The Bug Infested Trip! 🐛

I went to Cat Tien last week and It was fun.

I liked when we got to go and hide the moon bears food then watch them Find it. We split up into 2 groups and the other half got to have peanut butter on trees and fruit on different things. The second group got to make food for the moon bears. 

One challenge for me was when we had to sit down with all the ants and bugs. But I overcame it by not thinking about the bugs.

We learned a lot about sustainability like how the moon bear centre was sustainable and how the primate centre is sustainable. The moon bear cent was sustainable because they have a good cage for the bImage result for sustainableares and keep helping them and the government has made a law about not keeping moon bears for their bile. The primate centre is sustainable because they help the primates and then most of them go out in to the forest on the island or the mainland and they are trying there hardest to keep doing what they need to do.

I think next year we could play more games and fun activities and make sure the rooms are all good. 


Parrot Info Report

I think I did good with my Contrast because I first had a meeting but now my final has a exceeding. I did good making layers and adding a blue and gold Macaw to pull everything together and make it look 3D. I also added blue and green background for the text to make it stand out.

I next time I am going to put more pull togethers like the parrot.

Click here to view info report: Parrots

2 Week Reading Goal 📖

For the next two weeks I have a reading goal and a action plan that I am going to follow.

Goal: I am going to read non-fiction and other genres besides fantasy. I am going to read more every night. 

Action Plan: Mon-Fri read 30min.+ each night.

Progress Report: 

Wednesday: I am reading The Breadwinner that is Children’s literature. I timed myself and I read for 30min.

Thursday: I read more of the Breadwinner. I timed myself and I read for 23min. 

Sunday: I continued the Breadwinner. I timed myself and I read for 40min

Monday: I continued the Breadwinner. I timed myself and I read for 60min.

Tuesday: I finished the breadwinner. I read for 30min.

Wednesday: I started reading Parvana’s Journey that is the 2nd book in the breadwinner series. I read for 30 min. 

Thursday: I continued Parvana’s Journey. I read for 35 min. 

Sunday: I continued Parvana’s Journey. I read for 33min. I am about to finish it.

Monday: I continued Parvana’s Journey. I read for 35min.

Tuesday: I did not read today.

Wednesday: I continued Parvana’s Journey. I read for 30min.

Summery: I achieved my goal because I read an other genre which was Children’s literature. I read always around 30min. from Mon-Fri. I think I could have read a few other genres too. I am happy of how I completed my goal because I read every day (Not Tuesday), I liked the books I read and I read for 30 min. and over. 

Science Experiment

Hello! Today I am going to tell you about my science experiment. This week me and my partner Billy worked on a science experiment. In my science experiment I learned that the baking soda a makes a reaction with sodium polyacrylate. I also learned that sodium polyacrylate and water make a solid. The best part of the experiment was at first the water fizzed then after it turned to a solid. I think we could make it more interesting if we add calcium carbonate. 

Week Reflection

Hi, this is Cade and I am going to tell you about my week in school🏫. I have been working on my research topic and I am now writing paragraph one📝. Paragraph one is about how parrots get their colour🎨. Also, last night there was a fall🍂concert and I was one of the MCs. The show started at 6:00🕕with the forth grade and then it was the fifth grade. My class was so happy😃 when we sang a song correct because at our practice we did not know the words.      

Vietnamese Class 🇻🇳

Hello! This is Cade and I am here to tell you about Vietnamese class. In Vietnamese class we learn words that start with each letter in the Vietnamese alphabet. We also learn about the Vietnamese culture. I want to show you Gia Đình Tôi, one of the Vietnamese Google Docs I typed. Gia Đình Tôi means My Family. I chose to show this because I am proud of it and it is one of the biggest pieces I wrote.   

Week Review

Hello! This is Cade and I am here to tell you about my week. This week we worked on researching our topics. My topic is Parrots. I chose parrots because I like animals that can fly. Next week I am going to start writing. Today I am exited because Terry Fox’s sister is coming to school. We have also been doing some science. We got to drink tang to experiment different concentrations. Thats this week, GOODBYE!   

Geek Squad! 🖥

Every day I have been going to the geek squad headquarters at 11:30 to get ready for the Learning2 Asia. Learning2 is when teachers from Asia come to our school. On Friday and Saturday I will be helping with the Learning2 since I am part of geek squad. I will be helping with a big section that is all about technology in classrooms. I will be sowing Dash and Dot, Little Bits and Hummingbirds. I cant wait for Learning2 to start. 

Twine Story 📖

In the past couple of weeks I have been working on a twine story. We had to make a choose your own adventure story. A choose your own adventure story is a story where you get to choose what paths you want to take. So if you choose wrong it could lead to a dead end. It was pretty hard to make because I had to write a lot of passages to form the story.

Twine is a app where you can put a choose your own adventure story together. In twine you can make passages and routs for your story to form. You can also change the font, text size and the background colour of your text. In twine it looks like this: twineI am proud of how I can us a lot of dialogue in my writing.

I need to work on using sentence starters. 

Click Here To Play My Story