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April 21th

What did you do today?

  • Melody  : I finished painting the walls and now i'm working on painting the floor of the building
  • Bean : I finished painting the tree
  • Tam: I finish sculpting the model for the bar table and I have painted half of it black
  • Cindy: I finished painting two of the stool, one more left to finish


Were there any challenged or disagreements?

  • Bean : The tree started falling off so i had some problems painting the tree
  • Melody : none
  • Tam: It was kind of hard to smooth everything out and painting getting in all of the edges and hole of the plaster was kind of hard
  • Cindy: nope

What do you have planned for next class?

  • Melody, I'm planning to finish everything and start working on hot gluing the objects into the floor and walls
  • Bean : I'm planning to start incorporating the tree to the building, by bending the branches and positioning the stem
  • Cindy: I will finish painting all three of the stools  and check it one more time before sticking it to the cardboard.


April 17th

What did you do today?

  • Today
  • Tam: Today I built and sculpted the chairs and paint them to make it look better and more professional I cut the wires and measuring the perfect amount to make every single one of my chairs to make sure that it’s even and perfect. The length, size and width are very important to make everything look good especially if you don’t want uneven chairs.
  • Bean : Today I continued on building the tree more specifically combining the tree branches that i made last class and working on the tree trunk
  • Cindy: Today, I finished all three of the bar stools and I’m moving on to the painting stages.

Were there any challenges or disagreements?


Tam: The challenges that I have were with the chairs I have to measure the height the thickness and everything the assembling part was the hardest since I have to go in really detail into where to put it so that it is the same with every chair and whenever I assemble the part it always get slipped out. And whenever a part dries then I have to build it again.


Cindy- I have difficult with the clay because it was too dry at first so we have to change to

another type of clay. Luckily, Ms Jardin found some extra clay that’s the same type that we use so we got that fixed. Also I had problem with making the bar stool, the clay was so easy to dry in a short amount of time, so I have to mold it out really fast so it won’t dry off.


Bean -  I had a difficult time and bending the branches to fit the building because it kept falling off. In the middle, Melody started working on the windows so since I couldn't continue bending i worked on the trunk. In the beginning it was really hard because the top of the trunk was really thick while the rest was so skinny.


What do have plan for next class?


Tam: I’ll continue to work on my chairs sculpting and designing it I only have 2 more to work on after that I’ll help Mel and Bean on their sculptures.


Bean : I will start finishing up the tree as well as helping Melody to decorate the building


Cindy: Next class, I will started painting the bar stools and finish up all of it.



What did you do today?

  • We made a prototype for the bar stool, we started working on the bar and the second tree as well as some more chairs. Melody finished making the tree, and started working on the bar. Tam worked on the chairs with Cindy and I started working on the second tree as well as finished making the prototype for the Bar Stool.

Were there any challenges or disagreements?

  • The challenges that we faced are that, the objects we made were very small which meant that it was very fragile so there were some parts of the chair that Tam made broke.

What do you plan to do next class?

  • For next class, we plan to finish the second tree, as long as finish making all the chairs. Melody will be working on the bar, I will be working on the second tree as well as Tam and Cindy will finish working on the chairs and work on the bar stools.


March 31st


What did you do today?

  • We started making mini chairs/tables using air dry clay and the tree at the bar using wires.
  • Tam: I was in charge of building and sculpting the chairs to make everything even and look good

Were there any challenges or disagreements?

  • It was really hard using the wires and trying to mold the tables and chairs because it was so suppose to be really small.
  • Tam: There was on the designing model as well as the size of the models.

What do you plan to do next class?

  • I think we would be continuing this still next class. And i think we’ll try to plaster the tree.
  • Tam: I will continue with sculpting the chairs and modelling it

In class, we watch the "Don't Panic" video about how to end poverty with Hans Rosling. He talked about how the world extreme poverty is decreasing the rate of average people increases. A thing that I found interesting was how the world extreme poverty decrease faster around 2000 than back in 1800. But because it decreases faster now, reaching 12% in 2015, my question is how much longer until it reaches 0%? I think this video had helped me a lot to know more about what's going on and happened in the world. The video also helps me to think about how I can help fix the problem, how I can be a solution, not a problem,  how I can make the world better.

             In my tutorial video, it contains 3 parts that each of us was responsible for presenting it. My part was about the importance of dividing up the work. In a group, each person will be assigned a job. It’s important for you to choose it wisely and really fulfill it. When you are assigned by your teammates a job that you don’t like or you think it’s above your limit, tell your teammates that. If you keep quiet about it, you’ll likely end up doing not much of a good job. Get the job that you know 100% that you can do it well. I once was partnered up for a project. Me and my partner both assigned our jobs and understand it very well. But then when it came together, my partner didn’t do so great on his part. In fact, i had to do an extra of his part. So you see, it’s important to know your ability to do things and choose the jobs wisely. I think i did a pretty good job delivering that message in my video. A thing i would change is i wish the assigned time was 1-3, so we don’t get bothered by managing how long our video needs to be. Because i was worried about it, my teammates time was already pretty long so if i do the same as them, i fear the video would be over budget. In the end, i think my message was pretty clear.

Link to video

Our project was to make the dirty water or the sample water clean. There are a lot of bad things in the dirty water which is salt, acid, turbidity, and copper. We were supposed to make a machine to filter out mostly all of the requirements. The machine suppose to work on its own and we don't really need to help it. We're expected to build a machine from scratch and it must be at a low budget price point. We had a long time to complete this project. We first must research what we needed to do to get rid of the bad stuff and then fill out our plan. After that, we had to show Mr. Swart and get his approval to start building. The building was the easy and fun part, rather than the boring, hard research. After we build and test the machine, we need to test the water to see if still have any of the bad stuff. We only have 2 attempts on building the machine and getting the final results.

So my group idea is to use a water bottle to create a design. We searched some DIY water cleaners and they mostly used the cut-out water bottle to add the material in. Our first design was to put a layer of cloth at the mouth of the bottle and use a rubber band to tie it together,  then a layer of sand and a layer of gravel at the top.

  • Sand
  • To filter fine impurities
  • Gravel
  • Removes bacteria and small particles
  • Half a water bottle
  • To put all the layers of filters in
  • Rubber band
  • Tie the cloth around the mouth of the bottle
  • Cloth
  • To filter any leftover sediment

We didn't get much of the requirements out of the water. But we got the turbidity level to extremely low.

Prior Results New Results


3 3


600 ppm 350 ppm
Turbidity Low amount of sediment Barely any sediment
Salt  screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-2-13-21-pm  screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-2-13-29-pm

After the first attempt, we researched that charcoal get rid of copper in the water. That was good but we need to find a way to turn the ph to 7 and get rid of the salt. We did a lot of research but still can't find a way to get rid of the salt and turn the ph to 7. As we observe our machine. We found out that some of the salt got absorb by the cloth so we decided to add another layer so it can reduce the salt. We also added another layer of sand and gravel to get rid of more turbidity for we got most but not all out. Since we were running out of time, Mr. Swart approved our plan .

In the picture, you might see that we have a layer of activated charcoal. It was supposed to say charcoal, not activated charcoal. We tried to use that but Mr. Hung advised us not to for the activated charcoal is too small. it could go through our cloth and make our water dirty.


The results were better. We had way less copper now and the crystal salt is smaller. Also, the crystal salt was kind of greenish yellow in color and now it's white, it's original color.

Prior Results New Results


pH 3 pH 3


450-600 ppm 100-200 ppm
Turbidity Medium Extremely low
Salt  screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-2-13-21-pm  screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-2-41-49-pm

The results above were our final results. We got all the turbidity out and almost all the copper out of the water so we got about half of the requirements succeed. ( The amount of water we pour on the tray so find the salt result may not be the same amount )

I think my group worked okay together. We weren't really on task though some of the time and I think that was 1 of the reason we didn't really find a way to get rid of the salt and ph. Also, I think my group has less communication so each of us just went their own path on researching. But overall I think our group worked well enough to create a machine or product that can filter out turbidity and almost copper.

This project was a cool yet hard project to accomplish. It was very cool, new to me at first and I really wanted to get started. But as the time pass, I found this project very difficult. Especially in the research and creating the design. For some time, when you research something, the result is not what you expected or wanted. The hard thing in creating the design was to find a way to link the solution to the requirements together, and making it so you don't have to do anything besides pouring the sample water in. You didn't need to touch it, and you needed your water to come out clean and has no bad things like copper, turbidity or anything like that still left in it.

When I think about myself, individually how have I help out, I think I did a pretty good job trying to find the answer, help to build the prototype and filling out the chart. After this project, I think I did okay. I know I didn't do my best job but my teammates weren't really helping out a lot. Especially a particular member. If we are asked today this project again, I promise to have communication with my teammates and work hard to find ways to get rid of salt and change the ph to 7. Different teams or same, I will try my best to find and help as much as I can. My group will also have to focus more on getting the salt and get a ph of 7 if we do this again.



Our water filter project was created to design a machine that can filter out copper, turbidity, salt, and acid. My group did okay with that. Our final results had no turbidity, still some copper left in the water and we got less salt than the first attempt. Our group worked okay together. We didn't have much communication and we weren't that focus. Even for that, we worked okay together to get the final results. Me, individually, as a group member, I think I did a good job trying to help out my group in both finding a way and building the prototype. I know I didn't try my best to help out my group to find a way so if we are doing this again, I promise to try harder to find a solution to get rid of salt and get a ph of 7.

Exploratory Writing had always been challenging for me so this poem was just another mountain i finished climbing. The video overall was pretty basic and simple. I stuck through the criteria mostly. Overall i think the video was okay i guess. I wouldn't think it would be my best work (unless it gets an A- or a B+) because i didn't do anything special or above the criteria. I think i could have done a better job at this if i knew more about tech and all of those things about making a good video.

For the criteria and all of that, i think my voice was pretty clear and some of the parts i emphasize was very useful. Some of my images are metaphor, some are literal just for the audience to know what i'm talking about. The music is calm and fits really well as a background music.

During the making of the video, i think the hardest thing i faced is trying to make the video reach the rubric's meeting. They were a lot of things ( more than usually rubric) that was graded on the project so it was kinda challenging for me.Even tho it was tough and pretty challenging, there is still a good side to the project. The thing i was proud of in the project is the music and the images. The music was really soothing and the images worked pretty well with the poem.

I think this project was pretty cool because it helped to really emphasize the poem and express the ideas through your voice, the images and the music. In conclusion, i think i did a good job on the project and i'm satisfied with the results.


Day 1

In art today, we started on a project called Passion Project. Passion Project is a project where you can create anything based on your interest but it has to be art related. i think this will be a fun project because you can do anything you want in anyway you want. But the other side of it is the teachers can't help you in anything, you need to find on your own. So for the Passion Project, i chose to design clothing inspired by flowers, those kind of thing or found object. i'm not really sure yet. The steps i need to complete are:

  • Plan and explore the options
  • Research about the design, materials and all of that
  • See what materials we get to work with
  • Design and sketch out your outfit(s)
  • Make like a mini outfit or model of it
  • Gather materials
  • Create your outfit


I was absent


Day 2, Nov 10

Today i focused on the dress design, how it would look like and coming up with lots of dress ideas. I didn't do much research today. I focus mostly on dress designing, getting things set up and seeing what we have. I found out there are a lot of found objects i could used that'll do good to my dress. I also created a image of how the dress would look like inside my head using the materials i found.


The one on the bottom is the one I'll be using.


Day 3, Nov 14

Today I started on making my prototype ( a mini version of my real dress ). I have it all planned out well and nice but when it came to building, I have some trouble. The top part of the body was pretty hard to work with, like to put the fabric on. Maybe it was because the shape of the material was flat instead of curves. So maybe next time I could try doing curves. I didn't quite use stitches or sew it like what you would do with a normal dress so maybe I'll do it to improve it next time. There were some ups and downs today and I'm not really proud of results. This I would just say that it's a run through to explore and do things before the real project begin. After this, I think I'm gonna make another one just to improve it and fixed my mistakes, and also to get the hang of it before making a bigger version. Overall, I think I did a pretty good job today on making it.

img_0162 ( also, the plaster cloth look nice but it doesn't work that well so we'll see how it goes and what materials we can replace it with)


Day 4, November 18

fullsizerender-6 fullsizerender-7 fullsizerender-8 fullsizerender-9


What did you achieve today?

  • In class today, I accomplished making the dress longer and prettier. I'm not sure it I want the skirt part to be tilted or straight. My stitches on the skirt wasn't that well. The ruffles on the skirt weren't stitched together well. Some went up and some went down. The distance between each ruffle was also an issue. Some were too far apart while other were too short. So that's something I should fix.

What went well and what needs to change next class?

  • I'm pretty proud of how my prototype looks ( just at the front ), but i was so focus on making it that i forgot the important thing was to learn. I can't believe that i'm almost finish with my prototype. I expected that the process would be way longer before starting the final. So i need to learn before I proceed my plan next time. Also I need to make the prototype as best as i can because i can't make it again. I only have another class until the begining of my final project. Another thing I should work on is finding more tutorials on doing the things i wanted to do.

What did you learn today?

  • Although I didn't learn anything in class, I found multiple good videos that teach you to make a skirt or just ruffle. I also found a tutorial on how to make a strapless shirt. They didn't have to cut the shirt to lower parts for the top to fit perfectly at the breast and the arms.  Maybe it's because of my mannequin and how it was structured.

This video helped me how to make a proper ruffle skirt for the final product.

I'm planning to maybe make this skirt instead of the one I already have on my prototype. Because it looks super cute and it would fit with my dress. Although it's kinda hard and tricky to do, especially when it's time to do the final one.

This video showed me how to make a strapless shirt and I think it's pretty easy if i knew how to use the sewing machine.

What are your next steps?

  • On my plan, i was thinking to put different kindof paper with different color at the bottom just to make it pretty. But I don't think that colorful paper would work because right now my dress is very basic. It's mostly black and white so I'll consider following that and just add newspaper and the plastic wrap i guess. By next class, my prototype should be done even if it's not the best. I just need something to help me visualize and know what i'm suppose to do. And my final product will contain all the learning and experience.


Day 4, Nov 22

I was focusing on glazing  so i didn't have time to do anything


What did you achieve today?

I didn't do anything in class because i was focusing on glazing so i made it up by staying after school the next day to do it. i started on my finale one . I added the first white layer as the base of the dress. I spent a lot of time on perfecting the white base dress. I used pins to secured it. Then i took black fabric and I was going to make a black belt with it, but then my friend Bean took it and suggest it to something else. It turn out to be not too bad. It look like a white top and a long black skirt. It actually looked not that bad.

What went well and what needs to change next class?

I think it did a pretty good job and a lot in a short amount of time. I finished the white base in about the same amount time or less in class. I achieved more than every other class compared to the work I've done today.But I think i could have do that during class since it's about the same amount time. Time management is what needs to change.

What did you learn today?

I didn't mentally learn anything on google today because I was out doing the project but I did learn a little bit. I've learned that there various ways to use a certain material on the dress and it still looks good in a different way.

What are your next steps?

Right now i'm still considering whether i should stick to my original plan or got with this new one and brainstorms more idea on how to make the dress better. Because i think it's kind of too plain right now. So i'll have to decide whether i want to stick with my old one or stick with the new one.


Day 5

These pictures are the same pictures as the one in blog 6 because i didn't really took any photos for blog 5 while i was doing so i just took this for a visual.

img_1834 img_1835 img_1836 img_1837

What did you achieve today?

Today I've decided that I'm going to stick with my original because there are more thing to it and not as simple as the other one. So instead of a long black skirt for the bottom of the dress, i took the material and cut it. I turned it into a belt at the waist. I folded the black fabric in half so it's thicker and it looks nicer. Then I sewed the folded parts together to have the stitches look and I hot glued all the other sides together. I ended up wrapping the fabric around the mannequin many times and used the pin to temporarily secure it.

What went well and what needs to change next class?

I liked the belt and how it's adjusted.The dress looked over all pretty good. But i spent too much time on sewing the belt, even though the fabric is really long. I could have done it a little faster. But overall I finished sort of a basic draft of the dress.

What did you learn today?

Well, I didn't really learn anything today. I just work on the dress itself. While working on the dress, i did learn a minor thing that is pins help out a lot. It hold the dress together tightly.

What are your next steps?

I need to secure everything tightly either stitches or glue gun but not pins. Although the belt covers up back that the white fabric is connected. Everything still holds itself tightly and the belt looks really good and i don't want to open it up to glue the back and then wrap the belt around again. So maybe i'll just hot glue the belt. I need to secure everything tightly in the next class.


Day 6

img_1834 img_1837 img_1836 img_1835

What did you achieve today?

Today i finish securing the base of the dress. I started looking at the tutorials again to make the ruffles. I think i dress is kind of lacking some details so i got a few suggestions from Ms. Jardin to use tissues paper or any of those coloful paper. But the tissues paper is too thin and i fear it may rip so i'll have to consider that. Using colorful paper had given me the ideas to make flowers out of crepe paper to add on to the belt. I think it's a great idea and i'm excited to see the results.

What did you learn today?

I've decided to do some crepe roses on the dress to make it prettier and I found a tutorial to do that. The rose looks really pretty but I don't think I'll be doing the whole thing. I'll just make the flower and not the stems.

What went well and what do you need to change?

I think the flower and tissue paper suggestions I got was what went well today. One thing that i need to change is I need to work faster. Literally the whole class,Ii only finished hot gluing things together and get some ideas. I tried to make a crepe flower at school but the paper was too thin so i didn't finish it.

What are your next steps?

My next steps will be to make some flowers out of the crepe paper and to make the ruffles at the bottom. I will be adding some swirls and dots on the dress for it to look pretty but I'm still wondering how to make the swirls and dots pop up. I'm planning to use hot glue to make the swirls and dots. But since it's transparent, I'm still wondering how to make those swirls and dots different from the dress. I'll probably ask Ms. Jardin for some advice.


Day 7

img_0217 img_0221 img_0218-1

What did you achieve today?

Today i have finished off the dress in class. Woo-hoo! When you compare last blog post photos, you can see there's a big different between them. It's because i stayed back at school for a few days to continue the dress. I have glued the flowers on to the dress and added some swirls using the hot glue gun and some extra fabric to make it prettier and to have the texture. One of the fabric suppose to be pink but since it was so thin, you can't really see the pink. I also got some advice from Ms Jardin for what i should do with the back for i ran out of fabric. So i ended up using glittery tissue paper. I was aiming for like a long dress tail at the back like a wedding dress but I think this is fine.

What did you learn today?

This was the building part so i didn't really learn much. I just apply my knowledge.  I did found an interesting thing on the way was tissue paper work great for texture and looks amazing. Although it doesn't work to well to replace like the base fabric.

What went well and what do you need to change?

I think my mannequin looks gorgeous in that dress.  I really like the entire front of the dress but not so much the back. I prefer having my ruffles not tissue paper. I think what need to change was to figure out a plan for the dress before making it. I maybe haven't really thought through the plan in detail and i didn't estimate the amount of fabric needed. or maybe i haven't look hard enough to find the fabric and jump to conclusion, because i remember that we totally still have some.

What are your next steps?

If i would do this project again, i would do it more detail and plan out better. There are still some errors in my dress and i hot glue gun almost everything. That's not properly made for a true dress. I'm suppose to sew on the dress.  But overall i think i did a great job and i'm happy with my results. I just hope I get a good grade for it.


Final Piece

img_0222 img_0223 img_0224 img_0225

I am super proud of what i did and my dress. I started with a small prototype to a big mannequin. I really wouldn't change anything about this dress unless we do it again because to me, this is perfect enough to make this.

          This was a really cool project to do. We had to make the animal looks like their flying or crawling out of the frame. My animal was of course a beautiful butterfly. But before i worked on this amazing masterpiece, i have to do the 4 perspectives artwork. It was very helpful. I actually helped me to sketch out my butterfly better, toning, smearing chalk, and more.  That's how i got such a good mark on this thing. If you're wondering what was i assess to get a good grade then let me tell you! I was assessed on a lot of things from what i did, how i did for the drawing to how was it presented. Meaning the paper in general, was crumbled or have chalk smeared on and more. The 4 important technique ( which i was also asses on ) i used on my drawing are, toning, line variation, contrast, and overlapping shapes. In all 4 of them my favorite is toning because the smearing of color looks awesome and i think i did a great job on it. And that's all i have to say about my final artwork.


     Poetry unit was pretty interesting and tough for me. I've learned a lot, like there're more than just rhyming to make a poem great, what you should be using in a poem, and more. Beginners might think writing poems are pretty easy ( like me ), but no. Poems contain a lot of thing and takes a lot of effort to create an A+ one.

      That's why I wouldn't say i'm the best at it because clearly i'm not, not yet. I'm still learning to improve my poem writing skills ( and grade ). So i wouldn't consider myself as a poet if someone asked.

       To me poem is certainly another way of writing , but just not what i would usually write. I could write poems for fun or not, but i choose not to. Not because i have a bad grade at it. It's just because it's not my style of writing.

        Poetry have helped me grow to be a better writer, expand my knowledge of poetry and how to write it. Even though my grades for writing poems haven't change much in this unit but i can feel that i've learned and tried to improve myself to write better every time. Overall i think this unit was pretty interesting and if i have to do this unit again, i would try harder to get from a B+ to an A.