my showcase experience

this was my first ever showcase in fourth grade! it was really fun i got to talk about my group invention it was a fan hat it was a great invention it was the perfect invention!!! it was the best invention that my group ever made and the experience it was the best experience ever!!!

the thinking outside the box unit!!!!:D :D :D :D :D

it had been a very long year and i think that we had done a great job in 2016-2017 and our prototype was a total success our prototype was a fan hat. the fan hat is a hat but theres a fan on the hat,since our hat was a really good invention other people start thinking other things like instead of a fan hat it was a beanie that will keep you warn. so i hope that my invention was a success

Evil tobacco do not be near it

I had learned a lot about tobacco this year. I learned about it and its effects. It cause lung cancer. This is an example of having to much tobacco.

  1. Yellow teeth


2. Here are the other types of cancer/effects



3 and 4. Tobacco plant then cigarette







So this is why you should not smoke and why it is evil and do not allow in some areas.

Unit Studies’s Post on Thursday, April 28, 2016

Project rap song.

In third grade we had been learning about phu my hung’s plant and trees protection. We had been working about protecting phu my hung’s plant life for example we cut down all the trees and lands in the world we will all die so that’s why we are protecting all the plants in the world so we are making a rap song to protect our plants