We’re putting the same amount of (3) grasshoppers into the ecodome. Adding 2 plants, and shifting the rocks around. This time Gio and I are going to spray/spread the water inside the ecodome, this will improve the survival rate of the plants and grasshoppers. We’ve chosen 3 bulky grasshoppers to start out, and then closing the lid.

Final Reflection – Art 8

1. Show/insert your final layered alliteration page.  Describe what you did on the page and give your opinion of the final piece. What do you like the most about it? Why? How well did the NY student’s work fit in?

I worked on drawing the bear & background, andy worked on coloring & layering. I did help him with the coloring, but he did most of the coloring. Isabella worked on the verse. I think everything in this piece is great, but the verse doesn’t fit with the drawing. I love the colors and the cave, because they just work out so well together. Isabella’s verse is great, but it doesn’t fit with the drawing as I said before.


2. Show/Insert your other jobs (anything extra you did for the book) ie research, drawings, layering 3 animals/ cover. Discuss what was easy and what was challenging. What are you proud of and how have your skills grown?

Another one I’ve done was the letter V, I did most of the coloring and background. While Andy did most the layering and some of the coloring. The easiest part was working on the background, even though I’m used to work on the animal. The challenging part was communicating with the NY students that were working with the letter V. I’m proud of the work I’ve made for the background, my skills in drawing have grown a lot.


3. Explain what you did for your publicity job, add a screenshot/link/photo. (ie donation boxes, banners, letters to the school, book launch)

My job was to do a banner, which required some posters and some other drawings people have drawn embedded in it. This turned out really good at the end. My other partners were Andy H. and Quang Hieu. I worked on the posters, while andy added pictures. Quang Hieu did the “help us, and layout”.


4. How did you feel about the Skype call?

Well the skype call wasn’t that bad, but we didn’t get the chance to talk that much to them.

5. Add a screenshot of the shop. Discuss what do you think of our final shop? How will you promote it?

I think the final shop looks great and awesome. I’d promote it by spreading it in probably social media like facebook, instagram, etc.


Day 4 2.0 ~ Observations

Coming in at science class we’ve realized that our grasshoppers and most of our plants have died and are now decaying. So, we’ve decided to turn the ecodome vertically. This gives us a chance to place in a tall plant. This is just to make it look good. We’re waiting for the grasshoppers, to come in.


-Ecodome was warm

-Had water drops on the sides of the walls

-some plants were decaying

-all 3 grasshoppers are dead

-water source has been polluted, filled with dirt.


Seems like this ecodome wasn’t a success. Since all 3 grasshoppers have died, well most of the plants survived. I think we should improve on the design, and getting stronger grasshoppers. Unlike the small ones we usually get, including the plants too.


Day 2 2.0~ Second Day

Gio is sick today, looks like I’ve got to find the grasshoppers myself. Which is going to be hard. After a while of searching I’ve only found 2/3. But, after another 10 minutes. I’ve finally found the third grasshopper. They’re all alive, and doing well. Nothing much has changed, but the ecodome is warm. There is water surrounding the ecodome’s walls.


~The ecodome in this picture hasn’t changed much, one rock was moved though

Day 1 2.0~ New Ecodome

Gio and I have decided to remove the cricket, and put in 3 grasshoppers instead. Mostly because we prefer grassy terrain. The crickets mostly prefer sand and cardboard. We don’t have resources like that. We’re keeping at least 2 plants which have survived from our first attempt before. Mostly because their leaves were eaten by the grasshopper. We’re still keeping the amount of water and soil. Only adding some other plants which are small, to increase the oxygen for the grasshoppers. We’ve removed the cup, since we thought it was acting like graveyard before. Since the cricket actually died while inside the cup, well now we know it likes the dark.


~After building and putting the grasshoppers in


SS8~Quarter 2 – Informational Writing

The biggest success I’ve had during ELA was probably my informational paper. I’ve put so much effort into it, including most of my spare time. The biggest difficulty was probably doing the homework on time, because I have other teachers’ homeworks to work on. This includes science, math, social studies and spanish. But, luckily I was on time and was able to work on my citations and note cards. For the writing I would work on some of my grammar mistakes. There weren’t a lot at all, there were about 2-3. Luckily Mr. Benck said that he doesn’t really grade on the spelling because we’re expected to do well on english. Another thing I’d change would be my format of each paragraph. Both conclusion and intro is fine, but the 3 paragraphs are what I’m worried about. The 3 of my paragraphs are Levels of Decay, Features and After Death. I think I should’ve put Levels of Decay first, then After death as last. The features would be in the middle of them both.

Informational Writing – What Happens to your Body After Death?