Independent me reflection

We have started the year with our unit, Independent Me.
So far, an important fact I learned was being careful of my food choices.
The most interesting activity was learning the systems in our body.
I had a hard time with making good choices because sometimes i cant find the veggies and fruits and grains.
I would still like to learn more about what happens in our body twenty four hours a day.
I think it’s important for me to learn about body systems because i can know what little things that is happening in my body.

Unit 1: Understanding Ourselves ‘s Post on Monday, January 23, 2017

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This week my class and I is working on 2 step story problems.

Before I didn’t understand what I needed to do.

After some days I understand what you needed to do to solve the problem.

My goal is to find what I needed to do for 2 step problems faster.