Day 1

  • What did your group achieve today?

We painted other side


  • What did you do well today as a group?

We did well on time management and we could paint a lot today


  • What is the plan for next class?

We are going to finish all of our paintings by next class


Day 4


  • What did each of you do today?


Riko -  I am 70% done with painting the squared box

Jiyeon- I am also almost done with painting the squared box of mine


  • What are the problems that group members are facing?


Riko - I think our progress on painting is becoming slow.

Jiyeon- That we still haven’t finished painting, I think we have some problem with time management.


  • Did you work on the job you mentioned in the last reflection? If not, why not?


Riko - I couldn’t reach my goal: I was suppose to finish painting every object by today but I’m still working on one thing.


Jiyeon- I also couldn’t reach my goal because I was suppose to finish painting everything but I still haven’t finished yet.


  • What is the goal for next class?


Riko - Next class, I wish I can at least finish painting one object.

Jiyeon- Same.


Day 2

What did you do today? How?

I fixed painting that I did last time, and also painted on the other side of the building

How do you think your group members went?

My group member did good today, because she also finished painting the other side of the building like me.

What do you think of your progress so far? Why?

I think it’s going fine because I am almost finished with painting one building

What is your group plan for the next 5 classes?

Our group is going to paint all 3 buildings for the next 5 classes


Day 3

What did you do today?

I painted the other side of the building.  

How do you think your group members did?

My group member also did well today, making some progress on painting just like I did.

What do you think of your progress so far? Why?

I think I am doing well, but needs to do a little bit faster since I still didn’t finish painting all of the building.

What do you plan to do next class?

I want to finish painting all the buildings.


Day 5


What did you personally achieve today?

I finished painting one building using different patterns and colors for each side.

What challenges did you face today?

It was challenging to finish painting very fast, since I want to take more time on painting since I want to draw more details and more precisely, but I can’t because I don’t have a lot of time left.

What do you plan to do last 2 classes?

For last 2 classes, I want to finish painting other buildings and the ground, too, and start decorating them.


    A 12 year old boy wants to have a short break after doing some of his homework, so he decides to go online. While searching fun games on google, he finally finds the one that seems to be most enjoyable and clicks on the website to play the game. However, the one that popped out on the screen is not the game, but a word ‘error’. Just like this situation, some parents block websites with special filters for their children. Parents are concerned about teenagers, their children’s use of internet and websites, that they might go on to websites that are inappropriate, or very dangerous websites that harm their children. Parents should protect their children 50% with their use of social media by talking with them and use a filter to block inappropriate sites for teenagers because teenagers can hide their situation in danger from parents and they can see inappropriate websites.  Critics may claim that parents should trust their children; however, this is not a valid argument because parents can’t be sure whether their children are in any dangerous situation and have no idea if teenagers are using the internet, and social media in the right way.


    Parents should take care of their child’s social media accounts because children need at least a little bit of protection from their parents. Parents should be somewhat aware of child’s social media use, such as making sure that they understand the danger of social media. “My mom tried to ‘friend’ me, but I denied her request,” said Russel Taylor, a teen from Virginia.   As you can see in this quote, a lot of children are trying to hide what they do with social media. That could mean that even if they do extremely dangerous things with social media, parents wouldn’t be able to know anything about it. Teens are trying to hide more and more things from parents, and they wouldn’t want to reveal any of them. There are no ways that parents can check their children’s social media. As a result, since parents aren’t able to check what children are doing or if they are in danger, children can get into a dangerous situation, such as getting hacked without parents knowing, and that can happen anytime. Therefore, all parents should talk to and teach their children, before a situation occurs. They should also continuously be aware of their children using social media.


    The second reason is that parents should block and filter inappropriate sites for their children because they can see inappropriate media. Teenagers would want the freedom to go to websites and look at whatever they want. Therefore, if parents don’t care about their children, they might go over the boundary. “It’s parent’s job to watch over [their children] and be there to correct potential bad decisions that are all too common in a teenager’s life,” quoted the site that is selling software that filters and monitors Internet use. As a result, if parents don’t care about what their children look at, teenagers might accidentally visit some sites that hack private information of users, and get hacked and even be robbed. In conclusion, what parents should do for their children’s safety and clean private life is to take care of children’s use of internet sites.


    On the other hand, there are also parents of teenagers who claim that their children should be free using the internet however they want, without parent’s guard. For example, the privacy organization TRUSTe states that parents should not censor their children online, and instead they should trust but verify. Critics suggest that parents can trust their child instead of being too strict, and it is much better for both children and parents to have freedom.  There is some truth to the argument that teens need freedom, however, it doesn’t consider if teens still can be safe and secure, and helps teenagers not to get into a dangerous situation. Basically, Anthony Orsini, a middle school principal in New Jersey is saying that social networking has negative consequences for teens. This shows that it’s not too good for teenagers to visit any inappropriate sites, including social media sites, which aren’t created for teenagers but just for adults. After looking closely at both sides of the issue and the evidence, one can see that it is dangerous for teenagers to use social media and internet sites freely, without parents’ guard.

    In conclusion, parents should protect teenager’s safety by talking to them and teaching them about how to use social media appropriately and filter inappropriate sites. Teenagers can get into a lot of dangerous situations without parents’ help with their understanding of the danger of social media and inappropriate websites. They might friend strangers in social media and meet with dangerous people such as kidnappers, and they might see inappropriate media or even get hacked and get robbed by accessing inappropriate websites. Therefore, parents should take care of their children’s social media use no matter what, to keep them safe every time.



For 6 graders who are now having a big event called dragon apprentices which is selling own product that are made by students. Because more than a half of the 7 graders already had experience with dragon apprentices last year, we made a tutorial video that could help 6 graders. In the video, we included some tips and advices on how you should work when you meet up with your team for the planning, and also showed good and bad example of working together by acting out the scene. At last we wrote down more tips that could be extra helpful, such as co operate together, use time wisely, and work step by step.


Go deep


Dragon Apprentices is a project of making and selling own product in a group, planning everything on their own from one to ten. In a group, students have to prepare their own product first, and have a presentation about their product, in front of a businessman and other teams. After presentation from all the teams, are finished, everyone vote for the team that had the best presentation and the best product, and the team that is chosen, get to go to the final round, and chosen to be in top 3. To be the first place in top 3 at last, the team needs to have the best product which is useful and creative, and a sophisticated, professional presentation. Therefore, the process is really tough and difficult, that they have to compete against each other to beat all other teams and reach in top 3. For 6 graders that don’t know anything about the hard process, and probably don’t know that good teamwork is the best thing that makes the team to win every thing, 7 graders made a great tutorial videos with hope and wishes that our videos were useful for them, and could help them a lot more, and also that they could do well and better at the dragon apprentices, than how 7 graders did last year.


Make connections


For me, dragon apprentices that we did last year was very new and complicated that it was the first time that I ever did this kind of big project, and we didn’t really have anyone that had experience and give advice for us. When I first time heard about this project, I wasn’t sure of myself if I could do this successfully, or even be able to do this project. With a team of 5 people, there were many times that I had trouble co-operating with them well, and work together. For example, when we were choosing a product, we couldn’t agree on one idea but fight over which one is best or not for the long time. We didn’t really listen to each other carefully and some people didn’t even try to share their ideas, and didn’t try to work hard in a group. So our team couldn’t go to the final, but I could finally realize that the best teamwork makes the best group and get to win at the end, and it is the most important thing of all, not the product, not the presentation, but a teamwork. Teamwork was the thing that makes a good presentation, and a good product. Therefore, after having all these experience, I could be an expert of dragon apprentices and help 6 graders with a video that includes my experience.

Many parents may be concerned about their children’s use of social media due to the possibility of getting hacked, and getting in a dangerous situation. Teens may get hacked, when they aren’t cautious enough about their private information. For example, many teens post something publicly about their private information accidentally, and sometimes even purposely, such as their phone number, locations, or ID & password of their internet source. As a result, teens may get hacked by strangers that were able to see their posts, and maybe even get robbed, or kidnapped. In conclusion, parents should enforce their children to not posts private information, and be always make sure that their children are cautious about posting on social media, and they are bound to safe line of posting.

In science class, we had water filter project, which is to figure out the way to filter the water from river and make it possible to drink it. Therefore, in a group, we had to make it ph of 7, get rid of salt, sediment and its turbidity, low.  To do this, we had two different design for water filteration. The prior result had ph of 3, 600 ppm of copper, and very low amount of sediment in it, also quite a lot of amount of salt. For the first attempt, there were some changes, such as ppm, which went down from 660 to 350, and sediment that are no longer visible. However, acidity was still 3, which we had to improve. The second attempt, there weren't any improvement, but it got a little worse. The ph was 3, and the ppm was 450-600 which was higher than the last time. Our last attempt, we improved a lot after designing a new one, which had ph of 3, and ppm of 100-200. Its turbidity was extremely low, and it also had the least amount of salt out of 4 attempts.

First design====>screen-shot-2016-12-14-at-1-58-12-pm

Second design====>screen-shot-2016-12-14-at-1-58-33-pm

screen-shot-2016-12-14-at-1-57-58-pm   ➡screen-shot-2016-12-14-at-1-58-03-pm screen-shot-2016-12-14-at-5-20-24-pmscreen-shot-2016-12-14-at-5-16-53-pm

Link to the video

Materials we used to make our water filter was a plastic bottle, gravel, dirt, charcoal, cloth and plastic cups that are recycled. For the first attempt, we didn’t include charcoal, but only sand, gravel and cloth, and the result was pretty bad since we had high level of ppm, ph, but only that the turbidity was low. By researching, it was that dirt and sand got rid of small particles, but we did not think deeply enough with ph and ppm.

For our second attempt, we included charcoal, since we searched for something that could get rid of ph and ppm, and we could find that charcoal get rid of all of those.

 For the third one, we kept the same design, and the result didn’t come out that impressive. Therefore, for our last attempt we added gravel, and we could get very low level of ppm, turbidity, and ph. 

What we need to focus on next time is that we need to research more specifically to find a way to get rid of even small and specific parts.

Some problems we had was that our group sometimes forgot to fill out the document, and record things right away. However, we all listened to each other’s ideas and tried to work together. 

For the project of the end of the poetry unit, we made a video based on one of the poems that we've written through the whole poetry unit. In the video, we had to include appropriate images that represent our theme of the poem well and effectively,  and also separate the poem into parts and write them down for each image. Additionally, we had to find a good music that matches with the theme of the poem, which is the most important part of the project that the music goes on for the whole video. The last thing, we had to record ourselves reading the poem with appropriate pace, tone, and volume of our voice. That the theme of my poem is calm, I included calm and quiet music which is similar to a lullaby. And I also tried hard to make my voice quiet and sweet like I am talking to someone who I love. However, the process of making one perfect video wasn't uncomplicated. First of all, finding an appropriate music from the long long list of music can be the hardest challenge that I had to face in this project. I tried to search for calm music, but that there were so many of beneficial music for my poem,  that I couldn't decide on one from all others. Therefore, I had to listen to tons of them from the list and finally found the one that impressed me the most, which took a lot of time to do. Not only that, having a tone and good pace of recording voice was only hard to do. I had to record several times to finally have the one that's most impressive, that it just felt like I should fix some part, every time I hear my recording.

Though the process was pretty hard, the part that I am most proud of this project is images that I used for the video. It was very hard to find images that are CC, and get attribution for every image that I have to use for the movie, but I am proud that I could find 8 or more images that represent my theme and my story well, and appropriately. For example, images of the moon, stars, night sky and two kids holding hands were the ones that represent my calm and dreamy theme of my poem. Therefore, finding an image for the video was the best part of this project, from my perspective.

In my opinion, I think that making the video of our own written poem was very helpful. As I was watching my digital poem video after finishing it, I realized that it helps me to understand even better than when I was just reading it without anything. With music, images, texts, and narrating voice, it actually helped me to really get deep into the poem and makes me feel the situation in the poem, like the narrating voice is talking directly to me. To wrap up the poetry unit, I think making digital poetry video was a beneficial and very helpful way for me, since I could review everything with the poem that is written by myself, by just making one video.

-What did you learn about poetry that you did not know at the start of the unit?

Though I learned about figurative languages used in poetry in Language Art class last year, I didn't know how to separate my poem in stanza effectively, and also how to actually write them on my own with all of the figurative languages and appropriate ideas. First of all, stanza and white space were something that I didn't really get to learn last year, so it was very new for me and something that I had to struggle a little at first. However, as I use them every time and think of which idea to separate and which idea I should emphasize when I write poems in this year, I became pretty confident with stanza organization. Additionally, writing my own poem with figurative languages that I learned last year wasn't actually totally new that I am already confident about figurative languages, but writing them down with my ideas was pretty complicated that I had to first choose appropriate and effective ideas when I make a poem.

Though it was a bit hard to get used to new things, I am glad that I am now capable of using them.

-Do you know consider yourself a poet? Why or why not?

During poetry session, I learned that anyone can be a poet if they write a poem that's created on their own. I wrote about 4 poems during this session on my own, and had to challenge myself as a poet. Therefore, I do consider myself a poet, who writes her own thought down in a way of writing poetry, though I do not consider myself as a perfect poet, who writes a perfect poem with every rule in a way of writing poem, but the one who writes a creative poem that's coming out of herself.

-Do you think you will continue writing poetry?

It's not that I love to write poetry, but I enjoy writing poetry. So maybe sometimes when I feel like writing a poem, I will just write them for fun, but not professionally. Also, as I grow up, we might write or learn poem in school. Therefore, I guess I will keep continuing writing poetry.

-What was your overall experience with poetry?

After learning more deeply about poetry, I feel proud that I can now also write poems and I now realize how writing poetry can be this enjoyable that I can express my thoughts of many things and have fun while using poem technique and write more interesting piece of writing just than just a simple lines and paragraph.

-How have you grown as a writer?

As a writer, I think I've grown a little more than before since I now know how to write interesting poems effectively. I only knew how to write poems, but not how to write enjoyable and meaningful poems. I think I became a writer, who can write poems now, not only a simple paragraph and narrative. At that point, I am pretty proud of myself, but also feel like I should improve even more than right now, and try to improve even more as a writer.